Why do Police officers think they are above the law, they swore to uphold?

Where has justice gone?

Excuse me while I try to calm myself down after watching a grown man, an officer of the law, beat a girl half his size for kicking her shoe at him or towards him, , does that really justify his reaction? it really takes my breath away that this is the type of justice our Officers think is necessary when dealing with a fifteen year old female, I thought first off that depending on the force used towards them, they could exercise the same amount of force towards the attacker, we see in this case that is not true, they do what ever they feel like doing with not a thought of any type of accountability, which says to me very loud and way to clear, that there is way to much ego going on and not enough of abiding by the laws they should be very well versed in, if not why are they in office? To make things worse he had a witness in the room with him who did nothing to stop the beating, he had to know where the cameras were after all that is his place of employment and look for yourselves at how he reacted in a second after the shoe went towards the door, does he look worried to any of you about what might happen after this video gets out? NO. WHY? because to many of us yes US,  just let it go, I wonder if he will get paid leave? I wonder who paid for this girls doctor bills,? was it him? I doubt it, how is it that we hear about this type of violence more and more from those we help put into office? from those we are supposed to look up to for protection? from those who took an oath to serve and protect? shouldn't they above the rest of us have even more respect for the law, whether on duty or not? Are they not the example we all want to strive to follow? Not anymore and its because of this type of abuse that most of us do not respect the law and those who are supposed to uphold it while in uniform, its while they are in that uniform we see the most blatant type of disrespect, they feel they are above any of the laws they themselves represent,  if its us abusing them we get the full impact of the system,  if its them abusing us, we get they are overworked and underpaid as the excuse for why they lost it and were allowed to use us as the whipping board, Don't we all deal with stress? I would think so but what right does any human being have to put their hands onto another human being with such brutal force? Don't we teach our children that officers are people you turn to for help when you don't know who else to turn to? He knew what he was doing and the fact that it was caught on video is about as pathetic as it can get, I hope he gets a taste of being on the side of the law where those go who disrespect it pay in the worst way, I hope he is not the example our young people have to look to for right and wrong, We need to stop making excuses for those in a position of authority to screw up and get away with what they know is wrong. He is an officer of the law, which makes him someone who has to answer to a higher power, someone who took an oath that he would serve and protect us from idiots like him,  he is a man who swore to respect and honor our system and he abused it, he put himself in the position of example and now should be the man he has not been and set the example for those of us who break the law this is what will happen, that sounds nice does it not but we know that is the last thing tha that will happen, he will weasel his way out of any punishment and use the excuse we should cut him slack for the very reason he wears a uniform,  while a young girl,  still trying to find herself in this world, not perfect and should be the one we cut slack was tossed around like a sack of potatoes. His fellow officers those who are trying to set the example most of us should want to follow, I would hope will stand together and demand that him and the officer in the room with him and anyone else who might think this behavior is okay, have the power THEY CHOSE to abuse taken away from them and are never allowed to work in any public service arena again,  I would think if he acted like that towards a fifteen year old girl, he has some real issues and does not need to be working them out in a police uniform. We cannot sit idly by and continue to allow this type of disgrace to take place in our system, we wonder why the world is falling to pieces? We are to quick to make stupid excuses for stupid people which makes it easier for them to continue to do stupid things, we have to demand more from each other and be ready to execute the price when we fall below those standards of right and wrong. Ask yourselves what can I do to help make positive change so that this type of disgusting behavior has no place in society, he and people like him can preach it but when it comes down to it, they are not ever able to practice it. I cannot wait to see how this gets swept under the ever growing rug of government deceit.

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dan bernard 6 years ago

wow, very nicely written.

Jerome 4 years ago

The video was removed so I didn't get a chance to see it. I agree with you on the fact that the people who has a responsibility to uphold the law should be mature and should practice wisdom. Acting in an unjust way shouldn't be tolerated because they are called to a higher standard.

We should also act against injustice in society in a way which doesn't disrepute the lives of others. The responsibility of a police officer is to uphold the law which is set in the land, not what he thinks is right. You and I are responsible for making the law with your law makers and politicians.

I have a friend who is a police officer. He works in a different county from where he resides and when he is done with work, he changes back to his regular clothes because he is afraid to be targeted. The benefit of a doubt you and I give to people is not a luxury everyone can possess because it is a matter of life and death to some.

Does that justify his actions, absolutely not.

On the other hand, our society needs to learn that there are consequences for our actions. Responsibility and consequences are learned at home. When kid gets away with every wrong doing at home, they will try the same when they grow up.

What is right an wrong had changed into an illusion. As a society, we really don't know what is right and wrong and everything is relative. When we teach our children that everything is relative at our homes, schools and colleges, we train them do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals. When we don't teach our children what is right and wrong and when grows up to be people like Madoff, we scratch our heads and wonder what really went wrong?

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