How Do We Fight Child Porn?

I just finished watching a news story about Melissa Huckabee, the woman who is accused of raping and murdering Sandra Cantu in Tracy, California. I also recently saw a program about child pornography on Oprah. In that program it showed a map, lit up like a Christmas Tree. On that map were people throughout the United States downloading child pornography, there were thousands. I felt sick to my stomach.

I think all too often when the word pornography comes up we (Ok, maybe it’s just me) think of soft-core porn like the Playboy magazines young boys would hide underneath their beds. But, child pornography is not like that at all. Child pornography are children as young as 3 and 4 including babies being forcibly and brutally raped or forced to participate in bestiality or otherwise horrific acts. It’s almost too much to imagine and I believe because of the nature of these crimes most people just turn their heads, close their eyes and ignore the situation, hoping it will go away. It’s NOT going away!

Oprah’s solution is to put an RFID tracking chip in all the child molesters so that they can be tracked and watched, it’s called Senate Bill 1738. I’m against this bill because I am against the RFID chip (another post will be forthcoming about that). My solution is a little more permanent. I think that repeat child molesters (by repeat I mean more than once) should be executed. And, to tell you the truth, I’m not so dead set on the repeat aspect. I think anyone who could torture a child in such a way should not be allowed to be in the land of the living. Not only would this stop the repetitive nature of this crime, but it would also send a message loud and clear to anyone considering such a horrible thing.

Jesus said that whoever offends a child, that it would be better for them to have a millstone tied to his neck and to be thrown into the sea. We simply must protect the innocent; we simply must purge our land of these unspeakable atrocities and of the monsters that commit them.

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MattUSAF2525 profile image

MattUSAF2525 7 years ago

Nothing bothers me more then this topic. I'm actually thinking of joining the FBI when i get out of the AF to track down these monsters. There was a big deal on my base 2 years ago where they found some Airmen and an officer with child porn. The agent that found them out said that his job was difficult to bare sometimes, due to the films and pictures he had to view just to catch these guys. He talked of one video, where a 3 year old was being raped by a 50 year old man, and was crying out "help me, help me." I am a father, and these bastards are begging for death. They all have a death wish.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 7 years ago from Manhattan Author

The problem is that they are every where including the FBI and law enforcement and just every where. Get the book "The Franklin Cover-Up" and that will open your eyes. We live in such an evil world.

tony0724 profile image

tony0724 7 years ago from san diego calif

Brie I am always up for a good debate , but when I read your blogs I am usually In full agreement , and this one falls Into that category too. If there Is one crime that makes me sick above all others , It Is people who do harm to children . I believe a public stoning would be appropriate over a RFID chip . And also I forgot where I read It but most offenders up to 70% will reoffend . SO why let these sick Individuals live ? People are up In arms when the state tries to move them Into their community . We had a continuous covwerage In the local paper here about one such piece of %$### here .

Yes Brie there Is alot of evil In this world , however I believe there are alot of good people to. So my part Is to be one of those good people , sometimes I fall short cause I am human . But my actions hopefully set an example for those around me . Because my actions are how I am judged not my Intentions .

cindyvine profile image

cindyvine 7 years ago from Cape Town

simple answer, death penalty. Kill the sicko bastards.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 7 years ago from Manhattan Author

Thanks for writing Cindy and Tony, I guess we'll just have to argue about something else!

Melody Lagrimas profile image

Melody Lagrimas 7 years ago from Philippines

I think raising personal and famiy values and more security in the home is important.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 7 years ago from Manhattan Author

I agree.

Chellie 7 years ago

Eventhough the crime makes you sick, it is unthinkable and horrific. To harm a child, or the elderly or any hopeless person is unacceptable. Extreme tough penalities should be executed in these type of situations, however, the bible says revenge is Gods, and he will repay. I think that when it comes to killing a human being, it is wrong any way you look at it. Two wongs don't make a right, a death can not bring back a life. Living in a cage with nooutside intervention no visitors, no t.v. without the possibility of freedom, that's got to be even harder than death. I don't know, I know a lot will disagree, but I think that Milessa Huckabee, if she really did this horrible thing, should be put away for life without the possiblilty of perole so she can never harm anyone again. God will forgive her if she is sincere and really sorry, but, people will never forgive her. The bible says we have to forgive or we will not be forgiven. That's a hard thing to do because we are too angry, I am very angry and hurt and I don't even know this precious little girl, I cried like it was personal to me as I often do when I hear tragic things such as this, but, I realize it's a tragedy for everyone, including Melissa Huckabee.

My prayers are with everyone involved and I especially pay for the family of the little angle lost. If Melisa Huckabee has any human in her at all, she should be hurting over what she has done if she is guilty, and it sounds like she is.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 7 years ago from Manhattan Author

Well God did say and eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth, he said in the book of Deuteronomy "If man sheds man's blood, by man his blood shall be shed". So he seems to advocate capital punishment.

Bibowen profile image

Bibowen 7 years ago

You get nothing but applause from me for having the courage to say it like it is. In a world that is increasingly rescinding the death penalty, we have to at least try to fight against it if we are going to keep civilization. Keep up the good work.

Brie 7 years ago

I think, especially in lieu of the most recent case in California with the Jaycee girl, that a public execution is in order. Not to mention holding law enforcement accountable for not investigating the matter properly. This happens far too often and they need to have their feet held to the fire for lack of enforcement.

Mr Hate 6 years ago

If a child is harmed or killed the person who did the deed deserves punishment, any reasonable person would agree. But execution's and public stonings and the long arm of Ghod? Give me a break, you sound like the pitchfork and torch mob. If you really want to do something about this instead of singing your milk box mantra run for office, but see how far that goes with the talk of floggings and executions.I'm sure you will win. LOL

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan Author

Mr. Hate your name says it all!

sick of it 6 years ago

I was told a while back that the reason the feds have done nothing to stop pedophiles is because many lawyers,judges, & doctors are on the " MUST KILL LIST". I firmly believe this because it makes sense. If we Americans don't start taking up for ourselves all will soon be lost. Americans have been slowly losing ground for over 30 years.What kind of government allows slavery of children?

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan Author

It's been longer than 30 years unfortunately. And also I think we are lost...sad but true. I am writing a hub about that very topic today.

Scott 6 years ago

The inner workings of online child pornography trade is very underground. There are codes of honor on the internet that most follow to remove such materials from websites. The reason it cannot be defeated is the nature of data transfer and international laws. A swedish server can be used as a proxy to hide behind and trade illegal images. It takes a long time to get that site removed, and usually just another proxy to another country is found after that.

To be as blunt as possible, it is a very small issue, with very few involved. If you count up all the red dots on that episode of oprah, you will notice out of 300 million people, it is a fraction of a percent.

The ways to stop it permanently would ruin the internet for those who use it properly. What works best is to create fake websites to bait in people and put them on watchlists. Oprah was also dumb enough to get trolled and said "We have 9000 penisis and they are all raping children."

rescueachild profile image

rescueachild 6 years ago from San Jose, Ca

I agree with you Brie, I think they should all get the death penalty. If a dog has rabies, what do we do with him? We kill him, plain and simple.

I am a Christian and I do believe in forgiveness but, there comes a time in a society when the people need to stand up against all odds and say, enough is enough!!!!!!! Our children and our citizens deserve better!

My abuse was horribly documented on video and pictures. It is still widely circulated today as 'vintage' child porn. These people looking and digesting this material are getting off on a child's pain and abuse. It IS a crime scene and anyone who thinks this is OK needs to be exterminated.

Just the thoughts of a survivor turned abolitionist.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan Author

I will definitely keep you in my prayers, there is NOTHING that I can imagine worse than this crime...NOTHING. It grieves me terribly. Btw, I'm so very glad you are a Christian, so that God can heal you.

6 years ago

It truly sickens me to think how many of these types of people, that sexually abuse children, are in this world. It makes me wonder, is it an illness? Genetic? I have a little girl, so I think it hits me harder. Actually, I know it does because once you have a child your feelings for such topics grow deeper. I am a new christian and i know there is much i don't know but i remember something being said about God looks at murder and war differently? Am I correct? If so, then i think this nation and the whole world needs to declare war on these sick devils and wipe them off this earth. I really have to cry out to Jesus because I feel so helpless about this topic it enrages me. But what i think is more important than dealing with the abusers is healing the children that are hurt, because Christ the Lord of all will redeem them and they can become the strongest of the strong and go on to live a great life. WE need to build homes for children of trafficking (who are mostly orphans). I pray God will speak to me on this subject i know there are many who feel how i do, but sometimes it gets so depressing living in this world i just pray Jesus would come take us all home so the hurt children could be the highest of precious angels. *tear* the only comfort i can find is the Jesus redeems the hurt and broken and GOD will judge and death and prison is nothing compared to that. if no one will help us we must stand up and band together as Christians to fight for our babies, may God guide us on our journeys and use us for his glorious will. Amen.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 6 years ago from Manhattan Author

Congratulations on passing from death to life S! Thanks for your comments.

Carpyp 6 years ago

That's all I have to say.

I fight for injustice issues to stop but sometimes capital punishment is necessary.

And I am far from a pitchfork christian.

I've traveled 54 countries and seen the look on the broken child's face, the raped, the abused and the hopeless.

If death was a punishment it would highly discourage the act. The question is not rather the DP is ok but more so, what would make a difference.

Education is not going to help, and awareness isn't helping. It's time for punishment.

john 4 years ago

i once read a psychologist report that he claimed that child porn or abuse should remain on the internet so that

Phedaphiles can get off on therefore not going out into the

real world and hurting real children. What is this guy thinking!! how does he think these sick images get on the

internet in the first place!!! they are real children!!!

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 4 years ago from Manhattan Author

Wow, that man should have his license taken away and be prosecuted. Not only that, having child porn on the internet encourages a drink encourages alcoholism in an alcoholic.

cannot reveal yet,(sorry) just call Mr.Scalpal 4 years ago

For some time now I have been tracking sick ind. who travel to Thailand and other countries where they can buy a child for a few hours to live out their very sick and unacceptable twisted pleasures.

My group follow and capture these man. We than have them surgically castrated in a mobile operating room which looks like a large motor home.

There testicals are put in a jar of formeldihide and sent to their wives via UPS with a note that their husbands are soon to follow.

I am not going to give figures here but I know at least that I personally have stopped many from herting a child ever again. For those who think I am doing something terrible and that these man deserve a councilar or therapist. Please feel free to make an appointment, the treatment is free of charge!


Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 4 years ago from Manhattan Author

Wow, not sure what to say to that!

Jeff Talley profile image

Jeff Talley 4 years ago from Elsewhere

The whole child porn thing needs to find its way into a nice big fire. I was appaled today when I logged onto FB and from an article on this site I typed in a few "key" words and almost threw up when I saw what appeared. HOW can people do these things to little innocents?! Something as innocent as typing in the word "strawberry" reveals images I can't (and don't want to) describe. This garbage is everywhere and I can't believe that there can't be more done to STOP IT!

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 4 years ago from Manhattan Author

I don't think it will be stopped until the death penalty is given out for child porn. It's a scourge on the earth.

Jeff Talley profile image

Jeff Talley 4 years ago from Elsewhere

Believe it or not, I was amazed to find that this site has links to child nudism! It came up with a link to "Family Nudism". I don't think the death penalty is harsh enough. Drawn and quartered, tarred and feathered, flogged drowned, hanged and then they should have to endure the really nasty stuff.

Brie Hoffman profile image

Brie Hoffman 4 years ago from Manhattan Author

You should flag those sites.

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