What I think about Child Labour

I have thought a great deal about child labour. I have seen images of children in many countries of the world who must work at jobs that are beyond their strength and it is a very bad thing.

Child labour is a topic that is not easy to discuss. Many in the richer countries of the world where there is provision for education and laws forbidding children to work until they reach 16 years of age, also forbidding heavy work, do not understand how it is for people living in extreme poverty. In the UK, for example, poverty might mean no new clothes or shoes or none of the latest gadgets. For many around the world it means no food, no shoes or clothes. Maybe a shack with plastic sheeting to keep out the wet, if they are lucky. To get one meal a day is a luxury for some. Poverty is once again starting to hit citizens of the richer countries but even so, there is usually food. So far.

Every so often there are protests calling for the banning of child labour. We are told we should check where the products come from that we buy and boycott the firms if we discover children work in the manufacture of them. I do agree that something should be done to stop child labour but stop for a minute and think.

Children who work at a young age do so because there is no money to buy anything. When we throw these children out of work what do they do? How do they get food?

To take the work away is not the answer, They still need an income but where is it to come from? These countries have no welfare state and if there are free schools the children cannot attend because they must work in the school time or they do not eat. It is a vicious circle.

The protesters who want child labour stopped have the right idea and are sometimes successful in getting factories closed where children are employed and then they may celebrate a victory often with a meal at their favourite restaurant. They do not see the children in their usual restaurant. Searching through garbage by markets and shops or the municipal dump is where they might find something to eat. Or they have to resort to begging.

In an ideal world all children have an education and a safe, happy home and then go on to study or learn a trade or profession, so that they get a good job to provide for their future. This is what I would like for all the children in the world. But...........

We come back to the problem of child labour. It is still there. As someone who grew up in a country where I had a good education and a happy childhood, I do not like the idea of children working. I also do realise that it is something that cannot be eradicated overnight. It costs a lot of money to set up a welfare system in a country that would enable poor people to receive money to allow their children to go to school and not work. This must be financed from the people themselves, from the taxes. If they are so poor that their children must also work how can this be achieved. It is true that a lot of the rich in some of these countries do not pay any tax because they have the power to decide not to.

One solution is, if children are employed, they are treated as children and given work that is not beyond their capacity and that they are able to get an education. Sometimes if children are employed as servants in a private house they are treated well and given some education but not often. It is quite usual for them to be beaten for any small mistake or starved.

They must feel that they are born to misery and that is all they will ever know.

I do not believe that the child labour issue will disappear for a long time, if ever. This means that there needs to be a way to make it easier for these children. Compulsory free education is a must, so that the employer must ensure that the children go to school at least for part of the day. With an education it can be possible that a way out of the miserable existence can be found.

I think that countries should "put their money where their mouth is" as the saying goes. If "so called civilised" countries want to stop child labour they must be prepared to finance the children they are taking the jobs away from. Not just sit back happy that they have achieved it and forget them.

There are many reasons that children work:

There is such abject poverty at home, maybe parents are sick and cannot work themselves.

They have no parents or family.

Some parents think education is unimportant and even if they don't need the money they send the children to work.

Some families are professional beggars and a new baby in the family is another "partner in the family business."

Besides this there are families who are very poor but would die of shame rather than let their children work. To eradicate child labour is something all people in the world should want and I pray that someday it is achieved.

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handymanbill profile image

handymanbill 4 years ago from western pennsylvania

I have seen the things that you described as far as beggars on the streets. Just go down into Mexico. Of course right now is not a great time to go with all the violence. I used to go down and see some of the sites. I always feel so bad with the children on the streets begging.

Hummingbird5356 profile image

Hummingbird5356 4 years ago Author

I know. It just makes me realise how lucky I am compared to some. Thanks for reading.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 4 years ago

You know I love you and your labor. God bless dear Hummingbird.

Hummingbird5356 profile image

Hummingbird5356 4 years ago Author

Thank you for reading, Micky. God bless you too.

M Zees profile image

M Zees 4 years ago from Karachi, Pakistan

I agree with this, while i am against child labor the issue is that many families are so poor that without the small additional income generated by the children they just wont be able to survive.

Developing countries also need to provide free QUALITY education. In Pakistan there is no free Quality education, a big reason why so many families tend to never send their children to school.

Hummingbird5356 profile image

Hummingbird5356 4 years ago Author

I know, it is very bad that children have to work but as you say, it is a case of eating or not eating. In most countries of the world education is free, and it is the cost which keeps the poor children uneducated. There is a lot of untapped potential among these children but most of it is never discovered.

I hope one day that things can improve. Thank you for reading my article.

Patriot Quest profile image

Patriot Quest 4 years ago from America

We all want a perfect world.....it doesn't exist! Children worked in the US until unions and labor laws stopped it! Now those same children receive welfare and never learn work ethic, they mature join gangs, use drugs and get pregnant out of wedlock. They then turn into their parents and use the same welfare system for their own children. They never have work skills and when they do work they are years behind in their field. Children should be treated as children, they should never be abused. But working has never hurt anyone young and old alike. Maybe if we allowed children to suffer the real world of earning a living and paying bills they would happily go back to school and become something society would be proud of?

Hummingbird5356 profile image

Hummingbird5356 4 years ago Author

Children from poor families all over the world worked up until the early 20th century. What you say is not true. You cannot say it was unions and labour laws which cause the problems you describe.

There are people like this all over the world, from every culture and from every economic level. It is a state of mind which causes these problems. Not the fact that children do not go to work.

What you suggest is not a solution. Education is more of a solution but these people you describe will continue to live the way they do even if they became rich overnight.

I repeat, it is an attitude of mind, we are all born with the free will to make decisions. It is up to the individual and it is not possible to change people who are mentally and physically lazy. Putting them on the treadmill will not change them.

slclark 2 years ago

If we are talking about child labor i have a lot of imformation.they play these kids like they do not matter any more or at all.I'm just a kid go with child labor because they do not treat them like they post to.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 2 years ago

Nicely done you beautiful bird!

Hummingbird5356 profile image

Hummingbird5356 2 years ago Author

Thanks, Micky. I haven't seen you much here lately. Hope you are well.

jandee profile image

jandee 2 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

You are so right in your analysis of the situation,although I don't think any outside interference is wise, as we have seen enough of that in wars and aggression on countries from the West. It ,change,has to come from within and how long that will be is hard to say..

Anyone who says that the minute percentage of idlers is the norm ,and therefore is the fault of the unions ,must be a complete fool.

Thanks for an interesting write..for which we thank Micky,I saw a comment on his page......regards jandee

Hummingbird5356 profile image

Hummingbird5356 2 years ago Author

I am glad you found my article interesting. Where did you see it on Mickey's page? I looked for it but didn't see it.

jandee profile image

jandee 2 years ago from Liverpool.U.K

No, on Mickys page of activity I saw a comment to you so hopped over to see it.

Hummingbird5356 profile image

Hummingbird5356 2 years ago Author

OK, thanks.

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