Water Management in Gujarat Is Excellent

70 Litres of Water per Person per day Guaranteed

70 Litres of Water per Person Guaranteed
70 Litres of Water per Person Guaranteed | Source
70 Litres of Water per Person Guaranteed
70 Litres of Water per Person Guaranteed | Source

Mineral Water Costs Only 20 Paise in Gujarat

Dairy Products Galore

Gujarat gives the same importance to cattle rearing as it gives to agriculture. Number of non-vegetarians in Gujarat are much lesser compared to other parts of India. So meat trade is not big. But milk is produced in large quantities. Most of the milk produced is converted into value-added dairy products like butter, ghee, milk powder, ice cream and cheese. These products are sold at high profits throughout India. Don’t forget that Amul is a product of Gujarat.

Ten Years Back Gujarat Suffered From Water Scarcity

Ten years back there was insufficient water for agriculture as well as for cattle rearing. Gujarat government under the stewardship of Narendra Modi functioned keeping in mind to solve this perennial water problem. Before Modi, Gujarat people moved from place to place along with their cattle in search of water. Till 2001, water was carried through railway wagons to various parts of Gujarat. Around 4000 villages received their water supply through Lorries. People also suffered from water-borne diseases.

Drinking Water Pipes Cover Even Villages

But in the last ten years under Modi, water management took a better turn. At the village level, work was done to safeguard and purify drinking water. Today all the houses in Gujarat including those in villages are connected through drinking water pipes. Even the tribal people enjoy drinking water facility through pipes hundred per cent. Ten years back 4000 villages were supplied water through tanker Lorries. Today only 114 villages are supplied water through Lorries. Perhaps next time you visit Gujarat, even these 114 villages will be connected with drinking water pipes.

Narmada River Water Supply throughout Gujarat

There are around 200 rivers in Gujarat. Out of these, 17 are perennial rivers. Gujarat government has connected 27 rivers and prevented the flow of water from the rivers into the sea. Narmada River is the biggest river in Gujarat. But this river is situated in a corner in South East Gujarat. But Modi’s government was not worried. Huge canals were dug and pipes were laid to take the water from Narmada River to all parts of Gujarat. This has eradicated drought and hunger from Gujarat. The government of Gujarat has guaranteed purified drinking water to 75% of its population through 156 refineries, 11000 pumping stations, 120000 km long pipes and other infrastructure. In 2000, 1147 deep wells were used for drinking water. This number has now been reduced to a mere 207. To that extent, Gujarat has preserved groundwater and increased surface water.

Water Supply with Quality

The speciality about Gujarat is that it not only supplies drinking water to its people but supplies it with quality. At every stage, quality checks are conducted. The quality of drinking water in Gujarat is superior to the quality that is specified by the Indian government. I feel that the success of the Gujarat government is due to the fact that the government alone does not take measures. Every scheme is clearly explained to the rural population and their support is sought. Realising the benefits, the people extent hundred per cent voluntary support to the government schemes and make them a success. People do not think that the government is implementing some scheme at its cost. People are made to believe that the schemes are being implemented by the government by using people’s money and it is the people’s responsibility to extend cooperation to such schemes. After all users are the best managers.

70 Litres of Water per Person per day Guaranteed

But the Gujarat government does not supply even a drop of water free of cost. The government collects money ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.70 per month as water charges from the users. One rupee daily scheme is very popular in Gujarat. Water management is run with latest technology. Water is supplied through electronic system. Every person is given 70 litres of water daily for bathing, cooking and other purposes. Let us take the example of a village in Gujarat where 100 people live. From the control station, the button 7000 is pressed and the village tank receives 7000 litres of water daily morning to fulfil the needs of its people. Valves automatically close after the required quantity of water is filled in the village tank. The Gram Sabha supplies water to the individual houses through the button system.

Rain Harvesting At 72%

Suppose there is a function going on and guests have arrived at a particular house. Then the house can request for extra quantity of water on the particular day and pay money. He will automatically receive that much water for his requirements. Apart from the water filling the tank and valves automatically closing down, the village officials also receive an automated SMS that the needed water has been supplied. No doubt Gujarat is number one State in India in water management. Have you ever seen any State government in India allotting Rs.2745 crore Budget for drinking water schemes? In Gujarat it has been done. Rain harvesting is 17% in India but in Gujarat it is at 72%. Today Gujarat has sufficient amount of water to meet its needs. But the government is thinking ahead and planning for the next 20 years. More and more pipe lines are being laid at a cost of Rs.3200 crore.

Modi Is Keen On Deadlines

Big planning, time scheduling, allocating resources, working with involvement and succeeding in the mission are the success story of the Gujarat government under Narendra Modi. Gujarat is succeeding in all faculties but I have mentioned only water management as an example for its success stories. Narendra Modi is keen to fix deadlines for completion of projects. He will not bother about financial needs exceeding budgetary allocation. Modi believes that success lies in completion of the projects in time. Works on check dams and water pipes were accomplished in fast time. For water management, Gujarat has received awards from the Prime Minister (2008), United Nations (2009) and Commonwealth (2010).

Mineral Water Costs Only 20 Paise in Gujarat

In other parts of India people buy one litre mineral water at a cost of Rs.15 to Rs.20. People buy 25-litre water cans by paying Rs.30 to Rs.40 per can. In Gujarat also mineral water bottles are available. But they cost a mere twenty paise per bottle Gujarat government itself supplies such mineral water bottles in villages at a throwaway price. That is Narendra Modi’s achievement.

Rahul Gandhi’s Attractive Promise

To counter Narendra Modi, what is the action of the Congress? Rahul Gandhi has promised to the Gujarat people that if Congress is voted to power, Babri Masjid will be rebuilt in Ayodhya town in UP. This is no doubt an attractive promise. Will the Gujarat people succumb under temptation and vote for Rahul Gandhi? Next month’s assembly election in Gujarat will give an answer to this question.

Rahul Gandhi’s Attractive Promise

Rahul Gandhi’s Attractive Promise
Rahul Gandhi’s Attractive Promise | Source
Rahul has promised to rebuild Babri Masjid if voted to power
Rahul has promised to rebuild Babri Masjid if voted to power | Source

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