Where do some of our kids get the idea it's alright to bully others?


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Where do some of our children get the idea that it is alright to bully other children?

Taking blame or responsibility for teaching children it's alright to bully other children is not something many parents wish to do, yet the reality might be that by allowing children to engage in some entertainment venues may be a powerful influence on their growth. Paying close attention to what children are entertaining themselves with can make a world of difference, because many of the venues available to our kids are full of negativity and ugliness.

Video games, movies, music videos, and other similar platforms are rife with bad behaviors and attitudes that most parents would never knowingly teach to their children...yet they learn them anyway...often without parents even knowing what's happening. Should parents be held accountable if their children exhibit unwelcome, undesirable behaviors and attitudes toward others?

It is not surprising that some kids adopt some of the attitudes and behaviors portrayed and promoted in some of the entertainment venues out there. First, there is just so much of it available; second, it is difficult to know which ones are likely to have undesirable things; third, the manufacturers and producers spend lots of money advertising; and, fourth, most parents are simply "too busy" to pay enough attention.

It is also not hard to understand how allowing kids to engage in some of these things is going to have an affect on vulnerable young minds...at least in my thinking. It's a bit like "Duh...Gee...Who knew?" Really?

Many rock stars and other celebrities target and sell their wares (which often include negative and 'bad' influences) to young children, which makes the issue even more agregious. Isn't it high time we demand better? Do we really want our kids to grow up with some of the things we see promoted so blatantly in some of these venues? If so, all I can say is "Shame on us!" I think we know better than that. I'm just sayin'...

(c) 2012 C.R.H. (w1z111)
(c) 2012 C.R.H. (w1z111)

What do YOU think?

Do you think video games, movies, music videos and other entertainment venues negatively influence children?

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cnpankhurst profile image

cnpankhurst 4 years ago from Ireland

I very much agree with you that children are influenced by modern technology. They are supposed to be by the makers. When I was young the goodies always won. The baddies were safely locked inside the TV or cinema screen. Somehow today the "interactive" technology makes things more personal and I believe that is how it is more damaging.

w1z111 profile image

w1z111 4 years ago from New England, USA Author

Hi cnpankhurst...thanks for your feedback. Yes, I think most people know that some of the stuff out there today is downright "Evil", with a capital "E". Unfortunately, it also seems that our society is so wrapped up in so much to do; work, home, other...and so little time to do it all...that most of us truly miss some of what is going on in the background (or even the 'underground', in some cases I guess).

The Internet has surely had significant impact on much of this, as 'connectedness' gets easier and easier. Now, some games allow groups of people to play together...forming virtual gangs ("alliances"?), armies, weaponry, and all the ugly attitudes to go along with those things. How can this not cause "numbing" of vulnerable individuals?

Anyway, thanks again...and feel free to share with others, if you want to.

Peace...and God's Blessings to you.

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