What has happenned to Our Country & How did We Allow This?

Something has to be done to save America!

If you think Maddoff was a thief, what do think the Democrats are doing? They are stealing our children's lives for years to come and they are going to tax you to high heaven. The police are in danger. The court systems are more worried about two queers getting together than married couples trying to make it as a family. Hey, lets kick them in the teeth. That's just sick. And hey, lets allow the criminals out of prison early because the money is tight. Watch out for your children unless you are a parent that expects society to take care of that child while you collect your welfare check, which is the way Obama wants it to be. Back to the welfare checks when I remember customers coming in with up to three checks all with different names paying for lay a ways and hey my baby will joining a gang and be taken care of him. Did you see the people boosting the child molester that killed the four cops in California. I say line them up and give them their dues. You can bet probably most of them were illegally here. But why should our government worry about that, it has enough to worry about on how to grab more of our money!

These people think Obama is sent from heaven but just the opposite. He a demon that knows nothing about running a country. Lets lower our military power, let sit down and talk with Iran, lets switch to a one world currency, lets take more from the over achievers that were willing to risk everything to make a go of it and creat jobs, lets do away with the risk takers and bring them down to their knees, lets help the Global Market while ours goes to s---!

The Government told AIG to back up the stupid housing loans and they would back up AIG. Smart huh? How stupid can you be.

I'm sorry I have no faith in these idiots running our country. Most of the cabinet members can't even pay their taxes, but hey, they are in a safehouse now, they don't have to!

If you have any ideas let me know. I ashamed of what we have become. I'm going to close this before I have a heart attack and become another statistic.

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schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA

I'm gonna agree with you immediately there is something wrong with our country for sure.

Terrorism for one is stripping us of our freedoms, and I know ALOT more but it would shock you....!

ginosblog profile image

ginosblog 6 years ago from Florida Author

I agree with you about "gays". They are not born gay, they might be moma's boys, but mostly they are cowards and gutless wonder's that can't handle a relationship with a real woman, doing what they do best. hiding behind a dress.

I don't agree about Jimmie Carter, though he did make it 99% worse along with Clinton about the housing market. It started way back with Woodrow Wilson and the progressive's movement to take over America with their more than liberal ways or actually calling it by it's real name now, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, etc...take your pick my friend.

It's a shame the country elected a president that has no business savvy at all. He is really smart to be so dumb!

Alex 6 years ago

Haha, said by someone who really doesn't understand gays at all, probably know of any, and obviously doesn't want to, and prefers his stereotypes. This is why we need more gays to be open and honest about who they are, so people can put faces on these people, and realize they're all different. Some are momma's boys, some are daddy's, some are both and none, some are cowards and some brave, some can handle relationships with women and live in closets much of their lives in a loveless marriage that hurts their relationship, some can handle and yet don't care to, and most don't care to crossdress. They are as diverse as the rest of us.

And similar things for lesbians as well.

ginosblog profile image

ginosblog 6 years ago from Florida Author

Don't we have enough real problems, such as, oil spills, flash floods, wars, kids flunking school, government spending out of control, medicare fraud, and terrorism in America without worrying actually spending real time listening to some "sucky baby" crying about, "you don't understand me" issues and wanting equal rights with real men and women that accept their challenges without excuses. I say be a man or a woman and step up to the plate. You need more gays, I don't! Good luck with your search my friend.

Alex 6 years ago

I thought we had enough real issues that you didn't need to make a hub complaining about metrosexual men... but apparently I was wrong.

Nobody needs more gays, nor less of them. And my gay friends are cool, as are the rest of my straight friends. Every one of us deserves equal rights, and I really don't care if people talk about these and past civil rights struggles about people "crying" or having "issues." But by becoming involved in politics, the ones who do ARE stepping up to the plate to fight for families and human beings. So kudos to them!

Alex 6 years ago

I apologize, I was referring to a different article when I wrote "a hub complaining about metrosexual men."

The great thing about human beings is they can handle multiple things at once, which means they can at the same time focus on equal rights and on other issues. It is not like we need to collectively decide on the one most important issue, then only work on that for as long as it takes, until we move onto issue #2.

ginosblog profile image

ginosblog 6 years ago from Florida Author

The really great thing about human beings is, we have a choice. We can choose to be straight or we can be yellow sicko's. I say yellow because I had a friend that died in the shade of yellowish green from poking his nose into places where it should not be. Anyway, sounds like you have made a clear choice and your preference is the highway. End of Subject.

Alex 6 years ago

More accurately, we can choose to have sex or not, we cannot choose our sexual orientation - who we are attracted to. Because having sex can and does result in STDs including HIV for many people, regardless of their sexual orientation, which is why everyone should be aware of the risks of sex.

Also, you say I've made a clear choice... what choice/preference is that? Are you assuming I am gay? Why would you assume that?

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