Why The Left Should Stop Cheerleading Obama


With the endorsement of any candidate in United States, there is usually a rather large caveat regarding the support a voter gives to the hopeful elected which they are planning to cast a ballot for. And for those on the left who voted for President Barack Obama there are plenty concerns over his stance on many key issues which range his position on hydraulic fracking to his administration’s latest effort to try and block the Palestinian’s attempt to form a recognized state within the United Nations. In many ways Obama gained as much from the Citizen United case every bit as much as his GOP challenger, Mitt Romney. Corporations poured their dollars into his coffers which allowed him, and Romney to negate any third or fourth party candidates who the voting public would much rather prefer.

On the left you had Jill Stein of the Green Party and Rocky Anderson of the Peace And Justice Party, both of whom were locked out of the debates thanks to the Democratic and the Republican parties. Both Anderson and Stein support the full withdraw of US and troops from both Afghanistan and Iraq along with cuts to our military budget. They also put their full support behind, solar, wind and geo-thermal energy when it comes to combating the environmental crisis known as global warming. And both candidates have come out against a war on Iran and the Federal Government’s surveillance police state which we are now currently living under. Finally, both now former candidates have also spoken about the reimplementation of Habitués Corpus (the body of law) which is suppose to guarantee a trial by members of our piers before we are convicted for any crime, something that has been missing since the second Bush administration.

For the right, Virgil Goode of the Constitution Party ran on what could only be described as an isolationist, anti-immigrant platform with strong religious overtones. Like Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson he also was locked out of the debates. He has come out against amnesty for undocumented immigrants and has taken an America first approach not so different the other right wing candidates in this year’s elections. And then there was the libertarian candidate Gary Johnson who endorses roll backs to EPA regulations on industries who he feels are vital to American prosperity. There is no place he would like to see these cuts more than on those which are suppose to regulate energy companies. For more on where Johnson stands on the issue you can check out his site, http://www.garyjohnson2012.com/issues. Ironically enough the same corporate bodies whose interests he has come out so strongly support of are same the one’s who so successfully had him banned from the national debates. For many younger Republicans and some Democrats, his stance on ending the US drug war would seem like his strongest selling point, as is his stance on international isolationism which is rather similar to that of Ron Paul, which accounts for his stance against our policy of foreign intervention.

So the obvious question must be asked, why don’t these candidates on both the left and the right get equal time in the press on the television, the answer seems to be that the corporate sector, whose interests which seem to be the only ones which really matter in Washington these days, no where to place their money when betting on a candidate and have figured out how not to lose when placing their wager. And Citizens United, which allows outside groups to give unlimited donations to a candidate’s political action committee, has certainly solidified this position of power. Part two of this series will look at further dangers created by Wall Street’s control over how our federal Government operates and why we may see the end of the two party system’s dominance in future elections.

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ziyena profile image

ziyena 2 years ago from Southern Colorado

Very interesting take and AMEN! Not a happy camper with Obama. I like many people gave him his first chance. He blew it very early for me. I didn't give him his second chance ... went with Romney, and now it really doesn't matter ... we are stuck with a stagnant administration, and millions are paying by the minute. Great article ... need any tips on formating hubs let me know :)


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