What do the Koch Brothers Want?

How much have they spent?

It is estimated that the Koch brothers are poised to spend up to 300 million dollars into the next election cycle, and this is likely a low estimate. There really is no telling how much "dark money" will be poured into elections all over this country.

At the presidential level, there really isn't much danger of the influence of dark money upon the electorate. History has shown over and over that the major elections can only be bought to a point, and the electorate will do what the electorate does. If all that money being poured into elections mattered, Barrack Obama wouldn't be our president, right now. It is not the large elections where a huge wad of money makes a difference. No, it is the smaller elections,where candidates are always strapped for cash, where wads of money can overpower candidates that can't compete with the amount of signs, flyers, robocalls, and paid staff that such money buys.

So, let's just presume the Koch brothers are not able to truly influence a national election much, and that they are savvy enough to know that. Let's give them that much credit.

What do they accomplish with all that money spent?

At the Local Level

So, you want to do some drilling, but there are all these pesky local laws stopping it. Solution? Buy a few politicians into office that share your point of view. Does this work?

No. No, that's illegal and far more risky than it is worth. In fact, local laws are generally quite favorable to the mineral extractors of the world, and if the profits of the company are any indication, they are not hurting.

So, maybe a few local judges and state legislators will be won, who share the Koch brothers belief in libertarian/fascism, right?

Maybe. Local elections can be difficult. I doubt the Koch brothers will be able to make a red judge happen in a blue district, but they might be able to influence a primary election a little bit to encourage a redder judge to be elected over a more moderate candidate.

None of these individual cases seem to make much of a difference, though, considering the vast sums of money pouring into the coffers of dark money organizations.

Should Congress Act to Stop the Influence of Money on Politics?

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Moving All Talking Points to the Right

One of the most interesting phenomena of local elections is that they can be very polarized compared to national ones. In presidential politics, first candidates appeal to the broad base of one party, then to the broad base of the whole electorate. Candidates that are better at first positioning themselves to the center of a party election will win their nomination. From there, the candidates position towards the center of the populace, moving the "goal posts" of their positions into moderation to align with the general electorate. Generally, the more skilled a politician is at this second step, the more likely they are to wind up in the white house.

The Koch Brothers, being no fools, are not interested in influencing one man, even if that man is the president. What they seem to be doing is creating a flood of noise on one side of issues that seems to create a sense that there is "more there" as far as the public is concerned. Media spin doctors attend to their ridiculous place as talking heads on cable news networks, funded by Koch money. And, what happens is the debate, as it exists, moves right.

Individual elections are pointless. Influencing them too much with money where there's a direct correlation will likely only lead to the regulations that dark money does not desire. But, in actual fact, the country has been pushed so far to the right that people who used to vote conservative have shifted democrat if only because they are holding positions that used to be standard stuff for the conservative party.

Example: By howling up and down about death panels and the evils of Obamacare, GOP pundits have managed to shift the goal posts so far to the right that an idea out of a Republican Thinktank - i.e. insurance exchanges - is the radical liberal position!

This is happening across the board. Democrats are drilling for oil, selling state and national parks, firmly sending our young men and women to wars all over the world, and all the while, the goal posts have shifted so far to the right that we are calling their actions liberal!

In other words, the real goal of the Koch brothers isn't to fund an individual election. The goal is to change the climate of elections such that their righteous libertarian positions are no longer the fringe.

It's beautiful to observe in action, honestly. If "Liberal Media" was actually liberal, they'd be able to pull off the same neat trick.

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Superkev profile image

Superkev 2 years ago

What does George Soros want to accomplish?

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

Thank you! The last liberal media we had was Olbermann and Donahue....and they both got tossed off "liberal" networks.

Give me a break.

It's a big huge psy-op, and has nothing to do with the welfare of Americans...

And I'm sick of being used by no-good Robber Barons.

(what Dems selling parks? I read it is Republicans)

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

ps: it's not Dems wanting to sell off national parks.....check it.


retief2000 2 years ago

David Koch supports homosexual "marriage" that hate filled right wing extremist SOB!!!!!

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

Yeah, but hes against wind farms, and uses the gvt to get his oily way.

Hypocrit and robber baron.

retief2000 2 years ago

Wind farms are stupid and that fact has been revealed for years but lefties still think that these taxpayer supported money pits are awesome. Wind farms require OIL. Your computer required OIL. Your groceries, OIL. Your medicine, OIL. Your doctor, nurse, dentist, firefighter, police officer, teacher - OIL OIL OIL OIL.

There is, as of yet, ABSOLUTELY, any real life substitute for OIL. There are plenty of fantasy substitutes like the sun and the breeze. Lefty empty headed garbage.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

Yeah--but he used my state's gvt to sue for 10 yrs...against a maverick business man, wanting to start up a business...Koch couldn't have that, as he has a house on Nantucket Sound, dahhhhling.

10 yrs of law-suits from the gvt hater--pretending to car about the environment, and meanwhile: http://attrefugees.boards.net/thread/23024/koch-br...

and just to mention...that stuff on the Indian reservation is part of a much bigger scam and inhumanity. Read The Last Circle...and more recently, Abramoff was ripping them off....

Down and Dirty....that's how they do it.

zebulum profile image

zebulum 2 years ago from USA Author

To answer the first question: George Soros wants to make lots of money for his hedge fund by influencing politicians that will make policy. This is different from changing the air we breathe.

I like the Koch brothers. They're smart. Politicians come and go, and they will always move in the direction the wind blows. The Koch brothers aren't just buying influence. They're changing the wind!

zebulum profile image

zebulum 2 years ago from USA Author

retief2000, it would seem that you have entered some strange, magical other realm where reason does not exist.

I am a dyed-in-the-wool conservative. When I look at the environmental reality of oil, and the scientific reality of climate change, I am very disheartened that my fellow conservatives - a group pre-disposed to living in reality by the nature of our own core beliefs of realism and real economics - do not see the scientific consensus as a call to arms.

Also, having witnessed nations with great conservative streaks, like Germany, become world leaders in solar power, I am distraught that my nation will not reap the reward of all that research and tech investment.

Too bad, we're all too busy shouting OIL OIL OIL EVERYTHING NEEDS OIL to handle a changing climate and the shifting economic realities of a society in dire need of new energy sources.

Superkev profile image

Superkev 2 years ago

Well I guess I am not one of your fellow conservatives then, because AGW, or whatever they are calling it this week, is and always has been, complete hokum (to quote Sheldon Cooper).

This consensus, if it existed -which it doesn't- is not evidence. That is not how science works.

Every bit of this AGW scam is based on provably flawed computer modeling. I have said that 1000 times and will continue to repeat it every time someone tries to convince people that this fraud is real.

retief2000 2 years ago

The replacement for oil does not yet exist. Not because BIG OIL is suppressing Unicorn Juice but because nothing has proved a more efficient, effective way to deliver energy. Will oil be supplanted as our primary energy source, undoubtedly, just as oil has ( for the most part) supplanted coal and coal supplanted wood and whale oil.

What will the next energy technology be? I can say without any hesitation it won't be sunshine and a cool breeze.

As for climate change or global warming or global cooling or bowling gnomes - Why do people buy the lie that exhaling carbon dioxide has more influence over the climate than orbiting an irregular star?

For all those who think carbon dioxide causes climate change I would recommend suicide. People out number automobiles and produce green house gases 24/7. If the 40% of people (that number is unrealistically generous) were to kill themselves think about the reduction of green house gas pollution, not to mention the OIL savings.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

retief2000 2 years ago

Immaterial, the sun cannot replace a high density, 24/7/365 power source like oil, natural gas, coal or nuclear and it is fantasy to think it could. Unicorn juice will never work but thin film fuel cells running on gasoline, ethanol or hydrogen might, though they are still years away from supplanting oil. Lithium air batteries have an energy density similar to gasoline but are not yet rechargeable.

As of now the only reliable, efficient and effective way to run an economy is on oil. The Europeans are about to find out how STUPID it is to eliminate their energy production capacity in the name of Unicorn Juice and Global Malarkey. Russia is about to put the squeeze on them once the Ukrainian War is over and winter comes. And Winter Is Coming.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

Oh bulloney. We could have free energy from the air right now, if there wasn't so much money to be made from oil.

Nikola Tesla figured it out.....don't think the big wigs in Shadowland don't know. In fact--they stole his ideas din't they? And just like they bought off solar, in order to not use it: you can BET they do the same w everything else.

Not to mention the US military and such. Why they bring all those Nazi scientists over here? Some of the UFO' s are allegedly their technology.

Please......as the Clampetts of Beverly Hillbillies found out: "The first thing you know ole Jed's a millionaire"

The problem in Ukraine is they have been taken over by brutal Zionists...there is no way to deal with them but by being as brutal as they are.

One part of the world doesn't even admit they exist. *cough USA* *cough*--which is why they can do as they please.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

and we have to rely on taking oil out of the Earth? Oh pullleeaze:


retief2000 2 years ago

Keep going. WOW we got free energy, Nikla Tesla, Nazi UFOs and Ukrainian Zionists - Coast2CoastAm or Alex Jones - Much?

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

You forgot to mention NASA. You going to deride that too?

I certainly don't.

Nor do I deride the military, who know that climate change and big oil are a danger to the security of the USA....tho they are placed all over the globe protecting it.(oil)

.....not that some people care, USA comes last for some.

Not for me.

We are being lied to and deceived. No need for dirty energy anymore.

zebulum profile image

zebulum 2 years ago from USA Author

Wow, retief2000, you seem to have no faith in the power of business to resolve the situation. Also, I do not believe you are quite aware of how science works. Have you consulted an accredited scientist on this issue, because I have. My wife's father is a geologist, who works for construction companies and the amount of oil in the ground is not going to sustain us for long. Natural gas, he says, is incredibly dangerous and frakking is wasteful and causes sinkholes and earthquakes.

Again, we are conservatives, from a conservative place, and actual facts from science and reality indicate that it will be a combination of things. Solar is dependent on rare earth metals that require destructive mining. Wind is nice but inconstant. We actually like biodiesel, but supplementing with wind and some solar is a very good idea and good for business. But, you know, don't listen to me. I am only a dispassionate realist and GOP voter. I do appreciate that you have become so invested to the wind of GOP media influence. You are actually fighting the good fight in your totally irrational manner.

lovemychris profile image

lovemychris 2 years ago from Cape Cod, USA

"During the course of the 20th century, Iceland went from what was one of Europe's poorest countries, dependent upon peat and imported coal for its energy, to a country with a high standard of living where practically all stationary energy is derived from renewable resources. In 2011, roughly 84% of primary energy use in Iceland came from indigenous renewable resources. Thereof 66% was from geothermal."

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