What have we become?

I cannot even turn on the television anymore without hearing yet another story of just how bad things are everywhere, schools, home, jobs, family, everything is going to hell it seems, we are all looking for someone to fix what is wrong, like anyone one person or two or three or even fifty or a hundred could fix it. We did not get in this mess we are in over night, it has been a long time coming, we have gotten lazy and greedy and most of us take everyday simplicities for granted and we don't realize we do until they have been taken away or are about to be taken away, that is how it is for most of us we have to be hit on the head with something really hard in order for us to get it. I guess that is called learning the hard way, most of us live our lives to busy to get caught up in what is going on with anyone else, How sad is that? don't we all live here and share the same planet? I think it is each and everyone of our duties to pay attention to what is going on around us at all times, do what we can to try and change what we can, rally up whoever we can with us and let our voices be heard, its about compassion and letting go of the materialistic world we have built up around ourselves and getting back in touch with who we are on the inside, people helping people,,,,, what is wrong with that? what is it going to hurt, we are always in a hurry, always trying to earn more money, be first in line, pass that car in front of us because they drive to slow, cannot get through the check out line fast enough, cannot take five seconds to step outside ourselves to say a polite hello to anyone, god forbid we talk to a stranger, we are and all have been strangers at one time, we are strangers on this site until someone takes the first step to say one friendly word and takes a chance on someone else saying yet another friendly word and then when it is least expected, oh my goodness, two strangers, or three or four or five and so on open the door to becoming friends, all based on what we have to say and want to share, words are powerful they can be used in many different ways, I believe when we are given a platform to say what we want it should be used to say something meaningful, if enough of us use our words in a way that sparks inspiration in others, we can create a wave of positive change but it starts somewhere with someone taking that chance to reach out to a total stranger and finding the common bond of belief that we all matter, each and every single one of us, I will extend a hand to whoever wants to receive, I believe we all want the same things out of life, we just have to work together and not give up when things don't always go our way. I am just one person voicing a message of hope, the fight for better things to come, ignorance is not an excuse, it is up to all of us, where do you stand?

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Tom Cornett profile image

Tom Cornett 7 years ago from Ohio

Wise hub....good work...thanks! :)

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