Why Not Someone Start Counter-Jihad?

Will Any Indian Organization Demand Musharaff’s Head?

Will Any Indian Organization Demand Musharaff’s Head?
Will Any Indian Organization Demand Musharaff’s Head? | Source

Will Any Indian Organization Demand Musharaff’s Head?

Pakistan Minister Announces Bounty

Two days back, the Pakistan Railway Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilmouri has announced a reward of $1 million for whoever killing the producer of the Hollywood film ‘Innocence of Muslims’. The Muslims have roared in applause. It is a well known fact that Pakistan is the epicentre of global terrorism. This fact is known to everybody except the US President Obama. Either Obama is so naïve that he doesn’t know it or he pretends not to know it. The latter is most likely. Terrorists all over the world are either Pakistanis or have Pakistan connection.

Pakistan Feels Killing People Of Other Religions Is Its Religious Duty

Pakistan gave asylum to the number one terrorist in the world Osama bin Laden. Pakistan is training thousands of terrorists on its soil and supplying weapons to them to kill Hindus, Christians and Jews. Pakistan Army, ISI, Pakistan government, Talibans, Islamic fundamentalist organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Pakistan institutions and even the general public in Pakistan are involved in direct or indirect terrorist acts. Pakistan does not feel any guilty conscience in killing people belonging to other religion because it considers it as a religious duty. They quote the Holy Koran asking Muslims to kill people belonging to other religions. They call it as a Holy Jihad.

Madrasas Preach Killing Hindus, Christians And Jews

The Madrasas (Islamic school of learning) in Pakistan brainwash the boys from the age of five. The boys are taught to kill people belonging to other religions if they refuse to convert to Islam. Jihad is insisted as a religious duty for the Muslims. They teach Muslims not only to kill people belonging to other religions but to kill people belonging to other sects in Islam itself. For example the Madrasas preach the boys to kill the Shias, Ahmedias and other sects. These acts are done openly, defying the world opinion. Therefore there is no surprise that the minister has announced a bounty for those who kill the film producer.

Muslims Are Violent

Earlier, Iran defied world opinion. Its supreme religious leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini announced a reward of one million dollar for those who kill the writer Salmon Rushdie. He issued a fatwa towards that effect. British government had to spend heavily in providing security to Rushdie. Talibans in Afghanistan attacked the World Trade Centre in New York, killing nearly four thousand Americans. These are all examples to show how violent Muslims are towards others.

Diamond Cuts Diamond

My point is that violence can be met only through counter-violence. Police indulge violence to quell a revolt. Military indulge in violence to suppress an enemy attack. If the Western governments keep quiet in the name of diplomacy, it will only encourage Islamic fundamentalists to indulge in more violence. The more soft you show yourself to a violent person, the more violent he will be. The more aggressive you are towards a violent man, he will fear and retread.

Counter-Jihad, The Need Of The Hour

The need of the hour is courage. The western governments should exhibit courage. Western people should organize a counter-Jihad to counter the violent Jihad. Violence should be met with counter-violence. Attack should be met with counter-attack. Jihad should be met with counter-Jihad. Just as Muslims consider Jihad as a holy religious duty to kill people belonging to other religions, Western world should consider that counter-Jihad is their moral duty to kill those Muslims who attack them.

Why Not Capture An Iranian Embassy And Hold Its Staff As Hostage?

Has anyone ever thought of announcing one million dollar bounty for those who killed Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran? Had anybody done so, the Ayatollah would have feared. Khomeini attacked the US Embassy in Teheran and imprisoned the American diplomats for many days. This was a brutal, savage and uncivilized act by Iran in the name of religion. Has any government or organization thought to attack an Iranian embassy and imprison the embassy staff for many days? Now the Pakistan minister has announced a reward of one million dollar. Will anybody announce a reward of the same one million dollars on the head of the Pakistan minister? This should be immediately done to check such acts.

Will Any Indian Organization Demand Musharaff’s Head?

Ilyas Kashmiri, the terrorist operating from Pakistan beheaded an Indian soldier and presented the head before the then Pakistan President Pervez Musharaff. Musharaff hugged Kashmiri and rewarded him with a costly gift. Of course the same Ilyas Kashmiri was killed like a street dog by an American drone attack inside Pakistan. Indians distributed sweets and celebrated the event. But has it occurred to any Indian militant organization to announce a bounty on Musharaff’s head?

Hindus, Christians And Jews Should Unite Against Muslims

I feel basically that the Indians and Western people lack courage to encounter the Muslim aggression. Unless they overcome fear, things can only take worst turn. Somewhere somebody should start the counter-attack. Where from it comes does not matter. Obama is one spineless creature bending his knees before the Islamic militants and apologizing through his Secretary of State to each local Muslim leader. Obama should go and Mitt Romney should occupy White House. Western people should courageously face Muslim aggression through counter-Jihad. Let Hindus, Christians and Jews unite in this holy task and post victory in the interest of world peace.

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William Young profile image

William Young 4 years ago from Eaglle Grove, Iowa

Excellent Hub! President Obama is at a point where he feels he can't be bothered with this terrorist stuff. He has a date with the ladies on The View tomorrow. It's amazing, Obama can't seem to find time to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, but he has plenty of time to sit down with Whoopi Goldberg.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Dear William Young,

I thank you for your valuable comments. I agree with your views.

Best wishes to you,

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