India.Who Rules.-( Bihar - Part.-13 )

Budha's Bihar.

If we follow Budha today.!!!
If we follow Budha today.!!! | Source

Bihari Brothers & Sisters.

This Picture Say's 2 Meals a Day.
This Picture Say's 2 Meals a Day. | Source

Visiting Bihar.?

Mr.Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister of Bihar.We need not know who is the custodian of the State as he is there as a reporter to his employer what goes on in the state goes inside a mail on day to day basis.The Governor of the State also does few important things like open ceremonies of many types.Takes salute on Independence Day & Republic Day.You have to visit this state as its here Lord Buddha got his enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree in Mahabhodhi ( BHUDGAYA).His Bhodhidarma is taught all over the world.You have to be a follower of Budha's teachings if you have already visited this land.The State of Bihar is Sealess its surrounded by lands.( No Smuggling by Sea ).

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Binaya.Ghimire 5 years ago

Comparative study of ancient Bhihar and today's Bihar could be really nice hub.

S.K.G.RAO 5 years ago

Dear Binaya,

I am not a writer like you if you will send me the study I can publish with much pride in borrowed feathers.

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