Welcome to USA INC

     I have read countless articles about impeachment of Bush and Cheney, Alaska Rep Ted Stevens taking money from lobbyist to furnish his home, and Attorney-General, Alberto Gonzales who lied to congress on several accounts of perjury such as, surveillance without warrants, the firing of nine federal prosecutors, and for the attorney general's hiring practices where he asked the former applicants their political views on terrorism, Bush's administration, the Iraq war, and if they are Democratic, Republican, or Libertarian.

     If the Attorney-General Alberto Gonzales leaves office do you think we really care? The answer to that question is no. So now the American people have to think are we a nation or a corporation. Here we have state representatives taking bribes from US corporations, Attorney General helping companies like Enron and lying to Congress on hiring practices, third party contractors rebuilding Iraq after the US blew it to pieces, focusing our attention to the Taliban in Afghanistan, Iran is now a threat with weapons of destruction, US economy in the toilet, the number of jobs dropping, congress introducing a law to help people in foreclosure, but it will help reimburse the money the banks lost in this sub-prime meltdown, and the questions is who is working for whom?

     Are you upset as I am or am I the only one that is looking at this and saying huh? Well, folks welcome to US Incorporated where we are the employees and the government is our employer. Is this getting clearer to you or what? What is your opinion on USA, INC?


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