What Burns My Goat PT IV

  Today's subject is going be on welfare. I have lived in alot of cities and towns all over the United States and everywhere I see the same thing. People applying for welfare when they really don't need it. I've seen people applying that wear tons of jewelry and drive expensive cars. Half of them have alot of children some don't have but one or two. Some don't have any. Some are prostitutes,drug dealers or users,which make it hard on the people who really need the assistance like the elderly and people who can't work due to handicaps. I recently found out that in some states if you weigh 300 lbs you can receive benefitsfor obesity Before food stamps went to the debit card it use to be paper money and you got change. alot of people would go and just buy a .25 cent pack of gum so the could collect the change for a pack of cigarettes or bottle of booze. Some people would trade the money for drugs, now they just buy their dealers the food in exchange for drugs. Alot of people lie on their applications so they can get assistance and the government doesn't do a thorough enough job checking on them. I will admit some agencies are better than some but I can tell you Daytona,FL.,San Francisco,CA,and Dallas,TXare lousy. To me they need to screen applicants better. I think all children should be covered but alot of children have no insurance at all. Sometimes I wonder if any of the homeless receive any kind of help. When I was in Canada last year I found out it is really hard to get any assistance. They want your whole life history. Did you know if you're an ex-felon in the States,you're not allowed in Canada?

 I've also noticed that people from other countries come over her and they get right on assistance and they also don't have to pay taxes for up to 10 years? What happens to the American born and raised people who need the help? They end up stealing,homeless,or even selling everything they own sometimes including themselves just to survive because they system turns them down. Some just get lost among the crowd. I know in Florida if you have kids you're allowed to receive assistance for 5 years before they put you on the work program where you have to get a job and get off assistance. The Government is always complaining there isn't enough money to help people and they are making cuts well to me if they cut the wages for government workers they would have extra money to help those really in need. Why pay a social worker $15.00 an hour for doing basically the same thing a secretary in say a law firm does for $9.00 an hour. Did you know some government workers receive food stamps and medicaid and they have nice homes and cars? if you work for the government why should you receive public assistance? That is What Burns My Goat.

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DiamondRN 6 years ago from Charlotte, NC USA

This has been happening ever since Lyndon Johnson created his "Great Society." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Society

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