What Gives You The Right?

PrideFest March
PrideFest March

What Gives You The Right?

It seems that many people do not understand who is making the choices in their lives. Certain groups are more sensitive to the issues of discrimination and it is the very ones who are worried about being slighted that experience discrimination. In the last 140 yrs the Afro-American population has broken free from the chains of discrimination and in the last 50 years this freedom has been on the fast track. When one person faces their fear it opens the door for so many others to do the same and thus a visible movement begins. Rosa Parks did this in 1955 and in June 1969 a similar event happened at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. The GLBT community has been publically choosing the right of freedom ever since. All it takes is a few individuals to get the ball rolling so to speak. Each of these individuals had a choice to make, and in most cases it is a courageous choice. They may or may not have known the impact of their actions, but I assure you the impact of our actions is felt whether we see it or not. What gave them the right to stand up against the authority of the times? Is it not each of us responsibility to stand up to that which oppresses us? Let me just share my thoughts on choice. I use this word a lot and would like to explain further how I see life. Then I will touch on something I see far too often in the GLBT community and society at large, which is people being offended.

We all have choices to make in every moment of our lives, we could smile or not, we can be happy or sad, pleasant or ugly, sit or stand, aggressive or passive, etc. The level to which this is taken is what most people will differ on. The fact that we must choose our actions is obvious, but is it a choice to be stupid, tall, attractive, gay, female, or a host of other traits? I say yes. We have chosen everything in our lives, either consciously or unconsciously, since before we were born. If it is before me, I must have created it, therefore I am responsible and I know it has a purpose. How we think about ourselves determines our experience and the image we portray to others, which is manifested in the choice of action we take. Perception is a personal thing so if a person sees you as beautiful it is because you see yourself that way. This may not make sense until you understand that life happens inside out! It is called the reflection principle or mirror effect and basically means that we all create our lives through our thoughts, words and actions. We project our thoughts, words and actions into the world and what we see in the world is a reflection of who we are. In gross simplicity if we think we are beautiful, we act that way and thus the world sees us that way (of course the Ego is quick to point out that whatever you say is wrong and thus we have the law of opposites, but duality discussion is for another article). The very nature of the world (God) is infinite possibility, so anything is possible and it is only up to you to choose what you see. And ultimately what you experience. Remember everything happens for a reason and if you don't like it, simply choose again. You can choose to experience something else or simply to see the experience from a different perspective. Maybe it was a better experience than you perceived. The more you are aware of this choice and practice it, the easier it gets. If something is confusing you, making your life hard, or against your apparent will then it is because this is coming from outside your field of awareness (even though “you” are still creating it). This is ok, keep asking questions and listening for answers. As your conscious awareness rises so will your understanding, clarity, patience, peace, harmony and love. The only thing that changes is your perspective view of the infinite field of possibilities.

Now let me take this to those who choose to be offended if someone refers to them with the "wrong" pronoun, name or tone of voice. How we take this is up to us! If we perceive attack, then we are right and we must defend ourselves. On the other hand if we perceive misunderstanding or confusion then it is easy to forgive and move on. Everyone is operating with different information and to get upset because they are not understanding is begging for an argument. What if I always assumed the best? What if I simply let that which I perceive as error go and choose to experience the truth instead. What is the truth you ask? It is simply that Love/Peace/Joy is always present and I can see this by looking for it. What often happens is that a person feels bad about themselves(whether they realize it or not) and projects this to the world and it comes back to them in the form of "attack", misfortune, or the like. So if someone says something to you that you don't like you can tell them so or simply understand where they are coming from(what info they have to use) and forgive them on the spot. I will tell people that I prefer to be referred to by my name or her or she if I feel it is appropriate. I also will introduce myself with my name so they know what I want to be called. I go by Sequoia or Sequoia Elisabeth and it is that simple. I stay away from personal pronouns if possible and use names whenever I can. This makes everyone’s life easier. It is each of us responsibility to set the stage for peace and acceptance by choosing our words and actions carefully.

So in conclusion what gives us the right is our simple existence. You create your world as you experience it thus it is you that is giving you the right! One of the rules I live by is if it is not simple it is probably not true. There are a few simple guidelines set out by wise leaders of our past, and when we heed these guidelines our lives are simple, productive and enjoyable. The golden rule is “do on to others as you would have done onto you”. The other practice that is very helpful is to simply assume the best. Life is simple, easy is up to you!

Love is the way
Love is the way


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