Why Hate ?

There is a epidemic spreading through the entire world. It has claimed more lives, left more scares, inflicted more pain than all diseases combined. It effects both young and old, rich and poor every man women and child, The first symptom is usually a harsh word followed by anger. Untreated anger could be fatal to the victim and those he comes in contact with. It causes parents to harm or even take the life of their own child. It attacks people who are of different cultures, colors and tongues. It starts wars, destroys families .It kills, steals and destroys ,It's name is hate.

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HSchneider 4 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

Well said, Dianne. Hate is a scourge in this world that must be confronted at every turn. This is to make sure it does not fester and grow. Everyone is different and also human. let's get to know one another of all cultures, races, and religions. Excellent Hub.

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