We Need to Rise Above.

In the wake of yet another school shooting, I am deeply saddened and angry to see it happen again. A small, peaceful town in Newtown, CT grieves 26 lives today, a short time before Christmas where we celebrate the birth of our savior.

When will this world ever change? When will the violence in our own free country end? Are we truly free in the United States of America? We can't send our children to school, a movie theater or a mall without the threat of them being shot and killed. We own 80% of all the firearms of the world and only have 5% of the population of all the world. Who is the uncivilized nation? We speak of third world countries being uncivilized but I see the USA as being uncivilized. Why do we need firearms to protect ourselves. All they do is get in the hands of the wrong people (mentally Ill & children) and innocent people get killed. A country founded on so much hope and prosperity and here we are in 2012 dealing with violence to young innocent children as they sit in kindergarten or 1st grade with their whole young lives ahead of them.

We have taken God out of schools. We don't teach our children about love and relationships with others. We don't talk about the 10 commandments and a loving God that forgives and brings justice. We are scared of religion because it has caused so many wars and fighting. We blame God for letting it happen instead of blaming Satan and ourselves. We need to stop blaming others and take a good hard look at ourselves and then we need to change!

This is a time to take a look at ourselves. What are we doing to make this country and this world better? What are you doing to stop the endless cycle of violence and oppression? Why does this keep on happening? It is unacceptable!

This is the third shooting this year in this country! Why are guns so easily accessible? Why do we let the gun happy people rule the world? WHY! Why can't the righteous rise up and do something, say something, fight for what is right! Why does the NRA have all the power? Why do we let greedy politicians and greedy corporations govern this country? We are a country founded on a government for the People by The People. We are the PEOPLE!! Why does this continue to happen! The People of the USA need to stand up and demand change!

I refuse to sit back and see my country fall into the pit of hell. I refuse to sit down and watch this on my television or hear about it on my facebook. I can't escape it but I can do something to stop it. We all can. We should all start now. Not tomorrow, not next week but now!

For some all we can do is pray and prayer is very powerful. God does listen to our prayers. God heals our sick and raises the dead. Jesus rose people from the dead and gave us that same power. He gave us the power of the Holy Spirit. Why aren't we as Christians using these powers to kill the enemy, stop the violence and free the captives? Where is the love? Where are the Christians that know of a loving God that died for us so that we could be free of sin? All of us could be free of sin and suffering not just the Christians but all! Where are the apostles? Where are the healers, lovers, friends? We need to be in the streets, malls, schools, government, slums, hospitals, everywhere! We need to be everywhere because God is everywhere and he is waiting for us to rise up! He made us to be better than this! He made us to care for one another, love one another, heal one another, not hate one another and kill one another.

If you just reach out to one person today, that one person could've been the next shooter. You could have prevented the next shooting from happening. If you spoke out to a trouble teen or a troubled young white boy with hate in his eyes things could've been different. If you just reached out to one person and loved on them. Ask how they were doing, became a friend to them in a dark and lonely world. You could change the world through that one person.

It only took one person named Adam Lanza to bring an entire nation & World to tears and sorrow. It could take one person to stop it too! Are you that one person?

I am. I plan on being that one person. I plan on rising up during a time when too much evil is going on that all we can do is focus on what is wrong and forget about all that is right in this world.

I ask that anyone who reads this passes on this message. This message is plain and simple. Love your neighbor, love your city, love that stranger at the mall, love someone back to a good place. Don't let the anger, hate and violence rule this nation. Don't sit back and do nothing. Stand up and do something! If you don't know what to do, just love. That is your only job in this world. It is to Love. Be love and be the light of the World. So Go!

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B. Leekley profile image

B. Leekley 3 years ago from Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA

Up, Useful, Interesting, and shared with followers and on social networking sites.

I also shared this on the H.O.W.....Humanity One World page on Facebook. Have you been following the H.O.W. themed hubs initiated by billybuc? Google on

"Humanity One World" site:hubpages.com

Your anguish is being felt by many, and many are also moved to plea for more love in the world. The question from moment to moment is, what is the most appropriate way to give love in a particular situation? The Bible says to visit the imprisoned, to give possessions and money to the poor, and to help widows and orphans. I'm sure those are just examples. Every community has many opportunities to stand on the side of love.

Every child is a child of the human family, and every child's death by bullet, bomb, or blade, whether at the hands of a crazy person or of an army (whether foreign or ours), whether next door or on the other side of the world, is reason for grief and anguish, and resolution to make this a better planet home.

LindaQ79 profile image

LindaQ79 3 years ago Author

Thanks for sharing! I don't know about H.O.W but saw it and wondered what it was about. I will look into it. I think we need to reach out to strangers and those in need every chance we get. Even just a kind word, a smile or a gift of some kind would make someone in need cared for.

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