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China's Work Force

China's work force.
China's work force.

The Future of Employment

The Internet has leveled the playing field. Outsourcing is going to snowball. India is well known for running American call centers. But, China is going to surpass them. China has many contracts with Japanese and Japan based American businesses.

Save More

Improve your economy with a home based business.
Improve your economy with a home based business.

Is China buying America

When America is no longer considered the best place to make a comfortable life, are we all going to move to France? I know many people still have a stick up their wazoo for France. But, where else is it mandatory to take 5 weeks paid vacation per year even if you're a new employee (even part time employees)?

Of the industrialized nations we have one of the worst health care systems. Our public schools are among the lowest rated. The high school graduation rate is less than 55% in some cities. The American sense of entitlement has driven us into a tail spin of bad credit fallout. Our streets of gold are turning into lead.

Economic Alchemy

How do we turn economic lead into economy of gold? In the past we did it through industry and military. We caused and/or moderated conflicts across the globe for financial gains. With the power of the Internet and the voice of millions of bloggers, transparency is becoming inevitable. One little leak of info can be shared around the globe in seconds. Of course this is threatening to Big Brother Gov. and Sinister Big Corps. They have a history of success through lack of ethics and secrecy. The epitome of this was GW's war giving huge contracts to Halliburton and other non-military hired hands. Here is a great TED talk that helps explain how someone can lie, cheat, steal, and over spend money so easily.

I am confident we'll find our way back on top.

It will take a wide eyed worldly vision. After all, the Internet has made it possible for other countries to take many USjobs at a lesser cost. There are two ways to reclaim them, over tax businesses that hire beyond our borders. Or, we create a new economy of green industry and products to sell to the rest of the world. We need to raise the value of our intellect. Our public schools should be second to none. Parents should be less stressed, affording to live on a single income. Our foods should have the highest standards on the planet. Our meds should be the most affordable on the planet, not cheaper to get in other countries.

Trump and Kiyosaki

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki have some great advice that they agree upon. Everyone should have a home based business. Robert predicts that over the next decade 50% of all homes will have one. The pro's out weight the con's.

Con's - Monthly cost of operations.

Pro's - Get your products at wholesale, even the one's you use. Most home based businesses can be started for less than $5,000. Some even as low as a few hundred bucks. Huge tax advantages. This is how the rich stay rich they keep more of their money. Build multiple cash income streams (multiple businesses). This is how the rich get richer, they invest and reinvest in themselves. Anything you enjoy can be a home based business:

If you like cooking and entertaining tell my friend over at The Pampered Chef Kristiscooking@yahoo.com, Tell her I want the Mandoline (We love our pizza stone)

If you like desktop publishing or printing, check out my friends over at AGD for great pricing on your biz cards, brochures, banners, etc. christine@agdcompany.com

If you like make-up, call my wife's Mary Kay rep Stacie Wichman-Roch. wichroch@cox.net

If you like travel, talk to an industry pro for over 25 years w_james10@hotmail.com

I hope you can now see that most anything you enjoy can be a home based business. Saving you money, giving you tax breaks, and putting more money in your pocket.

May you all have incredible wellness.

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sophiewf profile image

sophiewf 7 years ago from US

thanx alot for the useful info

keep hubbing :)

fortunerep profile image

fortunerep 7 years ago from North Carolina

Who knows what will happen to the US.? Now that our new bff is Cuba anything is possible.

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