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The media including news talk radio provides us with news that they feel is relevant. As a consumer of media I have noticed that a large portion of the news we view and listen to provides us with information that is incorrect, half truth, or just a plain lie. We as the consumer of the media have to determine if the information provided to us is based from facts or opinion. Facts can be proven time and time again. Opinions are what we believe, but are incomplete of certainty. The two are distinctly different.

Since President Obama has taken office we hear all the negative aspects of his Presidency from the media. Your average citizen consumes the information whether right or wrong and forms an opinion. I am an independent opposed to forming an opinion but rely on research of the facts. Since the major issue most Americans struggle with is the economy I will review what President Obama promised and if those promises were a truth or lie.

President Obama Fact or Lie:

1. Increase the capital gains and dividends taxes for higher income tax payers: This was a lie. President Obama brokered a major deal on taxes, agreeing to continue the current tax rates for high earners. He said repeatedly during the campaign that he intended to let them expire. The tax rates, passed during President George W. Bush's administration, were set to go up in 2011.

2. Eliminate capital gains tax for small businesses and start-ups: This was a compromise. The goal was to jump start small business spending. The rates were extended temporarily with the same limitations as before.

3. Create an Advanced Manufacturing Fund to invest in peer-reviewed manufacturing processes: Truth. Obama said during his campaign he would create a advanced manufacturing fund and he did.

4. Create a foreclosure prevention fund for homeowners: Lie. President Obama actually funded 75 billion from (TARP), but as of January 2011 only 500,000 homeowners have been given permanent loan modifications. Keep in mind he may not have control over this, but more oversight could have been put in place.

5. Increase minority access to capital: Truth. Obama said he would strengthen programs that provide capital to minority small businesses. SBA reported that 29 percent of small business loans went to minority owned firms.

Here I just list five truth’s or lies, but the list is exhaustive and you as a consumer can research any promise that you feel President Obama has made in the past or to current date. The point of this article is not just listening to everything you hear, but do a little research to check the facts yourself.

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Nick Lucas 5 years ago

he has done a lot which is reflected in the growth of jobs and the unemployment rate

HSchneider 5 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

Excellent Hub Isingleton. is an excellent source to go to for truth in political statements. President Obama has done a lot with the bad hand the GOP gave him and now with the obstructionist House.

lsingleton profile image

lsingleton 5 years ago Author

Thanks HSchnedier, the media puts out alot of information to the public, but very few research the information to find out the facts or at least the entire story.

dagda3772 profile image

dagda3772 5 years ago from Washington State

If the President so is great at his job, why could he not get passes all he wanted when the Dems controlled both house and Senate. This President is just as weak as President as Jimmy Carter was. He's done more to bring done this country than any other President. He's a weak leader, his foreign policies suck, he hasn't taken the blame of a single thing that's gone wrong with his plans, or policies. We once had a President that said, "The Buck Stops Here". This Presidents motto is, "The Buck Stops Anywhere But Here". It's so bad even the Dems are turning on him. This man speaks with no regard to what he says, and if this too isn't his fault, he should fire his teleprompter and go solo.

lsingleton profile image

lsingleton 5 years ago Author

Dagda3772, Blunt and to the point. This is hard to find these days. I think at this point no matter who is President they have an agenda. But the fact remains that the country was going down hill when Obama took office so weak or strong President the country has a lot of ground to make up before it recovers. Thanks for for comment.

dagda3772 profile image

dagda3772 5 years ago from Washington State

Isingleton, I think what we have to look at is, really, how much power does the president have? He can't do a thing without Congress allowing it. No matter who it is, they can make promises and rant and rave all they want, but if Congress isn't giving them what they want, they are powerless. I see the President more as a figurehead, along the lines of the Queen of England. Everyone knows who she is, but she has no power with out Parliament. That's why I believe congress should have a max time of terms in office like the President does. Take some of this, this is my seat, out of the politics and put the power back to the people where it's supposed to be.

My Esoteric profile image

My Esoteric 5 years ago from Keystone Heights, FL

@Dagda, to answer one of your questions, because the Democratic party, unlike the current Republican party, is made of three distinct, often competeing groups; conservatives, moderates, and liberals. Some of the conservatives and many of the liberals are as hard-headed and non-compromising as is 90% of what I now call the Conservative party. Fortunately, for the Democrats, most of them are more pragmatic moderates who know how to compromise and, therefore, know how to govern effectively.

Because the Conservatives are in 100% lockstep with each other and are absolutely afraid for their political lifes to step out of line, an unheard of achievement in American politics (and once broken, hopefully never to be repeated again ... it is devestating to the political process) it only takes a few liberals and/or conservatives to go their own course, as Democrats are wont to do, to upset Obama's applecart.

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