Who Will Succeed Karunanidhi? Stalin or Alagiri?

Will Kanimozhi become the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 2016?

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Who, according to you, is the best successor to Karunanidhi both in the party DMK and in the government as Chief Minister?

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Will Stalin be Karunanidhi's successor?

M K Stalin was previously groomed  to succeed Karunanidhi
M K Stalin was previously groomed to succeed Karunanidhi | Source

Will Alagiri succeed Karunanidhi?

Problem of Successor

The DMK President Karunanidhi is bogged down in his old age with party and family problems. On the one hand he has to give life to his party DMK as the party workers have become slack after the defeat of the DMK in last year’s assembly elections. On the other hand, Karunanidhi has to solve many family problems which are posing tougher than party problems. Karunanidhi has allowed many of his family members to participate in politics and occupy high posts in the State and in the Centre. All these family members now want to fight for the leadership post in the DMK which will become vacant after Karunanidhi’s time. The problem of finding a successor to Karunanidhi is proving to be a vexatious issue.

Even a Municipality Councillor Earns Crores and Crores of Rupees

Karunanidhi groomed his son M K Stalin to be his successor. There was nothing wrong in it as many Indian politicians involve their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and other relatives in politics to make maximum money. In no other business can one make so much money. If a person is a municipality councillor for a term, he can have enough money to educate all his children in Oxford and Cambridge without depending on scholarship.

Most of the Family Members Are In Politics

But the mistake Karunanidhi made was he started introducing many of his family members like the late Murasoli Maran, his sons Dayanidhi Maran & Kalanidhi Maran, his son Alagiri, daughter Kanimozhi, his another son M K Muthu and so on and so forth to the business of politics. Even here, there was nothing wrong as individually all can make millions of dollars which will enrich the family as a whole.

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Successor issue is not easy to solve

Stalin  or  Alagiri?
Stalin or Alagiri? | Source

Who Will Succeed Karunanidhi?

Karunanidhi Did Not Identify His Successor Properly

Then what was the mistake? Karunanidhi did not clearly pinpoint that Stalin would be his successor and that this decision should not be questioned by anybody. Had he done it, all the present problems would not have come. Today Stalin and his supporters want to occupy the party leadership which will entail Stalin to become the Chief Minister if his party DMK wins the Tamil Nadu assembly elections in 2016. But Alagiri is not allowing this to happen. He also has got his strong supporters from the southern Tamil Nadu. Alagiri is headquartered in Madurai and he is the Union Minister for Fertiliser and Chemicals.

Will Kanimozhi Be A Match To Jayalalithaa?

Dayanidhi Maran also has ambitions to come to the top in the party as well as in the government. He was the Central Minister twice. On both the occasions, he was forced to resign as he was involved in financial irregularities. Now, some say that Karunanidhi is grooming his daughter Kanimozhi, who had spent many months in the Tihar jail for her alleged involvement in the 2G spectrum scam. Karunanidhi feels that Kanimozhi will be the right person to challenge Jayalalithaa in the 2016 assembly elections as Kanimozhi has the advantage of being a woman. Moreover Karunanidhi feels that the party can narrate the sufferings Kanimozhi underwent in the Tihar jail to the public so that a sympathy wave is created in favour of Kanimozhi. Karunanidhi wants to groom Kanimozhi now itself so that she develops a charisma equal to that of Jayalalithaa.

Will Other Family Members Agree To Give The Throne To Kanimozhi?

DMK is confident of coming to power in Tamil Nadu in 2016. This confidence is based on two reasons. The first reason is that Jayalalithaa and her party AIADMK have never been returned to power in the past. Secondly, Jayalalithaa’s style of functioning is to impose tax burden on the people and raise the price of essential items like bus fare, milk price, food prices etc. People will be fed up with Jayalalithaa’s rule and will opt for DMK in 2016. This is the plan of Karunanidhi. He wants Kanimozhi to be groomed as the Chief Minister right now and wants his other family members to cooperate with him in his efforts. But will the other members agree with Karunanidhi’s line of action? It is doubtful.

Your Vote Please!

In the meanwhile, what the public think is also very important. I have introduced a voting facility in this article. Readers are requested to exercise their franchise so that a clear opinion is formed about this vexatious issue.

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Comments 5 comments

swaminathan 4 years ago

Karunanidhi only aim is to be happy till his death. He is least bother about party or people. He will make his family people to believe that he is on their side and not to trouble him. It is like opening a pandora box if he finds answer to who is a leader after his time. He will not make stalin as suceesor because incase his first wife dayalu departs before him he will not get shelter from his II wife mother of Kanimozhi.So best thing is to make people guessing. As a coward karunanidhi is doing the same

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

I agree with Swaminathan entirely

sakthi34 4 years ago

mk stalin is correct

Madhan 4 years ago

None of M.K sons and daughter. Tamilnadu pupils could believe MK . DMK's strength is MK nothing else.

Example : Due to MK in picture Vaiko is unable to get in. Vaiko would get better prospects after MK.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to Madhan

I doubt very much whether Vaiko will get better prospects after MK. Doctors have given opinion that MK will live till he is 137 years old. When MK dies 45 years later, Vaiko may not be there at all as he would have died earlier.

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