What to Expect in 2009

                     What To Expect in 2009 by Valerie K.T.S. Read

I can't believe that in less than 14 days, Barack Obama, will be the new president, of these United States. It's hard to call this country "United States" after the last eight years that we have all lived through. What will happen to us? I mean the economy, jobs, or the number of people, loosing their homes? Will the new president elect, Barack Obama, and vice president, Joe Biden, be the answer that we all have been asking for?

Well, after reading the article by, Paul Krugman, of the New York Times, I have to say, "Is it too late or can something be done." The main problem is the length of time Congress will hold session over the stimulus package that, Barack Obama, wants to use, to help this country, out of its current problem, but my questions is, will it be enough? That is the question that many economists are asking themselves.

I know that the tax break for the middle-class is the man question on all of our minds, and if it doesn't go through, will the American people, be willing to sacrifice, in paying high taxes, to end this economy bind, that we are all in? I guess that will be the one thing on all our minds, and is it something, we the people of this country, ready to put aside, incase higher taxes, are the answer, to end this financial crisis.

I hope that the Democrats, Republicans, and the Green parties, can put aside their differences, to help our country out. This will be a time in our history, to remember, when we all put our dislikes of each other, aside, and help our community. It is not their problem, or your problem, or mine. The truth of it is that this is our problem, and by working together, we can solve it.

It will take time, and little patience, on all of us, but I have faith, it will work out, in the end. I know that it is hard to trust a leader, who has lied, and betrayed us, but we need to work together, and put our belief back into our country, and the president elect. We must band together behind, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden, if we want to get out of this mess, or if we don't. Than, who knows, what the future will bring.

So, take a moment, and look around you. Let what you see, be the one thing that changes your mind, and attitude. This is your choice as well as mine. I too, am having a hard time trusting in my leader, but it is the right thing to do, by standing by our president, and vice president. This country and its people are what counts and we have the right people in office, who believe in that.


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