Why You'll Probably Vote for Mitt Romney

Welcome to the future; looks a lot like the past.
Welcome to the future; looks a lot like the past. | Source

But You Might Want to Read This First

"You pay for this but they give you that."
Neil Young & Crazy Horse
from "The Black and the Blue"

I don't feel victimized by my circumstances, which is partially why Mitt Romney's appeals to fear and President Obama's performance don't affect me in the least.

Americans, over the past 12 years, have picked up a terrible case of the "Oh poor pitiful me" -s. Terrorists attacked our country, we allowed the Bush government to spy on us and wreck our civil liberties, we looked the other way while Bush & Co. steadily sunk the economy and nearly caused a Depression -- and as long as we got our $600 rebate checks from the government, easy credit, and home loans on property that was far beyond our ability to pay, we were thrilled to let things go with no oversight from us.

But the bill on the high living and the wars and throwing billions on bid-free contracts to the likes of Halliburton and the friendly lawless mercenaries at Blackwater and telling the ultra-wealthy "Here, you don't have to pay squat for taxes" -- that bill, gentle readers came due and continues to arrive. We allowed it to happen; don't just look at the government -- you elected the irresponsible little thugs who made these decisions in your name and then you didn't pay attention to what was happening.

You swallowed propaganda as fact, believed FOX News is anything other than the media wing of the Republican Party broadcasting nothing but piss-thin fantasies and outright lies. You believed that if you let the rich check out of the social contract that they would do something other than suck wealth out of the labor of this country like bloated gold plated ticks, play profiteer on disasters, and then send the cash overseas into hidden bank accounts and investments in Communist Chinese slave labor businesses.

But in 2008 and 2009, the party for you normal folks came to an end. It was abrupt and it was shocking if you weren't paying attention for the previous 8 years. It didn't take a damned genius to see what was coming and many predicted or suspected it at least a couple of years prior to the disaster.

Of course, the first to profit from the disaster were the low-grade punks who caused it by their irresponsibility. The banks had to be bailed out. Why? Because there were so many of them that had made such terrible bets in the housing market on people who couldn't pay their bills in a downturn that, when the inevitable downturn came, the banks were on the verge of failing -- they wouldn't loan each other money. And if they failed, the entire economy of the United States and then the world would implode, bringing on a Second Great Depression that would make the first one look like a happy little vacation scene.

Let's back up a step. How the hell did this happen? Ultimately, it happened because the banks talked their Republican cronies in the Congress and White House into deregulating the markets: Taking away the rules that kept them from making extremely bad bets and using other people's money in an unnecessarily risky fashion. You allowed this, voting public -- and you too, nonvoter who couldn't be bothered to read a paper and go to the polls or write a congressman or senator.

Sure, the banks and Wall Street bought off the government to get the law out of their greedy, reckless way; but you didn't stand up and demand anything better. You got your easy credit, you got to buy a house you couldn't afford, you got to have a second mortgage for those cruises and cars and to pay down the credit card, maybe -- or just ignore it and buy stock or a boat.

The rich were living it up, so why not you? "Limited government" paid off for you pretty well, if you don't count the domestic wiretapping and surveillance and all that. Why would you complain?

Well, after those banks got all that free government money, the complaining started. You got righteously angry at Wall Street probably for the first time in your life. They were living by a different set of rules than you -- they got bailouts and a lot of us lost our jobs. A lot of us then lost our houses either because banks that ought not have sold them to us had or because we lost our income as businesses had to shut down -- people with no credit can't buy the things they used to and our economy since the 1990s was based on credit. Government workers, teachers, professors lost their jobs as states slashed their budgets because both the income taxes dropped and state houses, usually Republican, decided to slash taxes.

And the banks that got bailed out proceeded to pay the already wealthy people who made the stupid, greedy decisions huge amount of money claiming they were contractually obligated to do so. Of course, part of the Bush Bailout was that we, the people whose money was being used, could attach no strings to how the money was spent or provide any oversight. Remember, the banks had us over a hole and could afford to not only demand help but named their terms, which they did.

Your dear Republicans obliged, without a blink. They'd be getting their campaign contributions and perquisites in return, even if the people were angry and confused about it all.

They counted on you forgetting what happened. You obliged.

Barack Obama spent the last 4 years attempting to drag this country out of a deep and dangerous place, trying to get people to cooperate, pull together; trying to get laws back in place that would prevent the banks and Wall Street from doing all of this again, get the ultra-rich to recommit to helping the nation that made their success possible. He loaned money to the car industry to save American jobs, not Wall Street bankers -- and not one House Republican voted to help and only 3 Republican senators did. He pushed through Healthcare Reform because healthcare is the biggest drag on the economy in this country and the system is inefficient and unjust. No Republicans helped, all worked against it, and all went back home and stirred up the rabble with outright lies about what the reform was.

Your enemy became not deregulation, not Wall Street, not unbridled greed, not billionaires who seem to care about this country almost as little as any jewel-encrusted foreign potentate, not wars that make no sense and kill and maim our young soldiers and the children of other countries, not ignorance and lack of education. No, your enemy became Barack Hussein Obama, the President of the United States who inherited the biggest, most intractable mess since the 1930s and a Republican Party full of right-wing extremists willing to sacrifice even truth if it regains them power.

You're still not paying attention. You're still listening to the FOX News fantasy network. You think Glenn Beck is a prophet and historian; you believe Ayn Rand is a philosopher and selfishness is a proper moral value; you think Donald Trump's birther noise is anything but racist shit; you hear the hate-filled voice of Rush Limbaugh and believe it is a call from the Angel Gabriel; and you believe fervently that Jesus Christ was a free-market capitalist who thought the lovers of money are the epitome of humanity, had no use for mercy, hated the outcasts, despised the homosexual, taught that might makes right, and condemned anyone who has an abortion for any reason or uses birth control straight to Hell, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200. It's all in the Bible somewhere, just ask your minister and congressman, who may well be the same person now.

Oh, you forgot what all of the problems prior to 2009 were and what caused them; and you've completely missed the point of what happened under Obama and what he was trying to accomplish with no help from the Republican Congress. You even voted in plenty of crazy Tea Partiers in 2010 to make sure Obama could get even less done -- they succeeded in getting our nation's credit rating lowered last year. You'll thank them by voting for more this year.

And you're voting for Mitt Romney, the slimiest, most dishonest, most sneaky son of a bitch to try to slide into the White House since Richard Milhous Nixon -- except Nixon was smart and probably had an ounce of conscience confusedly woven into his black soul. Mitt demonstrates none. No integrity, no honor, no limits -- he has the public morality of a shark in his business and electoral dealings, this man who made his millions by inheritance and by destroying other people's businesses and jobs. What he plans to do with the power once he gets it, God only knows; he isn't telling you. That's his selling point -- he's going to surprise us with all the great and good things he's bringing and it would spoil everything to give any details.

The only thing we've gotten for detail is Paul Ryan as potential vice-president. Ayn Rand worshiper, merciless anti-choice proponent, author of a budget that even the conservative Catholic Bishops called him down for being immoral and oppressive to the poor. A man who's been in government jobs his entire adult life, served as a congressman for about 13 and has managed to get none of his lousy legislation passed in all that time.

That's who you're voting for, and let's face it: you're doing it because you hate Obama and blame him for all your troubles -- troubles he didn't cause and a mess he's been working to face with little help from Congress. And very little help from you because you will vote against your own interests in favor of supporting pure lies that sound good to you -- conspiracy tales, beliefs that the president is a communist-socialist-Nazi-secret Muslim-closeted gay-murderer-tyrant. Or you support people who believe these things or say they do; you put them in power where they kept more progress being made than could have happened.

Voter, gentle reader, you and your vote puts people in office. If those people make a mess of it, it's at least as much your damn fault as theirs and the billionaires that fund them. Obama has shown that he is a leader, handles crises more than adequately, and doesn't bow to popular pressure when hard decisions need to be made. Romney, if he has a core, seems entirely motivated by power and secrecy, a very bad combination when it gets in a White House. And he is a world class liar. Just like George W. Bush and Dick Cheney -- only much worse in many ways. Vote him in and you'll see. Maybe after you get your Great Depression and an authoritarian government that tells you how to handle your private moral business, you'll finally get it -- Right-wing Republicans are unbearable and dangerous and out for themselves alone.

Or you can keep blaming Obama. That'll fix it.

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Richard VanIngram profile image

Richard VanIngram 3 years ago from San Antonio, Texas Author

I truly learned the lesson of the importance of "bearing witness" from the writings of the survivors. I chose those words carefully -- even though my essay here is a rant of sorts, it bore its level of testimony to an age threatening to slide off into something... unfortunate and avoidable. It's how I decided years ago to approach my classes back when I lectured and whenever I write publicly.

phdast7 profile image

phdast7 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Richard - I appreciate and admirethe fact that you used the phrase "bear witness." That is often how I fell and it is so appropos considering my primary area of research and teaching, Nazi Germany and the Holocaust.

Richard VanIngram profile image

Richard VanIngram 3 years ago from San Antonio, Texas Author

Thank you. You're right about the people who need to read it won't, probably -- but it was on my personal blog before I put it here and it went viral; so some were doubtlessly plagued with it prior to the election. My aim is, as you say, to bear witness -- what people do with it, for good or ill, is up to them and outside my control. Thank you much for rading and sharing. Richard.

phdast7 profile image

phdast7 3 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

A simply amazing rant (a rant in my book is a good and necessary thing). Impressive, cogent, rational and very well done. Unfortunately, those who most need to read and understand this will probably reject your assessment out right. Sad for them and tragic for the country. But even when no one will listen, the truth needs to be written, needs to be spoken. Thank you. Sharing.

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