What Free Lunch?

When I was just a young child, (the apple of my parents eyes), very few average persons had medical insurance.  We were a part of the lucky few.  My father purchased medical insurance that paid eighty per cent of the doctor and hospital bill for things like, appendicitis, major accidents that required hospitalization and various and sundry other medical procedures. It did not pay for routine Doctor’s visits.

Somewhere along the way various insurance companies begin offering catastrophic medical coverage. They also begin offering coverage against cancer and other costly medical conditions.

Then came the big one, managed medical care.  For a monthly sum, the insurance company would “manage” your medical care.  They would save you thousands of dollars and you would receive a higher quality of medical care.

Employers begin offering this type of healthcare as a fringe benefit.  Doctors soon realized that they could make money with this type of insurance without doing any work at all.  All they had to do was schedule patients with insurance for monthly wellness visits.  If a patient called in sick then that patient would be sent to the emergency room at the local hospital. 

So in addition to the monthly fee for making sure the patient is healthy, the Doctor could receive a hansom fee for admitting a patient to the emergency room.

I can understand the Doctor getting paid when a sick person is treated.  I can understand the hospital getting paid when they provide services to a sick person. But, I don’t understand why we have to pay someone to “manage” an individuals healthcare needs.  Isn’t this just an added cost? 

Does it really take an insurance company to tell someone that they need to go see a Doctor?  If you feel like throwing up and have a headache and now you also have diarrhea, do you really need to pay someone to tell you to see a Doctor?

When you stick your toes under the lawnmower and they look like hamburger meat, do you really need to pay someone to tell you that you need medical attention?

Insurance companies are a private business.  They have to make money. That is what they are in business to do.  How long will they stay in business if they take in less than they spend? 

All citizens want value for their hard earned money.  Does it make sense to spend six hundred dollars a month on medical coverage while actually seeing the Doctor maybe once every six months?

If I’m paying a flat rate for a service I am going to use it as much as possible.  If I sneeze I want that Doctor to know about it and give me something for it. After all I’m paying for this service. 

Somehow the government is under the impression that if everyone is required to buy medical insurance that the cost of providing that coverage will decrease.

The same was said about mandatory auto liability insurance coverage.  All drivers are required to buy auto liability insurance coverage, except in a couple of states.  Has your auto liability insurance cost decreased?  No, it has not, in fact it has increased. For an extensive look at mandatory auto liability insurance and its solution please see http://hubpages.com/hub/autoinsurancescam

Some would argue that the requirement to purchase medical insurance amounts to a tax.  I almost agree with that concept.  However it amounts to more than a tax.  Requiring everyone to purchase insurance from a private business is more like a government mandated subsidy for a very specific industry.  In other words, the government is requiring, mandating by law, that each citizen contribute to the financial well being of a private business, the insurance company. 

What if other industries put together powerful lobbies and came up with similar laws.  Let’s say the Restaurant Association lobbied for and was able to pass a law that requires every person over the age of 18 to purchase three meals a week at a dine in restaurant.  Each qualifying restaurant would be inspected by the federal government and serve only meals recommended by the Surgeon General of the United States.  Anyone not complying would have to send in, as a tax, the amount that would have been spent on the meals.

Or, the Hotel & Motel Association lobby could get a law passed that in order to combat stress in the United States each family would be required to spend at the minimum one week in a hotel or motel at least one hundred miles from home.  A tax credit of five hundred dollars on the tax return would insure that everyone complied.  On the other hand a five hundred dollar tax could be levied for non-compliance.

The only way to create a national healthcare system is for the government to operate it.  The profit component has to be eliminated.  Salaries have to be capped at a reasonable level and suppliers and venders have to be audited regularly to prevent fraud.  Of course we all know how efficient the federal government is at running programs. 

Well national healthcare will soon be a reality.  The government is telling us that by adding several layers of services to healthcare the cost will decrease.  Our quality of healthcare will increase. 

Ok I’m ready now – show me the free lunch! 


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