Fair Trade Business

What Fair Trade Means for My Company

There are a lot of people who only wish to purchase products that have been manufactured in a safe and friendly work environment using humane practices. In other words without slave labour/sweat shops.

I am very pleased to be able to say that my jointly owned company is a fair trade business. Not only are we fair, we believe we play an important role in improving the lives of the dozens of Mexican hammock weavers who are contracted by our supplier in Yucatan, Mexico. Ensuring each stage adds value to the overall experience. This starts with the weavers and carries right through to the end user. Achieving this is very important as it creates synergy whereby the total value delivered is greater than the value added at each stage.

Our weavers are able to weave hammocks in their own homes. This allows mothers with young children to weave hammocks when it suits them and still provide the love and support to their family as stay at home mothers. There is absolutely no pressure on them to produce a certain quantity within a specific time.

How do we know our hammocks are made using fair trade practices? My business partner flew to Mexico twelve months ago to stay with our supplier for a couple of weeks. During this time he witnessed firsthand the friendly work environment. A few days were spent out in the surrounding villages to visit some of the weavers and their families.

Our supplier, a local Mexican business man, feels it is his duty to promote ethical employment conditions to local villages. This is in much need as we have all heard of some of the horror stories when it comes to sweat shops. This is part of the reason why our business works so well. Our values are in line with our customers' values and also our supplier's values. This makes an awesome combination in proving the most comfortable Mexican hammocks in the world!


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