What Burns My Goat PT XII

What Burns My Goat PT XII

All these politicians want to change health care and chose of family planning and cut this and that,why don't they make a law that you can't buy a gun unless you are in law enforcement or in the service? There are too many Waco's out there with firearms. I wrote a hub couple of days ago about a mother shooting and killing her two children then hurting herself,there was the guy with the Batman premiere,and yesterday, this guy walking into a Christian organization in Washington,D.C. and shot a guard saying I don't like your companies politics. Few months ago there was a shooting in the state I live in where four people, one of them a baby was shot. Last weekend three women were sitting in a car and they were shot to death. Alot of shootings are drug or gang related. Just think if there were less guns out there there may be less violent crimes and deaths. We have all this money to go to war and for the president to go on vacation even though they say we are a broke country,then why not spend the money on getting guns off the streets? Guns in the hands of the wrong people that's What Burns My Goat.

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sandy 4 years ago

I agree 100%

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