What the blank!

making noise, saying nothing...

 This could be called Much Ado about Nothing, but that was already taken. Unless you've been living on another planet, or under a rock, you have heard the noise. Labor Day weekend-ring a bell? School districts threatening shut down, parents adding their fear fueled sound bites to any microphone thrust in their face...a natural disaster? horrific accident? sudden loss of another icon? NO! Our President is speaking. Delivering a speech to our students as yet another school begins. OK, where was the emergency? The loud roar of concern? What did he actually say versus the perceived threat of "indoctrination"?

Absolutely nothing! President Obama's 22 minute address to our nations future was filled with advice and encouragement we as parents, should have been saying all along. His message was nothing that had not been preached from pulpits, written about, nor suggested before. So where was his political agenda? Was there something hidden that brain washed our young people, some code or signal?

No. The only signal was from a real threat, people who can not, will never, accept a black man in the highest office in our nation.

So I ask, what the blank was all the noise about?


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