What Burns My Goat PT VII

What Burns My Goat
What Burns My Goat

  I was reading the paper today and I couldn't believe some of the things I was reading. Take this story from Philadelphia,Pa. A suburban Philadelphia school district used laptops web cams to spy on students at home. People suspect the web cam was used to catch family members undressing and other embarrassing situations. They are now using masking tape to cover the web cam and microphone on the laptop. The accusations amount to potentially illegal wiretapping. Makes you really wonder if schools' in other states do this too. We have teachers charged with having porn on their computers,sexual harassment and assaults and now we have schools issuing computers so they can spy on families. The school district says they shut down the devices,but I don't know if they can shut them down they can turn them back on also.. Now for our second story out of Washington,D.C.,where agents and officers of the Department of Homeland Security have reported that 269 of their handguns,shot guns ,and automatic rifles have been lost or stolen between 2005 and 2008 with weapons left in places from fast-food restaurants to bowling alleys and clothing stores. Most of the cases could've been prevented. A border officer left his weapon in an idling vehicle as he went into a convenience store. The weapon and the vehicle were both stolen. In another case,a shot gun and  a semi automatic rifle were stolen from a closet in an officers house. other agents have left firearms in truck beds and on bumpers of vehicles and have fallen off as they drove away. Although some losses were beyond the officers control most occurred because officers did not properly secure them. These are the people we pay to protect us and they carelessly leave weapons around to fall into the wrong hands. I don't know about you,but I think these careless officers should be sent to desk duty or lose their jobs. They go through training where they are taught to secure their weapons,so why don't they? Homeland Security doesn't do that great of a job anyways if they did then Ft Hood in Texas and 911 would not have happened.    Now we move to our third topic in Berlin,Germany where the number of students,who say they were sexually abused and assaulted by Jesuit Priests in schools across Germany has risen to 115. Victims have identified and named 12 Jesuit Priests and accused women also in some cases. We hear about that in the states also mostly in the Catholic churches. I know it happens in all denominations but is seldom heard in any other but Catholic. Doesn't matter what denomination it is when you become a priest,reverend,pastor,minister or who ever to spread God's word you take an oath and when you do things like that you not only break your oath you also break the law..one of the churches I attended did background checks on all employees to make sure they were safe to be around children. I think all churches need to do that. I also think that school who teach would be pastors should do the same. You can't trust clergymen,police,schools,firefighters or other parents and family members with our children who can we trust besides God? Now for our fourth story out of Massachusetts which is where i live. A mother left her 13 month old daughter in a car with her half-sister while she went into a convenience store to get a cup of coffee. When she came out the car,baby and half-sister were gone. An amber alert was issued shortly afterwards. A few hours later the baby was found two states away in the abandoned car unharmed. a warrant was issued for the half-sister charging her with kidnapping. I think she should also be charged with child endangerment. I can't believe not one police car in three states spotted her driving the car.I'm just glad the baby was found and unharmed. Now for our last story for today. I live in Massachusetts where by law our vehicles have to pass inspection in order to be on the road. I couldn't believe it when I read that a trooper was charged with bribery along with two other men. The trooper accepted a $50.00 bribe and falsified  vehicle inspection records. He was put on unpaid leave resulting in him being fired. He is now awaiting on sentencing. They put everyone's lives in danger by allowing cars on the road that are not safe. Just like Priests and Homeland Security they take a pledge to uphold the law,whether it's God's law or judicial law and you can't trust them,who can you trust? That's What Burns My Goat.


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