What Burns My Goat

What Burns My Goat

Want to know what burns my goat? It's these stupid politicians that allow corruption,organized crime and crooked officials to keep their jobs. It's the stupid officials that turn their back on us AMERICANS in our own country for immigrants to come here illegally so they can have our jobs at lower wages forcing us out onto the street. These immigrants can come here get loans,food stamps,government anything and don't have to pay taxes for up to ten years. If they break the law they claim diplomatic immunity or some baloney like that. We have a president who won't disclose where he is really from,we have people in the service killing our family and friends and the government knew he had ties to the Al-Qaida. What is wrong with this country and our government? They are now allowing same sex marriage legalizing drugs, what the heck. This isn't how God intended for our nation to be run. I think we need to take back our nation and have government officials run it like it was suppose to be run. Clinton in office $25,000 .00 for a gold toilet seat what the heck? We vote these jokers into office they say what they think we want to hear so they get elected then once in office they screw us oooh I can't do that or I don't remember promising that. First of all the president can't do jack the senate has to vote on it for anything to pass,so for a president to go around promising this and that is baloney and who ever believes that bull hockey needs to go back to school to learn politics again in history. The unemployment rate is up high ,the homeless are increasing daily, American workers getting replaced but non English speaking immigrants. This is America this is our country why are we letting all these illegal immigrants stay here and take our jobs. we allow people to come here and find out that they plan to blow up our buildings and kills us Americans but we are bad and wrong for not wanting them here. The government is a farce!!! They send our kids over seas to die some of them aren't old enough to drink but they are old enough to go die for our country Unreal. Growing up in the seventies things were bad but not this bad. But you know what I can't blame the government for everything that's happening because it's the voters that allow these jerks in office to begin with. I see so many officials abuse their power of authority it isn't funny. Judges,police,congress,military, the list is endless. I know alot of these homeless people can get off their butts and clean up and go get a job too instead of living off of welfare. This is America the primary language is english if you can't,won't and don't speak it go back where you came from.

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DiamondRN profile image

DiamondRN 6 years ago from Charlotte, NC USA

I wrote an article on this subject yesterday, Ace.

The US Congress does not even know how to blush: http://bit.ly/78MA8W

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