What is Cyber law and Cyber Crime?

Cyber Law

Cyber law may be defined in simple words as the laws or rules framed and adopted by he concerned authority like individual government, organization for safe guarding against the digital crime or any crimes concerned with computer that are performed by people willfully to damage, make loss, steal information etc.

Cyber law covers law relating to the following:

a) Electronic and Digital signature

b) Computer Crime

c) Intellectual property

d) Data protection and privacy

e) Telecommunication laws

CYBER CRIME:- Computer or Cyber crimes are considered as illegal , unethical or unauthorized behavior of people relating to the automatic processing and transmission of data, use of computer Systems and Networks. Cyber Crimes may be considered as:

* Unlawful access to data in computers ( theft of information)

* Unauthorized use of computer services

* Changing and Damaging data in computer

* Possession of device to obtain unauthorized telephone facilities

* Interferences with business by destruction or damage of computer

* Destruction of private/public documents (hacking of websites)

* Computer Crimes

* Intentional

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