Where Have All of the Heros Gone?

Real Men

Real men. Men today are nothing like men used to be. The caliber of courage and heorism has diminished drastically after WWII. What happened to that square jawed, puffed chest iconic alpha male that used to rule his abode? What happened to the mans' man. I'll tell you what, the last of them are dying off right now, and it is so sad. Think about it.

The type men that fought for our freedom in the past 10 major wars are no longer around. The men that lined up, and couldn't wait to sign up for service to their country. The men that ran through the murky waters at Normandy, firing their only grip on survival, blindly into the beach. Real American Heros that came home to a heros welcome, parades on the streets and grateful mothers, wives, and children. They no longer exist.

How many men that you know right now, that would dive head first into battle to fight for an ideal? I cannot think of one of my friends that would.

The fact that is most honorable, of this caliber of a human, is that these men were not really men at all, but boys. Boys fought for this country. Boys went out drenched in blood, killed other boys and then came home men. Hardened by the ruthlessness of war, yet raised families as loving fathers. Slaved day in and day out for an honest days pay to build a country which they gave so dearly to protect. I really cannot fathom the sacrifice.

My father, a Vietnam Veteran, a hero in my eyes. He never talked about the things that happened to him and his company in Vietnam. I never asked him to. My Grandfather, a WWII Veteran, however told stories that were quite entertaining and enthralling. War can have different effect on a man and leave him stronger from it or cripple him.

I am truly grateful that this kind of man existed in my time. Here to fight for a better way of life for me and my family. I thank you.

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MOEFLATS profile image

MOEFLATS 5 years ago

It's because our government is using mind-control in the media AND microwave-based technology that can subliminally influence you. They tried to change me into one of those plastic-faced, too-perfect-missing-something people. They failed because I believe in the reality we had back then, not the fake subliminal reality that controls most people now. Apparently, America now doesn't need Men to have balls like they used to. Everyone is on an electronic leash, just like an animal........it looks real, but it isn't natural free-will.

MicahI profile image

MicahI 5 years ago from Central Florida

I would probably agree with your hub, but, just to be fair, the "grateful mothers, wives, and children" are in short supply as well.

Bibowen profile image

Bibowen 5 years ago

Good points that you make, although I do think America produces those kind of men today. We hear of the heroism of American men in the wars that have been fought against terrorism. I think that such courage was as uncommon in the past as it is today. Remember reading how the colonial militias ran at the sight of the redcoats?

War and other perilous events provide a context in which courage can be demonstrated. But, for most of us, most of the events that take place in our life are unremarkable and so no courage is called for.

JoeOmnicient profile image

JoeOmnicient 5 years ago from Ohio Author

moeflats you said it, men are no longer required to have "balls." and to Bibowen, so true, it just to be taken as a one sided conversation starter. I mean, we could really go on for hours with this one, along with the aforementioned grateful wives, mothers, and children.

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