Why No Easy Day Should Not Have Been Published

I have read several fine books concerning the SEALS and other elite military units but I cannot include "No Easy Day" in this group of books.

I feel Matt Bissonnette betrayed the SEALS, the government, and his oath. There is speculation on whether or not classified information was revealed. I'm not here to make that judgment call but even if no secrets were revealed in this book the question must be asked, could this lead to more written accounts being published of other clandestine operations by other operatives or by the support crews that work behind the scenes?

A Dangerous Precedent

If Mark Bissonnette is left unpunished this could inspire other books with authors that have a more nefarious agenda, or more likely, a book published by a lower level member of a support staff that could be thousands of miles away from the actual operation but would have key information on the planning and execution of a mission.

That member would not be as highly disciplined or trained as the operatives of the actual elite unit . Classified information could inadvertently be revealed by such a person or details intentionally revealed in an effort to make their contribution more important then it actually was.

The book was never presented to the military or government before being published. Mark Bissonnette has stated “he was very careful not to reveal classified secrets” that's fine, but what if the next person violates their oath on a nondisclosure agreement and is not so careful?

I also feel this book was published too soon after the actual event with the war on terror still in progress. There is also the comment by the author “None of us were huge fans of Obama.” Actually I'm not either, but as a member of an elite SEAL team that took part in a mission such as this you don't say something like that about your commander-in-chief. Obama is still in office still and and we are still fighting. If I were a member of the Taliban I would take comfort in that remark.

The other consideration I want to point out are the effects this book will have on the operatives of future missions. These men operate in missions under very high pressure, dangerous, environments and have to trust each other explicitly. Last thing they need on their minds is whether a split second action they may need to take will be analyzed and/or misinterpreted by one of their fellow members in a book to be made public.

No one individual should take it upon themselves to decide what is classified and what is not. I would feel different about this book if it was written to expose major wrong doing or action that goes against American principles but that's not the case.

Yes, there are discrepancies between the official version and this book's version but nothing earth shattering. Mark Bissonnette has offered to share the profits of this book with different military charities. It should be noted that the Navy SEAL Foundation is refusing to take any of the money.

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SassySue1963 4 years ago

I understand what you are implying however, with this Administration allowing unprecedented access to those making a movie about Bin Laden's death, I see nothing wrong with what this former Navy Seal did. The only differences between the two things are that one is the truth and one is the Administration trying to glorify itself.

redwhiskeypete profile image

redwhiskeypete 4 years ago from Indiana Author

I looked at your profile, you have some interesting hubs. Now for the answer to your reply. The movie in question took place in a controlled environment. I'm sure the movie is all hype but the difference is this movie wasn't made by a former SEAL in a group that took down Bin Laden. The trust between team members were not broken.

SassySue1963 4 years ago

I honestly can't comment on the trust between team members because I have not read the book. If no secrets were revealed, and everything I can find in researching says that none were, how was the trust broken? He is no longer a Navy Seal, if he were, I could understand your point completely. It is my understanding that most of the book is about his personal involvement and his feelings of how the event occurred. I could be incorrect but that is what all critics of the book are claiming.

No the movie was made with the full approval and complete cooperation of the current Administration. You know, the Commander in Chief guy. I guess my point about that is that if the Administration has no issue touting it out into public, why is there an issue with a former Navy Seal doing so.

redwhiskeypete profile image

redwhiskeypete 4 years ago from Indiana Author

You have to trust your team members, maybe this guy didn't cause any embarrassment to his team members but this could set a dangerous precedent on future SEALS publishing mission accounts without their accounts going through the government.

I served in the Marine Corps but was never even close to the level of the SEALS. That being said, I can understand how other SEALS would feel if one of their members was waiting to write a book about the top secret mission they are on.

SassySue1963 4 years ago

So anyone who was ever a Navy Seal can never write a book about it? I don't think anyone is out there on missions waiting to write a book. Taking out his little notebook and jotting down interesting tidbits while ducking sniper fire. Yes, I'm one of those free speech nuts. While I would not condone any current Navy Seal authoring such a book, once they are a non-serving citizen, and no secrets are revealed, I cannot condemn it. Yes, his fellow Navy Seals can do so, based on their own code of conduct because they have that right as well. As for anything any former Navy Seal authors needing to go through government, eh, we all know pretty much how that would work out. No one would ever be allowed to write anything.

redwhiskeypete profile image

redwhiskeypete 4 years ago from Indiana Author

Ok, I see we are on different sides of the fence and will never meet half way. Lets just agree to disagree.

SassySue1963 4 years ago

That's fine. I was trying to discover under what conditions you felt it was alright for a former Navy Seal to author a book about his experiences. Besides having to be censored by the Government. Let's face it, when it comes to these things the Government is secretive about what type of coffee they drink.

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