Who Will Win Sankarankoil By-Election?

AIADMK Will Win Comfortably

AIADMK Will Win Comfortably
AIADMK Will Win Comfortably

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Who will win in Sankarankoil?

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  • DMDK (Vijaya Kant)
  • MDMK
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Prestigious Contest

Prestigious Contest

Sankarankoil constituency in Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu goes to the polls shortly. A by-election is being conducted there. The ruling AIADMK is contesting the polls. Its arch enemy DMK is also contesting. DMDK of Vijayakant is also putting up a candidate. Vaiko’s MDMK is also in the fray. For the ruling party AIADMK, it has become a prestigious contest.

Price Rise And Power Cuts Affect People

After the assuming of office by Jayalalithaa as Chief Minister, price of essential items like milk, bus fares and other commodities have been raised. Power tariff is set to rise shortly. This has caused deep resentment among the people. Moreover there is an acute shortage of power in Tamil Nadu. The capital city Chennai and its surroundings are undergoing two hours of power cut every day. Other places like Kumbakonam are undergoing upto ten hours power cut every day. People and industries are having a tough time with summer approaching.

Karunanidhi Looted Public Money

Naturally these things will cause resentment among the people. It may turn against the ruling party, according to the opposition parties and the media. But this is hoping for too much. People do not have any confidence in the DMK and its leader Karunanidhi. When in power, Karunanidhi indulged in high level corruption and its party member Raja is still in Tihar jail. Karunanidhi’s daughter Kanimozhi was arrested and put in Tihar jail. She has come out only on bail and the case against her is not over yet. Karunanidhi always gave importance to his family members and ignored the people and his own party men.

Without AIADMK Support, Vijayakant Himself Would Have Lost

People do not have any confidence in the DMDK and its leader Vijayakant. People voted for the DMDK in last year’s assembly election only because of his association with AIADMK. Otherwise Vijayakant himself would have lost the election. The communists are supporting DMDK but their support is not of any use as they themselves are struggling even in their strongholds like West Bengal and Kerala. MDMK also does not enjoy people’s confidence as it always rakes up issues pertaining to Sri Lanka and not issues related to India or Tamil Nadu.

DMK Leaders Abuse Brahmin Ladies

DMK Leaders Abuse Brahmin Ladies
DMK Leaders Abuse Brahmin Ladies | Source

Who Will Win Sankarankoil By-Election?

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Sankarankoil, Tamil Nadu, India
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Who Will Win Sankarankoil By-Election?

MDMK Promises People Tamil Eelam

DMK Leaders Abuse Brahmin Ladies

I visited Sankarankoil constituency two days back and attended some public meetings. Top level leaders like Jayalalithaa, Vijayakant and Karunanidhi are yet to address the meetings. The meetings I attended were conducted by the second level leaders. In the DMK meeting, the leaders were blasting the Brahmins. They talked that the late leader EVR Periyar had asked the people to beat the Brahmins with chapels. The DMK leaders scolded the people for electing a Brahmin as their Chief Minister, thereby flouting EVR Periyar’s guidelines. They talked abusively about Brahmin ladies.

MDMK Promises People Tamil Eelam

In the MDMK meeting, the party leaders were aggressively criticising the Sri Lanka President Rajapakse for waging a war against the LTTE. The leaders praised the late LTTE leader Prabakaran sky high and extolled his virtues. They stated that Prabakaran was not dead actually and he was hiding in some safe place inside Sri Lanka. The leaders gave optimism to the people that soon Prabakaran will come out of his hiding and wage a war against Sri Lanka and India. The MDMK leaders assured the people that Tamil Eelam was not far off and they will surely get it. They stated that the late Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi opposed the Tamil Eelam and criticised him for that stand.

Courts Always Gang Up Against AIADMK

AIADMK meetings were conducted on a low key level. The local leaders praised the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for her administration and measures. They also pointed out that the Madras High Court and Supreme Court are acting as stumbling blocks to her administration and that Jayalalithaa was unable to even construct a hospital because of the hurdles from the courts. They pointed out that the Courts always favour the DMK and Karunanidhi in all matters right from Samaseer Kalvi to Anna Library.

PMK Confident That One Day Anbumani Will Become Rajya Sabha Member

One PMK leader promised that Ramadoss’s dream of making his son Anbumani a Rajya Sabha member will materialise soon. The leader pointed out that Mulayam Singh had successfully installed his son as Chief Minister in Lucknow. “If Mulayam can make his son as a CM, why not our leader Ramdass make his son as a Rajya Sabha member?” seems to be the talking point of that PMK leader. When PMK is not contesting, what is the need of this speech? I could not understand.

Communists Consider Robert Wadhera As Secular

I attended a communist meeting. The communist local leader was attacking USA for interfering in the South China Sea matter. The leader pointed out that the entire South China Sea belonged to China and USA had no business to even talk about South China Sea. Another communist leader lambasted the BJP for pulling down the Babri Masjid structure in 1992. The leader pointed out that the communists will strive to defeat the BJP in the next parliamentary elections to protect the rights of the minorities and particularly the Muslims. He also pointed out that though the communists differed from the economic policies of the Congress, they considered Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Robert Wadhera as icons of secularism in India.

AIADMK Will Win Comfortably

Finally what is the conclusion? In my opinion, the ruling AIADMK will win the election comfortably.


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