Who is Jason Ivler?

Marlene Aguilar's Motherly Love

Ws it right for Marlene Aguilar to hide his son, Jason, from the NBI because she was guided by her emotions as a mom?

  • Yes, because he is my flesh and blood. I'll defend him against his enemies.
  • No. It is no longer healthy. If you love him, you must show him the right thing to do. Guide him to right path.
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Battered or not, Ivler?

Jason Ivler
Jason Ivler
Ivler at the ICU. Below is his mom, Marlene captured by NBI and was detained due to obstruction of justice.
Ivler at the ICU. Below is his mom, Marlene captured by NBI and was detained due to obstruction of justice.

Should he be condemned for his acts?

Jason Ivler, who is Jason Ivler. He have been the headlines in televisions, newpapers, radio talkshow and reports for the past few days here in the Philippines. He was a celebrity here in the Philippines because of the crime he committed last 2009 during a traffic mishap with a public figure here in our country. He shot the son of Renato Ebarle Sr, an assistant executive secretary at Malacanang, last November 2009. Renato Ebarle Jr. died during that altercation. Ever since that incident, Ivler escape and becomes the hot target of the NBI. Ivler's mom, Marlene Aguilar was even crying in one of the new report and send a message to his son saying that he must , surrender now to the authorities. However, last January 18, 2010, the NBI finally found him. He was just actually hiding in his mother's residence at Blue Ridge, Quezon City. Gunshots were heard and some of the NBI agents were injured during that operations. It seems that Ivler won't surrender to the NBI authorities without a square fight. He will definitely still fight as long as he can and doesn't care if any or somebody would be hurt under that circumstances. But thank God, he has been captured at last but he is now critical in hospital. People talked about him saying that "He deserved that." Some even commented about his mom, Marlene stating that, "To love your own son is a good thing, but to love them so much is bad."

Who was Jason Ivler? Why is he like this? Why is he capable of doing such things despite the fact that he is a man of great knowledge and his family is rich, what could possible make him sad? Or makes him do such illegal acts? Why does he have to shot someone to death because of traffic altercation only? He studied Psychology in the States, as mentioned by the news, then he would have understand it much better than anyone else because he is an expert in human behavior. He was even enlisted to join the US military forces and fight for the government against the terrorist in Iraq. Why is he like this? Was he a battered child?

Do you think he has deep issues way back in his childhood days that's why he is like this?

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