What Burns My Goat PT XVI

What Burns My Goat PT XVI

I just read how the legal system is messed up once again. In August law enforcement did a sweep for prostitution in my town. I'm glad to see the police cracking down on this but the courts just dismiss it if they pay $150.00 fine except for a couple of people arrested because of other charges with the arrest.

According to the new law, which went into effect on Feb. 19, "whoever pays, agrees to pay or offers to pay another person to engage in sexual conduct" now faces up to two-and-a-half years in prison and a minimum fine of $1,000, with the maximum fine set at $5,000.

Too me, I think if you get caught paying for sex, whether you're male or female, you should be considered a sexual offender. If a person is convicted of rape, or any sexual crime then they are considered a sexual offender. What is the difference of that and paying for sex which is a crime ?

With this new law passed how can a judge just let these people go on a small fine ? The legal system is such a joke. They pass laws but the courts can't uphold them, then why make the laws ? Usually it's the law enforcement I complain about, but lately it's been the court system, and that's sad.

I think the prostitutes arrested should also be charged as sexual offenders because they are breaking the law as much as the johns. The court system is ruining this world and that's What Burns My Goat.


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