Was the USN Rappahannock Under Attack near Dubai?

It might be an overreaction on the part of a sailor on the USN resupply ship, Rappahannock, which was 10 miles off Dubai, heading for port. India's ambassador provides a different story. The small fast moving fishing boat (similar to those that Iran has) containing four Indian fishermen was fired upon with a .50 cal HMG when the boat had moved to within 100 yards of the ship. The USN states that warnings were issued to the boat beginning 900 yards away. The boat had three motors, no markings and no communications. One Indian was killed while the others were wounded.

According to the fishermen, no warnings from the USN ship occurred. Their boat and the USN ship were headed to the same port. The Dubai police indicate that the boat posed no real danger to the USN ship.

The shooting could be mistaken identity since the boat approaching was a similar kind used by Iran. Iran's possess anti-ship rockets, machine guns and rockets. These boats are high speed and used by the Revolutionary Guards.

A fast moving, unidentified boat, within 100 yards, leads one to ask, why didn't the small boat veer away from the ship? It would be common sense. Obviously, to those on the USN ship, it would appear to be a suspicious boat racing to towards them. Past experience indicates that boats like this could have been filled with explosives. One can easily see why it was fired upon because there is no logic as to why the fishing boat did not veer off or stop to avoid impact.

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Jayfort 4 years ago

Following the attack upon the U.S.S. Cole, the U.S. Navy issued new orders to their ship captains outlining the process for preventing another such attack. The commander of the Rappahannock warned the vessel away from his ship but it pressed on towards the supply vessel. They got what they asked for.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

I agree. Makes you wonder whether they were probing to see how close or just stupid.

Nick Hanlon profile image

Nick Hanlon 4 years ago from Chiang Mai

There is no reason not to have markings,flags,radio equipment etc..on board a fishing boat.Seems all the rules of common sense we're disobeyed by the fishing boat.If it's big and it's grey;stay away from it.If it's got guns on board;stay away from it.If it's telling you to go away;stay away from it.Another Darwin award effort.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Well, whatever they were doing, they now know!

Mark 4 years ago

I'm surprised that as a California type, you are not complaining about unnecessary force and violence. It's reassuring. If anything, they showed too much restraint. 100 yds is nothing.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

True. Many of those boats can be armed with anti-ship rockets with a range of over a mile (1700 yds).

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