What Is Whitehouse Role in Health Care Reform

Whitehouse on Health Care Reform

The Senate and House of Representatives have been working on health care reform for most of this year.  I just don't understand why the Republicans keep harping on the fact that we are moving too fast.  Has it ever taken this long to debate any bill.  It does not seem that we needed a great deal of time to send our men and women off to fight a war when the Republicans were in office.   The Whitehouse under President Bush was able to put us in a war very quickly with funding being approved by the then Republican congress.

With that being said I think President Obama must live up to his campaign promise to make sure the next step in getting a final health care bill shall be broadcast on CSPAN.  The American people are just confused.  I receive my information from both the conservative radio talk shows as well as the mainstream media so I get both sides.  However I do not get the direct information as the conversations are being held between the Republicans and Democrats.  If the Whitehouse really want the Americans to support health care reform we must be included in the conversation.  I would suggest that the Whitehouse have a public website where ordinary Americans can voice their opinions about the changes the health care reform bill will bring about. 

I can understand why it may not have been feasible to have these separate health care bills debated on CSPAN for all to see, but we really need to be able to see the reconciliation process.  I would like to see President Obama announce that after January 1, 2010, all health care debate on the reconciliation of this bill will be done on CSPAN.  He should take the lead on this because most Americans want to see him as the leader on Health Care Reform.  I cannot speak for all Americans but I can say that I do not feel that President Obama is really leading the fight for health care reform.  President Obama needs to get out in the public and challenge Republican leaders to present their ideas in front of the American people.  Because we do not see President Obama confront the Republicans when they say they have ideas, it makes it easy for us to believe Republicans when they say there was no attempt by this administration to reach across party lines.

We need to know why certain senators have not voted for this bill.  We need to know if any of the items in the bill are supported by any Republican.  The senators of both parties need to be held accountable for the parts of the bill they support or don't support and why.  In other words the process needs to be above board so that all Americans can see where their represenatives stand.


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