Watered Down history.


Watered Down history.

on March 23, 2006.  ©-MFB III 

I urinated on
my draft card
this morning
I dug it out
of an old file
and ceremoniously
dropped it
in the commode
and pissed all over it
with the trained accuracy
of a U.S. Marine
sharpshooter making
all the letters
run and fade
together in a blur
almost in the same way that
four years of my life
were run......
as I watched them fade.
all just a blur of weapons.....
instead of laurel wreaths
motivation to kill...
in place of a college degree
sucking chest wounds......
hot and bubbling
during the worst years
rather then sucking drafts
cold and foamy
during my best years .

With many friends lost to
death and deformity...
rather then friends gained
by life in a dormitory
And so
a strong
stream of invectives
stained yellow was
blasted from my presence
to obliterate a
symbol of my past
watered down history.  
Swirling away from me
with one pull of my finger
on a trigger of disposal
it became just waste.  
I lowered the seat
to half mast
and washed my hands of it all
3O years later.

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