What You Didn't Know About the Dollar Bill

Have you ever looked at a dollar bill? I mean really look at! It really is an interesting piece of currency and I bet you don't really know of all the meaning it holds. So sit back and pull a dollar from your wallet or purse and take a currency tour with me.

The dollar bill have has been around for a very long time. It first rolled off the presses in 1957 and hasn't been changed since. We refer to it as paper money, but it really isn't paper at all. Actually it is a blend of cotton and linen, with very minute blue and red silk fibers running through it. If it was truly paper, such as you would find in a composition bood, you wouldn't be able to retrieve it out of the washing machine and still be able to use it. This type of cellulose paper would disintegrate under such abuse. The big secret is the ink that is used to print it. In fact the ink and paper used to print money today, is the same as that used to print money during the Civil War! Other than learning that it is an oil-based ink, I couldn't find out the chemical composition at all. I am sure that there is someone out there that can tell us what all goes into making the ink, but I would bet that the US Treasury Department would have something to say about it. But after it is overprinted with symbols, it is then starched to make it water resistant and pressed to give it that nice crisp look. So much for its makeup.

Now take a close look at the front of the bill. I mean a very close look . You will see the seal of the United States Treasure. Look at the top of the seal and you will notice balanced scales. This has nothing to do with the scales of justice, rather they depict a balanced budget. That is something that we haven't had in decades. In the center of the seal you will notice a carpenter's square; a tool used for an even cut. Underneath the square is a skeleton key to represent the key to the United States Treasury. Interesting isn't it? Can you truly say that you have really noticed all of these in the past? But there is more! Much more!

Turn the bill over. There is a lot of symbolism there.

First you will notice two circles. Did you know that these together make up the Great Seal of the United States? On July 4, 1776, on the day the Declaration of Independence was signed, the continental congress appointed Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to a committee to come up with a national seal. Well it took them four years to accomplish it and another two years to get it approved. The bureaucracy was just as bad back then as it now I guess. Now look closely what is depicted inside the circles.

Looking at the bill, the circle on the left has a pyramid in it. The unfinished pyramid and the eye in a triangle on the reverse side are classic symbols. The Egyptian pyramid is a symbol of strength and duration; the 13 steps indicate the original thirteen colonies and the 13 steps leading to an unfinished summit indicates future growth of the nation. The eye is known as the "Eye of Providence" . The single eye shows up in Egyptian mythology as the Eye of Horus, an ancient god of the Egyptians. The eye represented wisdom, health and prosperity. Some people think that the "all-seeing eye" is a symbol of Freemasonry, a fraternal organization, and they interpret this as proof that the Founding Fathers believed in Masonic principles and wanted to impose Masonic order on the United States.

Just above the eye you will notice the Latin phrase ANNUIT COEPTIS. This translates to "He has favored our undertakings." This line is associated with the "Eye of Providence." and the He capitalized is God . Below the pyramid is a banner with the Latin words "Novus Ordo Seclorum," meaning "A new order of the ages," referring to the birth of America in 1776. The Roman numerals, MDCCLXXVI, appear on the base of the pyramid and translate to 1776, the year of independence.

That's quite a bit of symbolism isn't it? Well we still aren't done.

Now look at the circle on the right. Do you recognize it? You see it in just about every place the President of the United States speaks publicly. It is the Seal of the President of the United States, but do you know the history of what is imaged on it?

The 1782 secretary of Congress, Charles Thomson, adopted the bald eagle as the prominent feature of the design. The shield, or escutcheon, is shown on the breast of the eagle without any support, indicating the self-reliance. Thirteen red and white stripes appear on the shield, signifying the 13 colonies. The red color represents hardiness and valor, and the white represents purity and innocence. These stripes support and unite with the top blue band, which represents Congress. Blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice. The eagle's talons hold 13 arrows in the right and an olive branch in the left. These symbolize the power of war and peace, respectively. The number of arrows represents the 13 original states. The constellation of 13 stars above the eagle's head signifies the United States' rank among other sovereign powers. The motto, "E Pluribus Unum," written on the banner held in the eagle's beak, is Latin meaning "Out of many, one," conveying the union of the States.

Now wasn't that interesting? Did you learn something? I know I did. The last little bit of trivia I found interesting is that in the original design of the bill, the circles of the seal were just opposite. The eagle was on the left and the pyramid on the right. But when President Franklin Roosevelt signed off on the design in 1935, he decided that the Eagle should be on the left and made the change before it was sent to the printers.

Now you know the rest of the story.

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youandme 9 years ago

Hey SKENT, nice work mate. One thing that you and others may or may not know is that, as is customary in freemasonry (to use Sacred Geometry), if you superimpose a hexagram (Star of David) over the middle of the bill so that each point of the hexagram link with the start and end letters of both (A)NNUIT (C)OEPTIS and (N)ovus (O)rdo (S)eclorum - that is (from left to right, up to down) A S N O M respectively, you then get the word MASON once you decipher the jumble of course; as the United States of America was established by the Freemasons. And as you can see, the missing capstone remains untainted by the superimposed Star of David, as the Jews and the illuminati-fronted Freemasons work together in unison to enslave mankind, and their main weapon, ironically enough, is money; which in turn holds government and religion (crown and gown) together. Also the symbol of the Eagle goes way back to ancient Astrology, in a time before the zodiac sign of Scorpio had addopted the Scorpion, but instead used the Eagle to signify absolute Power and Money.. There is ancient symbology all throughout every facet of politics, advertisement, products and media in every country who are owned by this force, with just as ancient origins but which are twice as simple as this one, yet this is only one example of the type of advanced and technical symbolical motifs the Illuminati also use. In addition and in light of Egyptian roots, the money symbol "$" (usually and originally cited to have a double pole going through it) is an ancient Egyptian symbol, meaning Isis - hence the double I and the S. One could also compare the symbol of money and indeed money in general to a well known game, a game of Snakes and Ladders. Only in the $ symbol, the Snake over-powers the ladder and also the ladder is "rungless", signifying that money itself is a dead end game, ONLY just a game, and not a way of life as we have all been led to believe, unfortunately... By the way just to clear this up, the missing or unfinished capstone does NOT signify the fact that America as a nation is still unfinished itself or still in some sort of process of development, no its been developed exactly as it was meant to. The raised capstone with the all-seeing eye simply symbolizes the ruling elite and how they see themselves as superior in rule and knowledge and quite obviously money. This picture tells a thousand words of the true Big Brother and that's about it.

SKent profile image

SKent 9 years ago from Joplin Author

Thank You for a little more insight. I appreciate your additions. It truly is amazing what symbolism you can find in a small piece of paper

Kenny Wordsmith profile image

Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

The founding fathers of the US obviously didn't believe 13 was unlucky!

SKent profile image

SKent 9 years ago from Joplin Author

Good point Kenny! Thanks for the comment.

Misha profile image

Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

LOL - I really did not know this!

yo yo biotch 9 years ago

dis is so like wacks son!! I mean come on I didit no dis either son!! thnk son!! I finna tel evabodi I no peace babi son!!!

SKent profile image

SKent 9 years ago from Joplin Author

Well that is a different take on things. Interesting perspective

MortimerWorth profile image

MortimerWorth 9 years ago from Germany

Great info. I love trivia about every day objects. Ask a person to draw what is visible on the head of a penney. Almost no one gets it right, yet we've seen it a thousand thousand times. We take for granted our own surrounding. We profess knowledge and intellect, yet who knows the number of stairs in one flight of their office building. Tread upon daily, but unknown.

Agro Donkey 8 years ago from Ohio

Great hub. Lots of useless information but I love it.

Angela 8 years ago

Check out this page pretty interesting , too.

mscleavite 7 years ago

I also count 13 olives on the olive branch

booboo 6 years ago

well some people believe tht the founding fathers were masons. but all such thought is darkest apostasy and illusion. can you hadn me my kef now i need to go to the shriners parade. thx

CatholicMason profile image

CatholicMason 6 years ago

The "EYE" on the US dollar bill was accepted by Congress as part of the US Seal in 1782, but wasn't adopted as a Masonic symbol until 1819.

Even more important is that the Seal of the United States was designed by non-Masons. On Independence Day, 4th July 1776, a four-man committee was formed to design a seal for the new country. The men were John Adams (non-Mason), Thomas Jefferson (non-Mason), Benjamin Franklin (Mason) and the artist Pierre du Simitiere (non-Mason). The American government records show that Benjamin offered "nothing" of any Masonic nature to the designs considered.

It was Simitiere who contributed the desnged to the committee, which were accepted and included the Eye of Providence within a triangle. Congressional consultant John Hopkinson (non-Mason) and artist William Barton (non-Mason) -- under the supervision of Secretary of Congress Charles Thomson (non-Mason) -- made the final alterations and design configurations to the US Seal.

Jonathan Merritt 6 years ago

the founding fathers frequented a tavern called the Green Dragon, A hangout of masons and radical thinkers.

Christian symbolism is well known but does not appear anywhere on the Dollar bill. Twelve of the first 13 presidents were Masons. the Old South was the power base of Masonry and anyone of any significance was a mason at at that time. The men in power of the south were in love with Hellenism and all of its manifestations.

hence the Greek style archetecture found in the plantations of the South.

Rens 5 years ago

Wauw, you really know something about it! very intresting!

You may not have mentioned that if you would draw another triangle trough the triangle on the backside of a dollar, so it would be a jew-star, there's a letter on every end of the star, with these letters, you get the word 'ASNOM' it stands for Association Amicale Santé Navale et d'outre Mer , what means kind association of health oversees water. Back in the days there whas a group of the 13 richest family's in the world, they formed a secte, you may know that. The heads of those family's had to gather on one place, on an island, to come there they all need to go over the water. For all of them, it whas a long and dangerous trip.

Later, around 1776, the government who goes about the declaration whas called ASNOM.

Thanks for reading this information.

Rens 5 years ago

wow wait, I made a mistake!

I just find out that its not just another triangle to put into the triangle on the back of a dollar, it's the freemasons logo you have to put over it! Though you will come out to the same letters ASNOM.

I'm from europe so I have euro's and no dollars, but I really wish that I had one now!!

steph 5 years ago

I received this bill and it had these markings on it. I googled the letters that were circled(ASNOM)and that's how I found this page. Kinda confused still about what the person who put the markings on the bill were trying to convey. Any insight?


Destinee_Lashay 5 years ago

This is so Interesting . i never paid attention to any of this Ilearned something New . Yay

slimmy 4 years ago

it is so unpleasant to hear this

mujahid 4 years ago

its not ASNOM . its MASON ...

christian 4 years ago

pretty good info skent thanx a lot it really helped me with a project for school

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