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I heard someone quip recently,"How can you tell if a politician is lying?" The answer we might all agree is "When their lips are moving." Today as I watched the news conference of our President and that of Japan's Prime Minister Nado the questions asked were somewhat of a surprise and our President used the news conference to promote himself and point fingers at the opposition with regards to "his decision" to take out Osama Bin Laden.Although he didn't mention any names, little doubt remained to the inference. "Read the commentary, he said, in what I perceived as as a low blow and cheap shot at the Republican candidate and see what he had previously said, " "I" on the other hand have always said,"if we have a clear shot at his capture,"I" wouldn't hesitate.

Maybe I don't understand all there is to know about politics but one thing that all Americans regardless of party affiliation would have to say the call was correct and the success by our US Navy Seals is unparalleled. Questions still remain as to why our supposed ally Pakistan allowed the worlds foremost terrorist a safe haven within their country.

Prime Minister Nado answered the question much better. How ironic this question was ask by a most likely hand picked person, Obama himself. Prime Minister Nado commented in essence the war of terrorism remains a raging battle which has spread to cyber space. He nailed it! It is my opinion that regardless of who was our President, when the call came that Bin Laden was finally located and a team was ready for a crucial mission, the call would by the priority given the same decision would have been made. The final decision ultimately was in the hands of the Commander and Chief who just happened to be the current President . I shudder to think any President wouldn't have made the same decision presented with the same facts and knew he would be privy to the mission as an eye witness. When questioned about the subject Mitt Romney remarked he would have most certainly made the call and quickly added, even Jimmy Carter would have.

The "glory grabbers" and that is what this appears to be seek to gain an advantage. What our President did yesterday is purely politics and in bad taste. The following quote is from former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton""Basically what Obama did was get out of the way," said Mr. Bolton Saturday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington. "It was a decision that 99.99 percent of the American people would agree with. That does not equal a foreign policy." Mr Bolton's comment is right on.

News conferences should be just that, NEWS! It should not be a stepping stone of self promotion as we saw yesterday. This is just my opinion but I feel there are many who share the same opinion. The real heroes are Americans who have never backed down when the principles we hold dear are threatened.

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Longhunter 4 years ago

Excellent hub, Fiddleman.

Obama has been running for his second term from the day he took office for his first. I "hope" it will be his only term and we'll get the "change" we really need, a president who believes in our Constitution.

As for the bin Laden kill, while Obama may break his own arm patting himself on the back, the SEALs and Delta that did the "wet" work quietly move on to their next mission. These are the true American heros.

To answer your question, if it were I, there's just some things you don't do. I would have a problem taking credit for something that happened by me saying just a few words when someone else did the "heavy lifting."

Fiddleman profile image

Fiddleman 4 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina Author

Well said Longhunter, thanks for stopping by to read.

samsons1 profile image

samsons1 4 years ago from Tennessee

Well done my friend and right on. I think John McCain said it best when he said he has known some heroes and there is one thing that heroes don't do. "They don't brag..." It has been our misfortune to have a president that feels he must brag and yet he has nothing, no accomplishments to brag about. He makes one think "He" alone did this and even pulled the trigger. Disgusting! Voted up and interesting...

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 4 years ago

Excellent hub. I think the President should be embarrassed. His actions are repugnant. Up and awesome.

Fiddleman profile image

Fiddleman 4 years ago from Zirconia, North Carolina Author

Thank you Sampsons 1 and breakfastpop, as always a great day when I see you have visited the Fiddleman's hub pages.

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