What Burns My Goat PT XVIII

What Burns My Goat Pt XVIII

So I was thumbing through the newspaper the other day and I came across two stories that really got to me. The first on is about this Vet who was upset at his nine week old baby,that he took the baby and violently shook him into unconsciousness. After a week at the hospital the baby died. The father is allowed bail and depending on the medical examiners report might be facing further charges. My second story is about a guy who lives in the same apartment building as my three year old daughter. This guy is 53 years old and in less than a year has been arrested for walking outside naked twice. After the first time he should've been a sexual offender. We are trying to have the landlord evict him because this time he was yelling at children between the ages of three and 17. With this being his second offense in less than a year he should've been held without bond. This isn't his second offense of walking outside naked,he has done this before where he use to live. People like these two individuals should be held without bond because they are a threat to our children and that's what burns my goat !


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