What do organizational endorsements represent and do they have value?


     Organizational endorsements have become part of the fabric of society.  This is not necessarily good or bad.  It depends upon the purpose of the endorsement and what organization is making it.  In some cases there are regulations involved before an organization can endorse specific products.  This aspect involves several government agencies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), 

     Organizational endorsements are seen everywhere it seems but what do they represent and do they have value.  This activity seems to be increasing on a daily basis.  We see it in the news, in advertisements and politics.  Organizational endorsements can be good and have value but it depends on when they are made.  We have seen these kinds of endorsements in all areas of society and now we have even seen them in politics.  This article is not about any endorsement of the healthcare reform legislation but the general application of organizational endorsements and what they represent.

     Some organizational endorsements represent that a product has been evaluated and meets the criteria of the organization.  One example is the endorsement of the Underwriters laboratory for products that they evaluate.  This kind of endorsement by an organization is good and helps to bring a certain level of confidence in specific products and their purpose. Other organizational endorsements such as those for political candidates should not be taken be a reason for voting for one candidate over another.  Those in positions of management in organizations routinely it seems give endorsements but that does not mean the entire organization endorses or likes the candidate identified.

     The point of organizational endorsements as noted in previous paragraphs serves a good purpose if they are to inform and provide confidence in a product or service after it has been evaluated.  Endorsing candidates for public office through organizations in some cases may give an edge to one candidate over another but it does not mean that the entire membership is in agreement.  Sometimes but not always the purpose of these types of endorsements has other motives especially if they are seeking government funding.

     Let me make one thing clear about organizational endorsements, they are not always bad and in many cases serve a useful purpose such as informing the public on issues.  Organizational endorsements does sometimes involve endorsing legislation being presented in Congress and support of some organizations helps to pave the way for passage of some legislation.  While this can be a good thing dependent upon the legislation involved, the endorsement of legislation by any group should not be the sole reason for passage.  Legislation must stand on its own merit for the topic it is addressing.  Many are hot topics with much interest by the public on the actions being contemplated.

     Organizational endorsements for anything, especially legislation should be the exception and not the rule.  Endorsement by some organizations can have a negative effect if members are opposed to legislation they are endorsing.  There are many fine organizations who honestly endorse candidates or legislation with the utmost integrity of purpose and I commend those that follow the path of integrity principles. 

     Another aspect of organizational endorsements is that they sometimes draw support from the general public for either a candidate or legislation.  Organizational endorsements as previously stated is part of society but how and why they are generated should not be the basis for support of a candidate or legislation.  We must make up our own minds and not use the endorsement of an organization.  Candidates sometimes try to use these endorsements to their advantage in their political ads but they must present it in the proper perspective.  Just because an organization gives their endorsement candidates should not get complacent and feel they have the vote of the entire membership.  They should not take these votes for granted.  Votes must be earned and organizational endorsements do not guarantee 100% support by the membership.




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