Who Win Gujarat Assembly Election?

Destruction of Babri Masjid is another issue for Congress

Destruction of Babri Masjid is another issue for Congress
Destruction of Babri Masjid is another issue for Congress | Source

Muslim riots in 2002 is a strong issue for the Congress

Modi continuing for 12th year

Gujarat is facing assembly elections in December this year. There is only three months time for political parties to gear themselves for the event. Chief Minister Narendra Modi is confident of steering his party BJP to yet another victory. Modi’s confidence is based on the solid performance of his government in the past. Modi became the Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001 and has been continuously Chief Minister for 12 years now. In between, Modi has won two assembly elections. Modi has provided a corruption-free government and earned the respect of the people for his simplicity and focus on clean administration.

Congress expects a communal polarisation in Gujarat

Congress Party is also confident of a victory in the election. This is due to two factors. The first factor is that it has a superstar Rahul Gandhi to bank upon for electoral campaign. Wherever he has visited, Rahul Gandhi has provided the momentum and impetus to lift the morale of his party cadres high. Gujarat election is going to be no different from this. The second factor is that the Congress is confident of a communal polarisation in Gujarat and win the Muslim votes en mass.

Muslim riots in 2002 is a strong issue for the Congress

Congress has two strong issues in its hands to attack and embarrass Modi. The first one is the alleged involvement of Modi in the 2002 pogrom against the Muslims in Gujarat in 2002 in the aftermath of Godhra train massacre. The recent judgement by the Gujarat High Court sentencing a former minister of Modi’s cabinet Kotwani to 28 years imprisonment has come as a shot in the arm to the Congress. The statement of Sanjiv Bhatt has also come as a big boon for the Congress. Congress is playing the video and audio tapes of Sanjiv Bhatt’s statements in the electoral campaign.

Destruction of Babri Masjid is another issue for Congress

The second issue the Congress is banking upon is the destruction of Babri Masjid in December 1992 exactly 20 years back. Congress leaders repeatedly attack Modi and Advani and hold them responsible for the destruction of the Babri Masjid. Congress is also promising the Muslims in Gujarat that it will rebuild the Babri Masjid if it is elected to power in Gandhinagar. Sonia Gandhi has already called Modi as a ‘merchant of death’. Congress has also promised Muslims more quotas in reservation of jobs and education.

Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi context in the offing

Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi context in the offing
Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi context in the offing | Source

Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi context in the offing

Prakash Karat wants Congress to win

Congress has other advantages also in this election. Communists are vigorously working for the success of the Congress. Communists feel that Congress is secular but BJP is communal. Prakash Karat has instructed the communist cadres in Gujarat to join with the Congress cadres and work for their success. Prakash Karat and Biman Bose feel that on any day, Rahul Gandhi is a better leader than Modi.

Rahul Gandhi derives strength from his political guru Karunanidhi

Rahul Gandhi has taken this Gujarat assembly election as a challenge to his prestige. He is planning and executing strategies with intent to win the election at any cost. Rahul Gandhi has sought the advice of his political mentor Karunanidhi, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and DMK Chief. Karunanidhi has advised Rahul to increase the reservation of seats for backward class students in the IIT. Karunanidhi has also advised Rahul to abolish the IIT entrance examination altogether and base the selection only on the school marks of the students. Rahul Gandhi has agreed to this advice. Therefore there will be a change in selection of IITs next year.

Karunanidhi’s advice to Rahul Gandhi

Karunanidhi has also advised Rahul Gandhi to write off the bank loans of all Muslims and to provide pension to all the Muslims amounting to Rs.7500 per month. Karunanidhi also wants a 30% reservation for Muslims in military and police. Rahul is agreeable to this advice also. Karunanidhi feels that if all these suggestions are implemented, there will be a drastic communal polarisation and entire Muslim votes will come to the Congress.

Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi context in the offing

I agree that Karunanidhi’s suggestions to Rahul Gandhi, if implemented, will polarise the society in Gujarat on religious basis. There will be no doubt that entire Muslim votes amounting to 10% of Gujarat population will go to Congress. But the remaining 90% of the votes by Hindus will go to Modi and Modi will win the election easily this time also. But still I feel that it will be good to the Congress to follow Karunanidhi’s advice as otherwise it will face very big defeat. Communal polarisation will result in securing Muslim votes for the Congress which will at least lessen the severity of defeat. This election can be called as Narendra Modi versus Rahul Gandhi with Narendra Modi representing the interests of Hindus in Gujarat and Rahul Gandhi representing the Muslim constituency in Gujarat. Who will win the Gujarat assembly election? Hindus or Muslims? Modi or Rahul Gandhi? My vote is for the former.

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