What is America to me

Growing up I was told to question everything either outwardly and inwardly. Question what made didn't make sense and what made sense. What made sense to me was being black and what didn't makes sense to me was how blacks were and are being treated in American society. What makes people be so innately hostile just because of a difference of pigmentation? As we trek throughout the bowels of history we realize that what is happening now, takes place repeatedly in the society of the Negro.

In this yet to be nor will ever United States of America, we who have had their skin kissed by nature's Sun have been victimized by the pigmentation of skin. On our once proud skin is etched with the tattoo of words penned by James Wheldon Johnson, "Stony the road we trod, bitter the chastening rod, felt in the days where hope unborn had died." We have been deferred from our path of possibilities, by unrecognized dreams and hopeless aspirations. Our dreams of grandeur have been theoretically dashed when we took our first breath as a baby. The desperate dreams of success have become distant memories as the thoughts of the racial apartheid become to ring true in the eyes of our distance memories.

The heinous horrors of police brutality and killings have succeeded in the crippling and confusion of the youth. Although it as been more magnified in the 21st century full of smart phones and the cameras that they have, this problem is not a new pristine problem that is fresh like a new car. This stench of police and the undignified killing has transpired for over the last 5-600 years. During the fight for Civil Rights we saw a determination in the eyes of most minorities as it pertained to people being counted as a person. That marvelous unified militancy almost lead to new yet required thought process that was sew into the fabric of this nation and also penned into the constitution, "All men are created equal." In the varied assortment of things that make humans; chromosomes, appendages, body, and etc., why is the main that separates us is most of the time the one thing that is the only difference?

This severely fractured society happened at the expense of scattered peoples and broken dreams. This beautiful country was once called United States of America as a symbol of hope of prosperity but now this country has lost its apparent mass and monetary appeal. Where did the dreamers go? What happened to the idealists or even those who want to do better? Where did the hope go? It seems like it died when those who wanted to be and make change died or getting older. The relevancy of their cries falls on the deaf ears of the youth in this society and it seems like the media would much rather see failure then success. It seems like as a society we will refuse to listen or read about 13 year olds graduating colleges with high honors. We don't really want to read about how people may have found a natural cure for cancer.

The stories that seem to be heard is the murdering of unarmed Negroes with their hands up or being be not to defend themselves. Media outlets seem to find the story of a Mr. Donald Trump reigniting the burning embers of still a morally racist society appealing to the masses. What isn't talked about with great details are the slaying of innocent police officers by citizens. We have gone from a socially based society to an individually based society where I replaces YOU in many of the circles. This is where we have drifted in America.

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