What is The Point to all of This

     I have been reading up on Obama's position to raised $80 million to close the jail in Cuba, but the question had still remained where would they place the 240 detainees accused of terrorism on the US. Would it be a wise move for the Obama Administration to put these known terrorist on US soil? After reading the article by Associated Press Journalist Andrew Taylor who wrote that "The Senate Rebukes Obama and Blocks Guantanamo Shut-Down." I started to question the reason behind this decision.

     I would have to disagree with the Senate on blocking the shut-down of Guantanamo Bay. My reason for this is that because of the known acts of abuse by our own military guards on the prisoners and the photos that are surfing. I don't see this as a wise course of action from Congress. Especially, with a congress under the control of the Democrats. I see that this will be their down fall when reelection comes around again. Also, it will give the Republicans more amo to point fingers.

     The members of both parties in Congress are afraid that bringing the prisoners back on US soil may bring the Taliban to attack our country again, and use this as a way to demand the return of their countrymen. I don't think that this will happen, since the US government are deploying more troops in Afghanistan. My opinion is that there are many Civil Right Groups that will be up in arms over this and will protest against this decision by Congress. I can only hope that President Obama will think this through and send the bill back to Congress for future debate.

     President Obama had promised to shut the jail in Cuba down by January 2010 during his campaign in 2008 against McCain/Palin, and the question of moving the prisoners back on US soil to be held at a jail for future court dates, will be something that all will debate on. In my opinion the Jail must be closed, the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay must be detained in a US jail, the Congress must continue in the investigations of the prisoners on US soil, this is the responsibility of the US government, and President Obama must according to the law upheld the rights of each of the prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. I don't think that jailing the prisoners on US soil would start up another attack on the US. If this was done correctly and falling the law accordingly, it will show the world that you can trust the word of our president and government.


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