Which Nations Have The Best Healthcare System

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What nation has the best healthcare system?

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Government Healthcare

Well the United States used to have the best healthcare system. It used to cost three dollars just to see the doctor. The cost was so low and the quality was high. The government used the excuse that Medicare and Medicaid would help the needy. Which was not true at all. What happened was government created these programs and by doing so, pushed prices up.

When government gets in involved they eliminate competition, quality goes down, and prices go up. The tax payers pay for these programs, which puts a strain on the people paying. The people receiving the money are paying higher prices, and still can't afford healthcare. The government doesn't have enough taxes to pay for Medicare or Medicaid because they steal the money. When they steal the money, they replace it with printing press money from The Federal Reserve. When they print the money and put it into healthcare, it causes the money to inflate and prices go up.

You can see this happen in all areas government is involved, such as energy, education, and healthcare. The healthcare system in the United States was the best in the world before government got involved. Since then the government came between the doctor and patient relationship. The government tells doctors what drugs they can use and what they can't use.

Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare and Medicaid have ruined our healthcare system. It gave the government the chance to become involved and create their monopoly. With that they created the FDA, where they can push through all of their corporate drugs, while keeping out their competition. The government runs the whole show and is in business with the corporations making huge profits. Our government is so corrupt and most Americans don't even realize it.

We need huge changes within our healthcare system and it doesn't involve government. If government was to completely take control with universal healthcare, you will begin to see less people getting care. Anything government does, just like Medicare and Medicaid, quality goes down and the cost raises. With universal healthcare, competition will be completely eliminated and you will see very long lines at the doctors. You will only be able to go to specific doctors and care won't be as good. With competition and getting rid of weening off of Medicare and Medicaid you will see huge advancements within the healthcare system.


Why Government Doesn't Help Healthcare

Before government, prices were so much cheaper. Healthcare has become political, when it doesn't need to be. If we get the government out of the way we can create competition and prices will come down. When you create competition you will find alternatives to prescription drugs and government care.

If you really think about it, it makes sense. Governments create monopolies over certain areas of the economy. The goal is to get the government run monopoly out of the way and business will pop up with new ideas and cheaper prices. Since government creates a monopoly there is no incentive to create good healthcare. They are the only competitor. Now that government has been involved in health care for thirty years and it is starting to fall apart, people are starting to look to government for solutions. Even after the fact that government was the one that caused the problem.

The system worked before government was involved. If anyone wonders why the economy is bad it is because of government intervention in our personal lives and also around the world. We spend trillions of dollars overseas, redistribute wealth and create inflation. We are flushing our super power status down the toilet. This has happened to other countries all throughout history and we are the path as well. We need to restore freedom and liberty. Once we restore liberty, you will see prosperity return. Stop the police state and let people create the market place and you will see many alternatives and cheaper prices.

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Josak profile image

Josak 4 years ago from variable

As it stands we pay more than 4 times more per patient than the UK and they have free healthcare for everyone, fact of the matter is that internationally the facts don't meet your conclusions, the best healthcare countries in the world all have free healthcare and it costs them a lot less than it does us.

SportsBetter profile image

SportsBetter 4 years ago from San Francisco Author

Well it isn't free, they take a lot of taxes out of your pay check. Also, the quality of the healthcare is not good at all. You will end up spending hours before you get to see a doctor. In one hospital they weren't changing sheets to save money, they would just flip them over. Nothing is free.

Josak profile image

Josak 4 years ago from variable

OK I use free in the commonly understood sense of publicly funded, by which process it turns out to be a lot cheaper also.

As for quality of care according to the last World Health Organization study on care quality the quality of care in the US was terrible and looking at the potential years lost index one can see that public health system are much better in the quality of care they offer simply because people are given the right care rather than the bare minimum the insurance company can get away with. Facts are facts. If you want links I can provide them.

SportsBetter profile image

SportsBetter 4 years ago from San Francisco Author

Yup US healthcare sucks, and it is because the government got involved 30 years ago .. Before that people could afford to go to the doctor without insurance. Since government got involved prices have increased, competition has been eliminated, and people are stuck without care. Before government handled this, people were taken care of and it wasn't expensive.

cascoly profile image

cascoly 4 years ago from seattle

the point being made was that other industrial countries PAY less and get MORE for their healthcare dollar.

and for government programs like medicare, the costs and increases are substantially less than private insurance

finally, until social security, and then in the 60's it wasnt the case that everyone was takenb care of, cheaply - in the 60s the elderly were the poorest section of society and had the worst healthcare.

in perspective - your $3 doctor visit goes back to the days of $.20 gas and nickle coffee

SportsBetter profile image

SportsBetter 4 years ago from San Francisco Author

Which countries pay less and get more?

The increases in Medicare are increases to the tax payer. Private insurance isn't paid for by the Government. Someone who doesn't have Medicare is paying for someone that does.

Look at this article I think the title speaks for itself. http://abcn.ws/OEEFFb

As for Social Security, the Government stole the money. Social Security is bankrupt. Programs like this need to be handled by the market place. There could be private insurance programs you could pay into. People shouldn't be forced to pay if they feel they can't budget their own money.

The reason for cheap doctors visits, gas, and nickel coffee is because of inflation. The Government printed too much money and it raised prices. Your money lost value.

If the Government used gold and silver as currency and didn't print more paper currency associated with gold, prices would be stable. They might rise and lower a little bit but, they will always stay basically flat. The money system we use makes sure there is debt. The system is based off of credit. It is called fractional reserve banking and it is fake money. Yes, prices were lower back then but you received more for your money. People were able to save money and live comfortably. Today everyone is in debt and they are just getting by.

cascoly profile image

cascoly 4 years ago from seattle

Which countries pay less and get more?

Every other industrial nation in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The United States spent more than 17 percent of its GDP on health care, higher than any other developed nation


as far as the rest of your comment, you really need to study basic economics and history

SportsBetter profile image

SportsBetter 4 years ago from San Francisco Author

The cost of healthcare is inflated, that is why it is so expensive. Technology has brought prices down in almost all areas of the economy except healthcare. This is because of inflation.

You need to study basic economics. Inflation is as basic as it gets.

SportsBetter profile image

SportsBetter 4 years ago from San Francisco Author

Inflation : A general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.

Also we need more competition in healthcare. The government controls everything and limits where we can go and what medicine we can take. This raises price as well.

Healthexplorer 3 years ago

Every nation has some specific importance on healthcare systems; therefore especially in United States of America we found government provides better opportunities and facilities to the public. So it is quite difficult to compare healthcare systems of every country as also tough to choose the best one.

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