What Burns My Goat PT II

Abuse Child and Spouse

What Burns My Goat PT II

  Seems like every time I read the news or watch it,it's another story of abuse. No one should go through abuse. It's a crime first of all,but you have to be willing to file a complaint and don't drop charges later. I can't believe the legal system when I see some of the cases that go in front of judges. They allow bail for child abusers,child molesters,rapists,and spousal abusers. I know the law says innocent until proven guilty but I'm sorry but if someone walks into the hospital beat up and when the police go to their house to investigate and the other person has cuts or bruises on their fists from punching someone too me that would be guilty. Everyday people die of abuse from babies to the elderly. In my eyes the president is committing murder everyday our family and friends are fighting war. That's not our country we don't belong there bring our troops home. Too me that's abuse too as well as murder actually if you want to be technical it's premeditated murder because it's planned in advance. Why has the legal system failed the victims in the abuse? Why do judges release criminals on probation for violent crimes so the can just go do it again and hope they don't get caught. Why does a b robber get 15-20 years for robbery but a rapist gets 5 years probation for 1st offence and is a sexual predator for life. Where is the protection for the victims? And speaking of victims did you know that 95 % of prostitutes in the united states gets off from being arrested if they do free services to some police officers? Can you believe it? And let's not forget the crooked cops who skim some of the drugs and cash seized in raids over the united states either. It really burns my goat when people put in a uniform break the law worse than some crooks do. I see the police all the time hit their lights just so they can go through a red light then turn them off after they get past the light. I see alot not wearing seat belts which is the law where I live. I have seen New York officers talking on their cellphones while driving which I'm sure is against the law their. People if you are a victim of abuse I urge you get away from it and put the abuser in jail where they belong. I read today this guy from Boston arrested in Alaska for having sex with a 6 yr old boy. this guy was going to meet a 12 yr old girl at a train station and sexually assault her but police stopped him before he could kidnap her. People like that is What Burns My Goat.

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Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California

Hello Ace,

This is the world as we live in it, the political left believes that right is wrong and up is down, all activity and belief is relative and there are no exceptional circumstances. I too want old school justice for abusers of women and children. It is hard to imagine we used to hang horse thieves, when we let out violent child molesters for good behavior. We throw the book at pet abusers but force tax payers to protect habitual use of abortion clinics. You might like my article on the death penalty, or you might not. Either way, America is more concerned with protecting criminals than it is its victims.

God Bless.

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