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Should Americans who act as terrioism in there own country be treated as terriost?

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Our mighty army

Rome circa 333AD

During the first century, 333AD, a Roman citizen could walk the world the entire world without fear of being molested harmed, or dishonored in any way. So great was the retribution of Rome no one dared to come near them much less harm them.. All one had to say was: Io sono un cittadino romano. I am a Roman Citzen

Today we live in an equally fearsome and powerful country, but Americans everywhere live in fear. We expect to go to foreign and experience some danger, But why? In 1950 We could travel anywhere and people honored us because we were Americans. It was as if Rome was alive.

Today we cannot even feel safe in our homes or our workplaces. Our equilvant of the Roman soldier, Our army, our heros cannot be safe on their own base, where they were preparing to leave for a war.

You are not safe in your workplace, you are not safe in the place you dine, someone with a beef with the world or the world itself will invade you peace and take it away forever.

I have a friend in Israel who never leaves her home with kissing her children and husband, they have a heightened sense of not returning, is that the life we are begining to live here?

I remember the days being American was something to be one, and wanted to come here to live. Now they want us to change for them. Press 1 if you speak english? Why do I have to press one, better they should learn English or stay home.

Yesterday shook me up, our soldiers who are dying for other countries in the middle east must die here before they go there because somone didn't want to go. What happened to going to Canada?

I am not worried, America is a strong country, we wil raise and fight. I have no doubt if someone were to try to literally invade us we would join together and push them back.

Lets hope it is not to late.


If you would like to know more about Rome

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resspenser profile image

resspenser 7 years ago from South Carolina

You are absolutely right on this one. There will always be nut cases out there and we have to be constantly aware ....and prepared.

Good hub!

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

It is sad that we no longer live in a place where we can take our safety for granted. When I grew up we had our windows open during the day and night when the weather permitted; the house key was under the doormat (where everyone else's was also); cars did not have to be locked...and except for having drills in school where we would crouch under the desks preparing for an air raid (from Russia in those days) and some people building bomb shelters......life in general was safe and good. Times have certainly changed!

Its Angel profile image

Its Angel 7 years ago from Charleston, SC Author

Hi Peggy! I remember those days as way the drop and roll, drils in school. Leaving the ront door open instead having to run the air conditioner all the time, and when I was a child we played in the street until 9 at night in the summer or until it got dark. Sad commentary on our times. Thank you for stopping by.

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