What Burns My Goat PT X

What Burns My Goat PT X

I just posted a hub on a mother killing her two kids now I read an article in which I would consider police abuse.

OK this guy was smoking a joint which I don't condone, then he pulled out a knife like he was Rambo. He refused to obey the officers commands to drop the knife and lunged at them so they shot him dead. Did they not have an officer who could use a taser,they use it on Cops all the time? Did they not have combat training where someone could disarm him after spraying him with pepper spray six times? Why do the police seem to think that shooting a person who is high on drugs is reasonable? Now I could see if the guy had a gun and was shooting at them but he had a knife. I think this is a case of abuse of the badge which happens alot everywhere and that is What Burns My Goat


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