Why is life so unfair?

You can't win for losing.

Why is that life is so unfair? Why is it that things don't always go the way you planned, or ever? You think that you've got everything, the perfect spouse and marriage, the greatest children, job and then one thing after another constantly goes wrong. Every time you turn around something is always holding you back from accomplishing your dreams. Of course the major factor is always money. You want to take risks to try to get ahead but it seems like whatever they are there is always some drawback. You try to make money on your own terms and that blows up in your face. Your bills are getting behind, your kids need to be fed and clothed, your perfect little marriage you thought you had is starting to get rocky, that job has become just a paycheck, you feel alone almost always and you want to cry all the time. You can't go around burdening everyone else with your problems because 80% of America is dealing with the same shit.

If you weren't born with a silver spoon in your mouth your pretty much screwed! I can't stand it when some 16 year old idiot working at the grocery store who knows absolutely nothing about having to take care of a family or making ends meet complains the whole time you are in line about how they really want that new Prada bag like their friend has but they can't get it yet because their cruel parents are making them buy their own school clothes because they just bought her a new Mustang and the payment is a little high. HELLO, you are 16 years old, what the hell do you need with a Prada bag? What do you need with a brand new Mustang? Are you that ignorant to not appreciate that you get everything you want and don't need and the majority of other kids will never have or even imagine having because their parents had to work for everything they had and taught them the value of a dollar? Do you not ring up hundreds of people a week who are paying for their groceries with an EBT card or are digging real far in the bottom of their purse claiming that they want to get rid of some change and pay only in change? Do you not take other peoples situations into consideration when you are acting like a three year old because you have one little responsibility and don't understand why?

Why are the people in this world so cruel? Will it ever change? Will we all ever accomplish our life dreams? Will there ever be a day that goes by that we're not worrying which bill we gotta pay next or when our paycheck will hit the bank? Will there ever be a day when those snot nosed spoiled rich kids don't get it all?

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Rudra 9 years ago

i agree, life has always been unfair. banks, corporates, governments are all there to con us. tread life with caution. might want to read this


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Ananta65 8 years ago

Let’s start out on the cruel side here. Why should I – the 16 year old idiot – take YOUR situation in consideration when I reflect on my situation? And even if I did, even if I’d stop whining about my Prada bag, would that change anything for YOU? I guess it wouldn’t, would it?

Now I’m not going to justify Pradadolescent, mind you. There are a lot of things that are far worse than not getting a bag and hopefully this kid will learn to be content with what she has, rather than to look at what she doesn’t have. Please be aware that adolescents have a very limited view on the world. By which I don’t mean they’re stupid or shortsighted, but at this age they’re going through a lot of changes. They’re looking for their own identity and often do so by relating and comparing to others. Many people never come out of this stage. As your own kids enter this phase you will see that their ‘worries’ are extremely important to them. What should I wear today is a life-or-death decision. So I wouldn’t take offense at this kid in the grocery store, if I were you :)

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knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

This is just a rant of someone and thier view of life at that particular moment. What I was getting at was that no matter how skilled you are, no matter how much work you put into your dream there always seems to be something standing in your way. However, people born into a wealthy family will easily pick up the job and life style that someone in my position works so hard for and will never get. The bad thing is the person born into that wealthy family doesn't appreaciate a damn thing they have and still look down on people like me because they have no idea what its like to worry about a light bill getting paid or buying your kids school clothes. They have no idea what its like to watch your child cry because the kids at school have more cool stuff than they do.

Now is it the person whom was born into the wealthy family's fault? Not at all. But at times it can certainly get the best of you knowing that you have more skill determination, motivation, and knowledge than the person down the road. Yet they have the great job, thier kids have all the cool stuff just because they were born into a wealthy family.

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Ananta65 8 years ago

I bet the followers of the Law of Attraction won’t agree with you there, knslms :)

Personally, I don’t share your experience, but I know that life has this tendency to work out differently than you planned.

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Lazur 8 years ago from Netherlands

I can relate to what you're saying. Life can seem to be so unfair sometimes. I,ve been there. But I also know it makes me stronger than a lot of other people, more inventive and maybe sometimes even more proud. Getting angry and staying angry about it won’t work.It’s difficult for others to imagine what you have to do and have to go through. And it’s even more difficult to let them see that. The only thing you can exert an influence on is the way you handle all those things yourself. How you handle your ‘set backs’:)

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knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

Allot of people won't agree with me on that ananta, but allot will. Its a state of mind and its like Lazur says its something that we must get over. Everyone has there problems and obsticles to overcome, even the people we are sometimes jealous of.

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sixtyorso 8 years ago from South Africa

Interesting viewpoint. But, life is what you make of it. The glass half full instead of half empty. When life hands you lemons make lemonade. Look at the good side in every situation. for years I felt much like you did. finally when life handed out the big kicks, divorce after 35 years, Cancer, no home, no Job,I resigned myself to the situation and started to look at the good in every situation. Suddenly, now over 60 every thing is working. Great Job (no-one over 55 can get a job right - particularly in South Africa where BEE rules that jobs must go to Previouly disadvantaged individuals - right ). a new wife, great house, good car. I just leveraged my abilities and changed my approach. (see my hub how I lost 35 years of marraige and beat cancer). I always get my parking spot at the mall in front of the door. I win competitions from time to time. I never won anything in my life before!

I think if you can be happy in yourself every good thing becomes great. every adversity becomes another lesson in life's journey.

A pity I could have been like this at 30!

Look on the bright side that kid was serving you at the counter not you serving her!

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knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks for the inspiration! There is allot to be said for faith! I know your words are very true

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Ananta65 8 years ago

sixtyorso says: if you can be happy in yourself every good thing becomes great; every adversity becomes another lesson in life's journey.

I like that one

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knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author


anonymous 8 years ago

the prada bag issue is quite irrelevant....but life is unfair....why is it that some people who hurt others are never punished for it....it seems as if they are actually rewarded for it

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knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

I have come to the conclusion that those who don't fight god don't have the opportunity to lose. Those of us who are believers are not perfect, we commit many sins that we are punished for. Somewhat like a parent punishes a child to keep them on the right track.

Those who don't believe and don't care, there is no need for punishment. So those of us who are being punished should be thankful.

God loves all of us, but those who love him back are punished so that we may learn from our mistakes and stay on the right track.

lil timy 8 years ago

life is'nt fair... like you said there is always something pushing you away or stoping you.. in the end someone who works so hard and try so hard does'nt make it but someone who is smart makes it and every one loves him/her.. and no body see's or seems to care about the hard worker... so life is'nt fair.. but you have to keep your head up.. and be strong live for your kids and if you want your kids to be happy... if you really want to make them happy you will... but if just feel sorry for them one day your kids will be like you feel sorry for there kids

lil timy 8 years ago

life is'nt fair... like you said there is always something pushing you away or stoping you.. in the end someone who works so hard and try so hard does'nt make it but someone who is smart makes it and every one loves him/her.. and no body see's or seems to care about the hard worker... so life is'nt fair.. but you have to keep your head up.. and be strong live for your kids and if you want your kids to be happy... if you really want to make them happy you will... but if just feel sorry for them one day your kids will be like you feel sorry for there kids

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kim120687 7 years ago

life is not unfair... its just how you value it..... for me d most is GOD....

imagine he died for our sins... is dat fair?? somebody is going to sacrifice for your stupidity.......

check my article regarding "the unfair GOD" http://hubpages.com/religion-philosophy/THE-UNFAIR


Suleyman 7 years ago

Verily, in the remembrance of Allah (God) do hearts find rest." [Quran, Chapter 13, Verse 28]

Suleyman 7 years ago

Verily, in the remembrance of Allah (God) do hearts find rest." [Quran, Chapter 13, Verse 28]

april 7 years ago

yes... i agree

yes yes yes. 7 years ago

I am lately going through many things,, Divorce, bankrupcy...and I'm only 17 . But religion, I think is very important. Search for help from above..Think of your situation as a training experience for later in your life. That's what I am thinking right now...Just being hopeful.

DEMOCKCO 7 years ago


richy rich 7 years ago

shut up and stop compaining and be grateful for what you have. the more you complain the less you will have. Its ignorant people like you that make the world a lousy place.

Tom 7 years ago

Thanks a lot everyone, I was stress out about life being unfair and stuff. After reading this, I felt much better about myself and the world around me. I also recommend this website about Job in the bible. It is an very interesting article, I hope it helps:


Jess 7 years ago

I know.. life could be unfair. I faced it, and everybody does. But if you just look around you a bit more, then you will find out that there are things in life that are reasonable and ok. Life isn't how you always wanted it to be.. just face it. and keep moving on...

Spence 7 years ago

Hey "Richy rich", i'd have to disagree with you; i'd say it is people like you who make the world a "lousy place". This person noticed one of the many flaws of our society and decided to voice his annoyance on the matter. What did you say that was at all useful? He wasn't speaking of what he didn't have, he was pondering why it is that some people seem to be naturally favoured by god, allah, existence, etc. while others suffer from repeated day to day situations that point out to them they are not one of the favoured. Also; "the more you complain the less you have."... I shouldn't have to elaborate on how much of a moron that statement makes you look like. But judging from your obvious astouding intellect, you might need an example; Think of "Paris Hilton", a complaint-ridden spoiled little she-douche. BUT she has what she wants, doesn't she?

daniel.... 7 years ago

man,life is unfair,i want somethigh so bad,i want....my love,but i have no chance,and i mean no chance at all.but that is life i guest.you juz have to deal with,i like a girl,not like,love.i would die for her,but she is very far away and she did't even know who i am.and hell i felted that kind of pain,it sucks,so deal with it mate :)

Donna 7 years ago

I am only 19 years old, with enough to say about life is unfair, recently my parents got separated, my job is something that i cannot stand but something i need to do to keep my little ford laser going. I work, at night doing three University courses, and all i ask for is a little help. What really pisses me off, is that i go to uni and work, so i really dont have much of a social life, i know that this is all self inflicted, but i am only 19. I am sacrificing my own happiness and liberty now, so when i am older i will have the great career, a nice house in a good neighbor, and a car that will take me from A to B and eventually contribute and help my community and society now. Life is so unfair i work my ass off to get high marks and to perform well at my job, but it really annoys me that people that are perfectly fine, but totally and utterly lazy are getting allowances and support from our government, that is my tax dollars paying someone to be a bludge, to sit on the ass and get fat, just because they filled out some paper work saying, i cannot find work. please anyone can find a job if they look hard enough. Yet if i want to get some financial help from the government i am dreaming. I am a full time student which in its own right i am allowed to get some help for, but because get pitifully not enough from my job, i am not eligible for any government help because i earn to much. yeah right i don't even earn six thousand dollars a year.

sorry to unload this but i have been so upset about how life is so unfair, when i work really hard for what i have and yet some people don't even know the meaning of work, let alone hard work and they seem to have everything, and such a simple life

moochi 7 years ago

to donna: i am a also a university student that has to work to pay off my tuition and rent, so i totally understand where you are coming from. my family is good and supports me, my friends are cool and just a few problems here and there with my boyfriend. the only problem that i'm facing now is getting a masters...i just don't understand why people can just lie around all day and do nothing and still get that 4.0 gpa while i am pulling my hair out and pulling my eyelids open to stay awake to study.

i wish that people who try hard in life get an automatic iq boost because i feel like my brain cells are dying every time i try to pull an all-niter. life sucks, it's difficult to see the good things in life if all you do is be emo about it...try to watch some funny tv shows and laugh it off

7 years ago

The problem with the world is that there are too many rules and restrictions and everything is connected to money. Too much government control and corporate greed. It seems that we cannot dream anymore as we will end up with a life we do not want.

The world is a f*cked up place. Greed and politics has destroyed the world. No matter how hard you work in life, these two factors will always come to stop you from achieving your dreams and goals.

birdy 7 years ago

I believe that God created this world to be unfair in order for our spirits to "grow". Just like how diamonds are formed under great pressure, we to must face great challenges and obsticles in this life and hopefully learn from them.

Everyone's life is different because we all have different lessons to learn.

grouchy therapist 6 years ago

Life is completely unfair!! As a therapist, I hear horrible stories of fathers treating their daughters like wives in the bedroom, children parent's getting shot by police officier, a random shooting in a school leaving one person dead that was a wonderful a great contributor to society. Personally, I am sick of where I'm at. Found out my husband is addicted to internet porn which is now being blamed on his mother, who is a piece of work herself. Had a bday party for daughter and invited all the girls in her class as to not have any hurt feelings; find out that there are 2 bday parties this weekend for girls in her class and my daughter wasn't invited to either one of them. A mother who's only suggestion is that I need to workout and I will feel better. Financially, Wells Fargo has held us prisoners for the last 2 years even after I called them 1 1/2 years ago to express the medical problems we are experiencing. They don't care at all! They get bailed out yet do the people that make them money; absolutely NO! I would love to just get away for a little bit but I don't have a money tree growing in my backyard, just a yard covered in dirty, ugly snow. I have to have a medical procedure done that I believe is completely unnecessary; I've got to put money in the pockets of these incompetant doctors in this community. I don't care about bills anymore..I'm letting everyone of them go to collections. When did we all become defined by a stupid FICO score?! I think life is so completely unfair that I just wish the world would collapse onto itself..maybe that's what's happening with all the earthquake tragedys. Thank you for letting my "vomit" my "ick" inside? Hope this can release some of it:)

connor 6 years ago

life is unfair just give up and commit suicide. i might do soon ..

6 years ago

Hell life is totally unfair!!!! Trust me I know. I am 28 with an 11 year old child who depends completly on me. I never had anyone love me I was always the one who is an inconvinience. My mom died when I was five and I was stuck with a father who could care less about me. My step mom to thisday calls me an "inconvinience" basically stating that if I was not born her marriage with my father would be blissful. I never had a home where I was loved an cared fr while all my friends at school had families who would do anything for them. I had a cousin who was always put on a pedistal for absolutly nothing. And u know the funny part is that he left his parents home to go live across country while I am stuck taking care of my parents who still to this day say that their expectations were never met by me! I had a kid at 16! But I knew that in order for my life to change I had to do it cause noone else cared enough to do it for me! I put MYSELF through college and had a bachelors and a masters by age 25! I have a house and my son is in private school so I guess money is not an issue anymore other than the fact that we were dirt poor when I was a child. So i guess I have it "all" but I still have so much resentment. There is so much wrong that has happened to me an has been done to me but yet all my life I told myself just be greatfyl for what u have. But for some reason god just hasn't made life east for me. I do everything for myfamily I always take care of others before myself but for some reason my "lemonade" is just never sweet enough! Got a boyfriend who has nothing who I thought I should help because that's the "right" thing to do... But in return what do I get? Nothing but emotional abuse. You talk about money like it's supposed to make shit better. But honestly if I ha to choose I would rather be dirt poor but have my mom be brought back to life. My mother was the only person who truelly loved me but too bad that "god" had other plans for me. I guess I am missing the point of what life is all about and what the fuck I am supposed to do. I have always been glass half full type of Person, have always been there fr everyone, have alwWys tried to ease other"s pain to make it better fr others BUT what the fuck! When is it my turn? When can I get to be the selfish one and have someone look past all my insecurities an make my life easier? I am sick of this saying "look at life as a glass half full not empty" shit I have done that all my fuckibg life where the he'll is my damn happiness???

Thank you for letting me rant! I promise I am not a bad person I am just tired and pissed of and this blog is a good release. Going back to my "fake cheery" self now!

Ace 6 years ago

Sigh. My life has ALWAYS been unfair scince when I came into the world.

Sleeping Queen 6 years ago

Fxxk It! Life has always been very unfair. Maybe God is not doing HIS job...Kindness never begets kindness. It just doesnt pays to be nice...people just takes advantage of you. Same goes for being charitable, you ended losing money when you needed it most, what is the truth of what religion preaches. I just need prove to show this meaning of being goodness.

Super Angry Bitch 6 years ago

Wake up World...Wake up God! Hear what I have to bitch about. Its a frustrating week of endless show of how unfair life than turn out. What have I done to deserve this. Can someone show me the light. What have I done wrong. I never take things that doesnt belong to me, be it in monetary or personal terms! Never short of of doing my fair share of good things but life FUCK ME UP. WAKE UP GOD...HEAR ME NOW!! I am REALLY HATING THIS !!!

Leo 6 years ago

A lot of good comments! But the bottom line is: life is what u make of it, learn how to overcome things,& learn from them. I've always said that a good rule of thumb to keep is to learn something new each & every day! Part of what makes us humans Is the ability to ADAPT. Don't ever forget that**

Niki 6 years ago

I know that in general Life can be so unfair, and it's true, but several things that I know that also seems to be true, and at least, have always given me HOPE during my life's "unfair" struggles:

1. Humans always have hope. But really, Life is called *LIFE* precisely because of that: that it is BIGGER than us, than we can't just merely WISH it would bend 100% according to out DREAMS (hence, that's why it's called *Dreams*).

Thus, I would say that "Life is what we make of it" to be partially true. The other part should be: "We should try to make the BEST of our Life, no matter what our life's circumstances are"!

I've just purchased a book called "No Excuse", it's in Indonesian language unfortunately, but the point is true that MANY succesful, or let's say great figures/people nowadays can arise NOT because they're born in already wealthy, rich, spoiled family/background. in fact, it's often to the contrary of it! And the 'worse' their initial situations, the more 'touching' and inspiring and meaningful the story is, when such people can overcome such difficulties, which show how humanity *CAN* kept surviving, in fact even more, to live meaningful life and to INSPIRE, in their short life!

2. Life is actually getting better, if you're willing to look at the grander/bigger picture, as compared to the older centuries before us, ie: slavery, Dark Ages era, no freewill, etc. Now, actually just in this half recent century alone, we as 'ordinary, common' people can have much more FREEDOM and yes, POWER, because of a thing/technology called: INTERNET.

I mean look at you all here,...you can CONNECT with each other and strengthen each other across many corners of the Planet, knowing that you're NOT alone in all of this!

Community that bonds together can do such a huge, huge wonders!

Compared to like few centuries ago, where you'll just be left alone with the *UNFAIR* Life's sentences by authoritarian kings or bishops.

Now, even here you can INFLUENCE so much of elections, and build the power of community for a better things/world, with the help of Internet.

And this still not to mention some other GOOD progress in humanity like advancement in science, medical....even in Astronomy where we eventually know that we're just a small beings in a small planet, among such vast stars, galaxies, and Universe....can really put things into much much different perspective, when YOU, as an unique individual, can still be 'given' chances to BREATHING on this thing called LIFE.

Be strong.

Find some new perspectives (know that you can always CHANGE your mindset into more positive, useful and actually productive ways than the destructive ones!).

Google if you will, and you'll find such amazing answers 'CONNECTED' by Internet.

No matter how harsh your circumstances, always never give up, and try to do your BEST, and at the very most, inspire others, because Life is not meant for you to live selfishly by YOURself.

Life is meant to be shared, 'connecting' with other humans, creatures, and nature.

Niki 6 years ago

Also, I think it's important to know that there's a crucial difference between genuinely being GOOD, and being a FLOORMAT, letting people to *always* take advantage of you or even walk over you.

It's now finally become very clear to me of why there is a term "Assertive", and also a term "GOOD guy", as opposed to "NICE guy", ie: the former is a guy (or can be applied to female as well) whom you want to be, because they upheld strong, firm values, and most importantly, they not forget to love THEMSELVES, by respecting their strong values.

I would even bet that those great, genuine, benevolent figures like Mother Theressa, Mahatma Gandhi, and many others can become great like that, one of main reasons is probably they still NOT bend their back ALL the time and let people walk all over them.

I'm sure each of these great, inspiring figures (even many great "ordinary people" whom we admire or respect!) still UPHELD their STRONG own values, and be FIRM about it, instead of let people take advantage of 'em all the time!

And also, if I may add, when you are doing good, then do it simply because you WANT to do good, not because of EXPECTING things in return!

Because if you're doing "good" because you expect SOMETHING in return, then it's the same like many "businesses as usual", meaning you're not doing it genuinely, out of full compassion.

And last but not least, trust, always always trust that if you keep doing (& being) good, there WILL be people who'll eventually recognize yours, and even, be touched and INSPIRED by 'em, and with it, you know that you've CHANGED lives, and thus indirectly, the world!

So never give up, and never stop doing good!

Because if you're a GOOD person, then you ARE, and keep continue BEing good, and connecting/sharing it with others, 'cuz Life is not only you alone, but meant to be shared with others.

The last thing this world, or heck, our Planet needs is another BAD person/people!

the world needs more GOOD-willed person/people! The inspiring ones, the ones that can touch & transform many hearts, even lives in this short life/existence!

Always ask this: "why do I exist in this planet? in this universe? why am I BREATHING? and what can I DO, so when I take my last breath or die, I would LEAVE something/a trail, so as not to be in vain?"

It would put things in perspective, like I always found it to be.

(if you want to contact me, feel free to reach my webpage above :))

L. 6 years ago

Ha! "U" I agree. Wow life is...just life I guess.

Asshole 6 years ago

Life is fair..because I am not very poor, I have 2 legs and 2 hands, I am not jobless but I have a low paid job, I suffer from OCD but not cancer,I can afford a mobile affordable to a construction worker, I have a bad childhood but my parents did not kill me...Life is fair!!!!!

why me? 6 years ago

The life is so unfair and I have even watched the secret movie and my life suppousely should change after watching

that movie, I think that movie can only work for those allready born luck and rich and the rest will be same as always and no matter what we do nothing gonna change,because we are the unlucky ones. I worked my ass off my life and save to have better future but now I have no job and no money,all my hard work of 16 years gone down to hell, why me? why did I born to suffer? Why did I born ugly? I guess , I was born to pay the price of my last life. all ugly people suffer and all the beautifull people enjoy the fruits of the life. all my life I was bullyed and given nick names like long nose...

why me? why did not I born with a perfect face. was it my fault, I did not choose to come to this world.

so how can I be happy and positive. life is never been fair to me since the beginnig of my life so I grow up to be a looser. why god? why me?

why me? 6 years ago

I worked so hard that I have bust my appendix, I used to work on cruise ships close to 100 hours a week and I did not complait about it until now I always thouth hard work pay off some day and everyone may always tell you the same thing work hard rest will come it is just a bull

the answer to the fairness at this world is to be lucky at all times, life is so unfair that in my family we are four and I am the only one wears glasses and I am the only one born ugly and I am the only one had 3 surgery before my 18th birthday, I always belived to do my job right and be on time and everything will be fine but it is not true, the place that I worked before if you kiss ass of the boss you are the best and best worker even if you late and get complaints from your guests.

if you are nice everyone will try to take adventage of you. what a fair world.

I have help so many person and when I needed help the same people turn aroud and said I have no time.

so how the life could be fair, life is fair the some people only. the rest born to suffer.

.ari. 6 years ago

the fact is life is so unfair!! u dont have to denied it. u know it by urself. life is unfair!! that is the fact.

now i feel so tired standing in this world. i dont have any strength more. give up. im tired with all of this!! GOD. please show me the way. what i suppose to do im lose.

tine  6 years ago

i am just 14 years and i dont no much but i would say that i belive in one thing that is one postive thing allways come with negative thing . sometime u just have to over look negative thing and focuse more on postive things . i no it is easy to say but trust me and god it soon will be possible.

no_man 6 years ago

LIfe is so unfair throught out life.

up to my neck  6 years ago

life is so unfair so I finally gave up.

??? 6 years ago

Unfair! Unfair! Unfair!

knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thats a really nice thing to hear especially from such a young person. I understand what you were trying to say I just dont think you could quite get it in to the words you wanted. There is indeed a positive and a negative to every situation and it seems to most of us that the negative always out weighs the positive. While there are many situations where there are many more negative aspects than there are positive, I think our minds have a lot to do with the way we evaluate it at the time. If we are in a more negative mood than we tend focus more on negative things.

I think its very important to look at the negative aspects of our lives, and complain or rant about it. Doing this allows us a way of releasing these negative emotions so we can think more clearly. If we live our day to day lives with these emotions "bottled up" we tend to think more negatively and if we are thinking negatively we will have more negative things happen to us.

James 6 years ago

Well, recently my father was diagnosed with Cancer, and luckly we caught it in the early stages, but we hardly can pay the medical bills, and all around where I live are all these kids with their $50,000 cars and think that they own me because I dont have money, they harass me for no reason and I really am fed up with their little worlds. I also was sent away last year for 107 days and lived in the middle of no where so I could learn not to hurt the "Rich Kids" where I live. I personally think that life is really out to get me and I cant think of why. What have I done wrong to deserve any of this? This is my Message to you, why?

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JaMeSb00M 6 years ago from In the Curtain of Truth

and one more thing, ^ up there is me, why would anyone just sit and watch as their life slips away, I mean, I have given up a long time ago, but still, why am I here typing this? Is there so reason why I would be able to do these things? Or do I have to ask "Upper Class" for permission to type any of this?

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JaMeSb00M 6 years ago from In the Curtain of Truth

Right now, I am a 15 year old Sophmore, and what I really wish in this world is for my dad to get better and so that he also doesnt get used by others. I have seen alot through my eyes, alot of death in my family, alot of financial debt, and worse. My dad and my sister are both diagnosed with diabetes. Is that fair to them? Having to take shots every day just to stay alive? I think not! More so that I am atleast loved and cared for in my family. I wish though that I had friends that could accually give a damn on what is happening in my life, but none do. I am a very bright person, but I keep to myself unless it is truly needed to work with others. I feel as if people avoid me for no reason. Do I smell? Do I look ugly? Its what I ask myself everyday. I wish that people would understand why the human mind works in this manner.

knslms profile image

knslms 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

I wish I had a good answer for you but life is unfair to some of us. As I said before there is two ways to look at it, its good that the cancer was able to be treated. I want you to understand that the rich kids have problems too, it may not seem like it but they do.

Are you religous at all? Could God be calling you or your family in a certain direction? I'm not sure how that works but sometimes I think its the only reason the things happen to me like they do. Please email me at any time I would like to talk to you furthur kevin.shearin@yahoo.com

amy 6 years ago

If I dont believe there is God who promise me heaven, I will kill myself and free myself from all the nonsense in life. Pray for God's mercy that He will not let me live too long, really tired.....

cris 6 years ago

Today we had to take a test on a book called les miserables, short version, and I read most of the book and sacrificed my playing time to to read. I skipped about 100 pages of the book and made a 55 while other students only read spark notes or just guessed and made a 65 or higher on the test. I'm kinda mad at life because of this. In other words I just shouldn't of had wasted my time with the book.I m the one that deserved a 70 and them a 55. Ps life sucks

megha 6 years ago

@Niki : Thanks a million!as i was reading thru these posts i started feeling worser & worser ...but when i went thru your post i got that energy,that push,that iam in deep need of ..I knw it must feel good to vent out your frustrations by writing-how unfair ur life is, but from a readers' point of view -when one goes thru such posts,u really feel depressed,sapped of energy-but it doesn't do u any good,instead it makes things much worse ,as i ve learnt the hard way .The only way to fight it is to compare ur life to millions of unfortunate people -who always ve to b dependent on others to even move an inch.Always remember that freedom and independence r the best gift that god has given us !so use it and as niki says use it to help others,who cant even help themselves.Trust me the feeling of pride and satisfaction u get is simply not discribable in words!!

ps:Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain't all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't how hard you hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done. Now, if you know what you're worth, then go out and get what you're worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain't where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain't you. You're better than that!-Rocky Balboa

Ellie 6 years ago

Life really is so unfair. I thought i had the best life ever, with an amazing boyfriend, amazing friends, and an amazing life. Last night, everything took a turn for the worse. My boyfriend's moving, and it's all because of f**king money problems. :\

hieveryone 6 years ago

i bought a 5000 dollar car with my own money i saved up and they wont take it back even though it broke down the FIRST time i used it.... what a waste.... life sucks aout 79% of the time

Aniruddha Malhotra 6 years ago

I wish I could know why my girlfriend has got to suffer the way she is suffering right now!

My girlfriend loved me a lot. She never wanted anything else in life other than to spend her whole life with me. That was the only thing she ever wanted. She never bragged about gifts, money, anything.

About 5 months ago, after finishing her course in UK, she went back home to India to tell her family about our 5 year relationship. Her family not only went against her, they locked her up in her house, took away all means of communication (no phone, no computer, nothing) and started hitting her all because she couldnt let go off me. They forced her to show herself up to families for arranged marriages. And now they want her to talk to a guy who they want her to marry. They hit and scold her for not being happy.

What did she ever do wrong or so bad to deserve this torture. If her family was against us, fine, she was ready to live single, but how could they force her to marry someone else and hit her? Spending her life with me was everything she ever asked for. She was good to people even when they were bad to her. Why is this happening with her?

She's not even in a position to complain to the police because the local police is all friends with her dad. Her family wouldn't let her talk to me and they dont want to talk to me either.

I wish someone had the answer why life's been so unfair with a such a nice and wonderful person as my girlfriend!

scott 25 male 5 years ago

I have always tried very hard at everything ive ever done and have always remained positive about the next trial or tribulation, until now. The state of the economy and jobs situation is impossible for my generation to overcome. ive held a job since i was 14 where i did volunteer work for a year, moved on to paying jobs, started out at5.15 and made it up to 16.91 an hr up until now,made honor roll throughout my entire general education, all because i was told that it would all amount to something that could make it all worth it. well ive been through training school to be an electrician, yeah ive had a lot of things get in my way while ive completed these things to be positive about, but none this large and i feel powerless and like i want to give up and cash in, wut do i do? anybody know ? Is anybody ever gonna accept responsibilty for the state of the economy and do something about it, because my generation doesnt even have the same amount or close of opportunities that a middle aged man has had when he graduated highschool. Anybody gonna grab the torch and accept ownership of this problem?im expecting to hear replys like "yeah its your generations world now, you fix it if you feel so strongly about it? well my reply to you is see ya after the end of next year because i believe that is exactly wut the young generation is gong to do, FIX IT and stop messing around. there WILL be a liberation in a way that the world can not yet imagine, one where the old way methods of economy and politics will DIE!! The line is drawn in the sand, and my parents generation is gonna take a big hit from my generation, no more govt screwing the middle income , no more being lied too about everything by govt officials, the big picture,!! by the way the earths core is gonna change rotation the sun will sit in the sky for three days and then the earths heartbeat will be at 13hertz instead of 7 hertz, people will use more than ten percent of there brain and become more intelligent, we will be able to use different parts of our brain that we never have before, some of us already have, i dont know you check it out!!! we will figure out how to live longer and make a travel to several light years away finally because we can live longer .

precious 5 years ago

lv dad bt he realy doznt care

Dot 5 years ago

There is so much unfair going on, I kept reading all these things and I know what you mean. It's almost as if when you are down, nothing wont go right. I recognize myself in many posts here, I've got sick parents that can use violence, a friend stuck in Afghanistan with no contact with the outer world, a cousin taking drug, a young sister seeing things she shouldn't, a friend that cannot be social, another one that have been bullied all his life and then there's me. I could make such a longer list of the bad things, but I can at least tell you they're all alive so far. Life is unfair, it's nothing like the movies. However, if you try not to just think of the shit, are there not a few good times or situations? I'm not trying to be positive because I'm not. I'm just pointing my finger back to life,standing up again and by never giving up and go the easy way. All I can say is, I have learned so much the hard way and it never feels like there is and end. I see the glass as half full but also half empty. There is possible seeing it the right way, and if you feel down, do something simple you like. I was bullied for many years, but from surviving that, I now have some wonderful friends. My parents may be violent, but I have seen their tears. My cousin isn't taking as much drugs now anymore. It's hard I know. As for the friend stuck in Afghanistan? I'm going to save up money by getting a job and if she is not back I'll bring her back. However you all sad ones out there, you poor ones, you hurt ones and you that feel alone. Every now and then you are on my mind. Keep it up.

Jonathan C Thomas 5 years ago

I agree with one of the comments that said whether or not a spoiled kid complains about a Prada bag, doesn't change your situation because their complaining about a bag and your complaining about them complaining about a bag, so in the end you have to commit yourself into getting out of whatever you in, you must focus on "your" situation. It makes me mad when I see people who has everything given to them, but they don't know the satisfaction of earning something that's where true appreciation come in. Don't give up in your endeavors you only fail when you stop trying.

Chris 5 years ago

I just wanted to start by saying I am a 16 year old kid, I do drive a mustang, and I work my ass off everyday for everything I have. I am very lucky that my parents got me started into motocross a few years ago and now that I'm getting to the point where I could go somewhere in the sport I will never have the chance because we can no longer afford it. It kills me watching and listening to other kids at the tracks bitching to mommy and daddy because there bike is a year old or there helmet is out of style of a hole in there jersey. I always feel amazing whenever I come off the track infront of them know that what I have is shit compared to theirs. It's not fair that they can have this because of a few pieces of paper that we are told is worth something. Fuck rich kids with successful mom us and daddy's that getthem what they want. I'm better than you, just wait till there not here for you anymore. I'll have the last laugh then

so far so good... 5 years ago

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someone 5 years ago

I just wanted to say something from a little bit different angle. I didn't ask to be born. So I don't owe anything to anyone and when it seems like you do "owe" life is unfair. But whose fault is it? It's the f.....g parents fault that we are here. So, whoever thinks life is unfair and has the kids of his own (and made them have their unfair life) deserves 10 times more sh.t in his life than they get.

As for the people without children, I am sympathetic with them, however, if you plan on having kids and ruining their lives, then you deserve nothing better then that infamous sh.t

sammy 5 years ago

what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and you my freind are not dead so shutup

cryingsoul 5 years ago

life has been really really unfair to me too.. right from my academics till i got a job..eveything has been late for me.. low marks, low paying job , alcoholic dad, cursing mother , no good frnds, no beauty , dark in complexion ,no boyfriend ,middle class , low caste ,incurable infections, non helping god.. how should one stay with all these miseries in life. how can a single person handle all these miseries.. its just easy to say "look at the brighter side"?? even i am a human being.. even i want to have a normal life like others.. even i want to enjoy my life.. there has never been a day in my life when i havent cried.. all my frnd are so lucky..why am i being tortured like this when i dont even know the actual fault of mine. when i get a relief frm all these miseries...

sandip bhaisare 5 years ago

Come on guys, Life is Aw$ome.....our thoughts decide our world...So always thinks positively......I know sometimes situation gets worse but face that situation like challenge.....stand up one more time rather than to give up......I had also suffered from so much bad situations.....like seperated parents, no big success in exams but still for me my self respect is very imp.....It is everything n I can do anything to keep it alive....So I decided rather than to give up, I select some aim (mission) n I keep focus on that thing....

I hope u r getting this. I want to say is that never give up.....there is lot to do more no matter of what ur age is....face challenge no matter how many people are there in competation....trust urself n keep moving ,thts wht life is.....

n always think positively else negative mind will rise n will make u down to knee......so alwys stay cool...n Aw$ome.....n make life more n more Aw$ome...... :-)

its me 5 years ago

cryingsoul you have only listed negative parts of you life, no one has a perfect life. not even the rich, beautiful or whom ever you assume has the best life. They too will go through their trials in life. I had it all at one time, beauty, money, beautiful house, husband, family. My husband left me, kicked me and our daughter out of a house that I put the down payment on, we spend all our savings on lawyers, and I lost my looks. But life goes on, and what I lost I will one day get back in a greater return. So don't worry about the "low marks, low paying job , alcoholic dad, cursing mother , no good frnds, no beauty , dark in complexion ,no boyfriend ,middle class , low caste ,incurable infections". Cause if you look at the positive you have a job, you have both eyes to see your dark complexion, a boyfriend wont make your life any better or complete, and your not dying of a incurable disease. So fell blessed and happy, and don't just expect God to help you, ask him what your purpose is in life? And just listen for the answer. Not one person in this world can help you, you can cry and be miserable your whole life, only God can guide you!

its me 5 years ago

cryingsoul you have only listed negative parts of you life, no one has a perfect life. not even the rich, beautiful or whom ever you assume has the best life. They too will go through their trials in life. I had it all at one time, beauty, money, beautiful house, husband, family. My husband left me, kicked me and our daughter out of a house that I put the down payment on, we spend all our savings on lawyers, and I lost my looks. But life goes on, and what I lost I will one day get back in a greater return. So don't worry about the "low marks, low paying job , alcoholic dad, cursing mother , no good frnds, no beauty , dark in complexion ,no boyfriend ,middle class , low caste ,incurable infections". Cause if you look at the positive you have a job, you have both eyes to see your dark complexion, a boyfriend wont make your life any better or complete, and your not dying of a incurable disease. So fell blessed and happy, and don't just expect God to help you, ask him what your purpose is in life? And just listen for the answer. Not one person in this world can help you, you can cry and be miserable your whole life, only God can guide you!

Unfair 5 years ago

Agreed to above all. Hardworking workers don't get appreciated and wearing a low-cut lady gets all credits. Haha, such an unreasonable world.

demonfeed 5 years ago

Grow up. Life is only unfair if you don't understand how things work. You have to do more than the bare minimum to get something out of life. The way you think can even hold you down. You have to learn to stop letting the world get to you, and spend more time carving out a place in this world for yourself. Stop letting setbacks tie up your thoughts like this. Move on and find another problem to fix that will get you where you want to be.

Louise 5 years ago

I wont have anyone telling me how life is NOT unfair. I was hit by a speeding car aged 9 and now have intractable epilepsy, learning difficulties and serious memory problems. 11 year court case finally over in 2007 and I decided to move on. However, august 2007 I went to Africa (with a tour group) to see the animals, and I was raped. Back to the overprotective parents, fear of men and depression. I slowly start to recover and fall into a wonderful relationship with Owen. I have been with him for 3 years and we've been discussing marriage and kids. However, last week he told me that he that he wants to be a woman. I'm scared and depressed. Do I dare try to move on again? People who say life is fair have no empathy.

barba 4 years ago

yes sometimes life is so unfair...but to think of this i will still consider myself that how lucky i am and be thankful even how it really difficult it is...but i always think positive..what charles lamb said: contentment with little, yet wishing for more... so i will never stop wishing but of course thru your hardwork and capacity as well as being a better person.

anon 4 years ago

What is fair? If it's fair to you, it's unfair to someone else. Your life is the way it is because of fate?, chance? destiny?... Let's say life is fair and you get that great job, but someone else didn't... It wasn't fair to them?? Live life with a purpose, not a purpose of "how to please me", a purpose for a greater cause.. whatever that may be in your life.. But, the one thing I have found that will make you happier is forgiveness, forgive those that you perceive have wronged you. That doesn't mean you have to give them a hug (but you could), and you probably won't forget it, but don't let it control your life. Resentment will grow inside you, really, only hurting you. Give it up and live life.

Haloo! 4 years ago

you just give up

Accee 4 years ago

You all forget the strawberry yes I mean the strawberry...

Access 4 years ago

You see the living, both the stationary and the mobile, all have equal co-partnership in this world. The other Co? Well one might say the paternal godhead of structured religion or natural world of cause and effect.

I call it the Table of Co and a long table it is. Right now because of human activity being so wreckless, it's full. You see all the life world conquered their need to survive their niche environments. The birds did it and in such a spectacular manner. Instead of there being "the bird", there are over 10,000 different types. To answer this thread: Several thousands of years ago the strawberry felt things were unfair. The unfair? The birds speaking-of-which...

Accee 4 years ago

So the strawberry delegate plonked itself down at the Table of Co and cried how it hated the birds because when they ate the seeds (babies) they would fly for miles and when they pooped the feces was too bacterial and baby would die. But the strawberry blushing sweetly also explained how it loved the land animals. They would eat "babies", run for miles, poop, and the fecus would act as manure and baby would grow. LOVE! So now what is a strawberry to do?...

Accee 4 years ago

The Table of Co listened patiently and when all was said answered this, "I know...So here's what you do, change the way you procreate". And the strawberry said, "Procreate?" "What?" The Table leaned in and blew a soft warm breeze with a twist of lilac at the strawberry. Dear berry relaxed, but only for a moment. "But how?" it beckoned "I mean, I just don't know! I just don't know!" "Oh you will. But when you leave" sez The Table, "You must trust" "Is that like faith"? inquired the strawberry now musing a little with some nearby tree. "Yes, the evidence unsupplied. Visit often and I will help, don't? I'm always here." Instantly the strawberry now sits at the top of the same tree it was musing over. "Hey I love the view!!!" "I thought you would" said The Table softly...

Accee 4 years ago

So thousands of years pass and many, many visits are made until the last...Chubby and red bursting with vigour, the strawberry steps forward to the Table of Co with a large bouquet of flowers and a card. "You know I actually own those" sez The Table "I know" sez the strawberry once again fixated on some tree parked nearby. "Did you pay for them?" inquired The Table "Not exactly, they were kinda lying around...I'll be back soon" The Table opens the card, "I just love cards and handwritten" "Took me a long time, I mean really long" sez the strawberry. "Well I appreciate the effort, so what have you learned?" inquires The Table. "Well...I now know I can grow runners so babies are atleast 15 feet away but you and I both know, further away's not so bad. I mean the kid's got to travel a little and I need a break and have I mentioned those land animals 'cept for those human ones of course, you know they eat me the most" "I'm well aware, what else?" asked The Table. Suddenly the strawberry is swept quickly onto the head of a nearby zebra. "Why a zebra" asks the strawberry, "Why not...so what else? asks The Table "I made sure I got kickin' on making my womb a little sweeter 'course that being the edible part of me, and I mean dear Table, I love being different" "You do?" softly beckons The Table. "Oh sure, you know, I mean you taught me that it's alright that most of the other fruits' babies are on the inside of their wombs but all of mine, as you're well aware are on the outside. I mean I'm different and I really like that" Strawberry blushes brightly and wipes away a little tear onto the fur of the zebra. "I'm very proud of you Strawberry" "Why thank you Table of Co." The strawberry is now raised onto the tip of an elephant's trunk, the elephant is in a funky freeze. "And what else have you learned Dear Strawberry?" About to answer The Table, the strawberry suddenly feels beautiful harmonics, the universal beat all grassy, earthy and real. The strawberry looks around, it bends its round form to the rhythmn...

Accee 4 years ago

And as the strawberry whips around like a crazy dervish, The Table trembles a little "And more!" "And, well" sez the strawberry now a little dizzy. "I can..." "Yes?!" commands The Table. "Well I can grow thicker leaves to hide from those pesty birds. 'cause you know about them" "Of course, I made them" sez The Table "I always wondered about that" The strawberry sez under its breath. "So what will you leave me thinking about you?" inquires The Table. "Well I guess I'm coming back 'cause of them flowers" "Here's hoping" sez The Table "And?" "And well thanks for helping me with that pocree?" "Procreation" sez The Table in a whisper. "Right, that....and well dear Table, I want to thank you so much and for just being here, I mean I can always find a comfortable seat" "And so you should" answers The Table so softly that only the strawberry can hear. As the strawberry leans in, so does The Table...

Accee 4 years ago

A few warm hugs later all tosselled with air and magiK, the strawberry waves a warm goodbye and all is forgiven with the flowers. But as the strawberry leaves The Table calls it back. "Don't forget! There will always be a few birds" "You know I thought I would sound ungrateful if I mentioned..." "And something else" insists The Table "Why do you stay away so long and then only when there is trouble. You see I'm an empty table without you, I sit and eat alone at my own table, why? Don't you see me. Where don't you see me? Where? Am I only in the birds when I make them? The egg came before the chicken, now you know. I wish you would join me" The Table sighs, its legs flush, there is no ground "Well I'm here" the strawberry squirts out as it rolls around a fern."Now be off with you" implores The Table, "The road turns out to be too wide for you living, so follow a path, much narrower" "Done!" pours the strawberry as it peers over at an ugly piece of broccolli" "Cheer up!" Broccolli, "How can I?" ...

Accee 4 years ago

"I gotta tell you something and it might hurt, I hope not a lot cause well you're my best friend, I mean it." "And you're mine" sez The Table "But..." wimpers the strawberry "But what?" "Well them human animals, god I don't like them but I want too I mean I really do but I don't. I got some work to do?" "Tell me more?" asks The Table. All the living world and those who sit at the Table of Co. lean forward in anticipation...."Well they sez you do nothing for them. I think they use words like forsakeness, rath, hell, sins and stuff, I mean somethings sound so scary. And then they got these dvds and stuff...So?" The strawberry whips along a groove in the table. The vines pick him up and toss him to the highest branch of a sicamore tree. As the strawberry looks hundreds of feet down to the table, the table calls up, "For good'n'sakes, stop yelling, I can hear all and sit up straight, furhermore don't look down" "But I love looking down!!!" bellows the strawberry...

Accee 4 years ago

The Table sits silent, the strawberry slowly shimmies down,"Alright!" "Again,no yelling!" sighs The Table. "I'll tell you.." as the strawberry slops to the buttom of the tree, "I love being a strawberry, I am a strawberry therefore I am a strawberry, furthermore" "Furthermore?" implores The Table "Furthermore, well I don't know 'cept well something tells me..." "Something?" "Yeah,something, I mean YOU, you tell me being a strawberry's real good. I mean you haven't actually told me or have you?" "What do you want" inquires The Table. "I don't know....yes, yes I do, TO BE A STRAWBERRY 'cause, well 'cause without a syringe, and, and a PhD and even a blankie, I changed the way I pocree?" "Procreated" twinkles The Table ...

Accee 4 years ago

There is no unfairness, just sit at The Table, if you need to ask the strawberry, it knows. Trust, if the strawberry can do it, what can you do?...Dare you, so does the strawberry. Break bread, god bless....LOVE... only a four letter word and there are others, different languages, all good to The Table, ask the strawberry or ask yourself...Bless yourself and sit...

Life-is-live profile image

Life-is-live 4 years ago from France

I'm agree! Sure, the life is unfair, the people are also stupid sometimes.

We have right (and your text is fantastic)! So what can we do to change? What can you change? I'm a french studient and in my land we have absolutely the same problems, unfortunately...

JR 4 years ago

Humans really aren't that much different from other predator animals on this planet we tend to take advantage of any opportunity to improve our situation regardless of morals which are kind of an invention to keep us civilized.

Accee 4 years ago

Life isnt unfair, people are. What do we do well sez the strawberry: The table gave us a chair, the little green chair. So make a CHOICE to sit on the little green chair. Dont let it go nowhere. Oh boy, that electro and chemical when they come together. Its fast real fast -almost the speed of light, just a little slower. Neuroscientist arent so aware of the little green chair still trying to figure it all out. So cozy, dont break its legs by getting up too fast then plonking back down. If you do, mend the leg quickly, the rest dont like that weight. You get up, watch it carefully. It accepts all behinds. Youre the owner, you MUST STAY SEATED. Take a whirl, you are the speed, the continuous tail of light. Try to get ahead of the light, you will be thrown from the chair. Stay behind, cuddle up. Dont stomp out the shadowlands, go toward the light. Buckle up now baby. Something else from the strawberry to the little green chair: Necessity is the mother of invention, not enough necessity in social democracy, an enemy of OUR time. The Arab Nations must join us on the first rung, then THROW AWAY THE LADDER! Bring to the poles yourself not self-interest. The audience always knows. They lean forward to the million dollar question and what they know they are about to do is of value, they see the face or fluffy head and they get it right. Dont we...we dont even think we are going to get a hotdog out of the deal. Divvy the little green chair to duty and responsibility. Stay seated and ride the tail.

Accee 4 years ago

To the younger generation:

We the middle-aged and older which would translate to 2/3's of the people part wished in some ways we didn't have to bear the cross of the "thinker". Jesus may have lived or may have just iconized the nomadic world of trying to reach higher aspirations.- passing the message along through oral story telling. Either way, he lives in my heart. He bore one cross, not the erasing our sins-type but to be a "place" where a few could go for compassion. Remember Paul started the movement of Christanity. A few peyote buttons too many as he walked the road to Damascus? You know "these roads" can be 75 miles long! The human animal bares another cross and through it we: SELF PRESERVE ...

Accee 4 years ago

So you Millenium kids, you were born into a decrepid world. You see the squalor whether in our heads or on our streets. Who sez the Berlin walls are the only ones to come down. We will DIE and you will be left. Whatcha gonna do? You know about 5,000 years ago, just a few walked up to the rest of us and asked, "Where are you?". We've always been good sports since leaving East Africa, sadly though we didn't give even a good-bye to the other mates with the thumbs. So we answered, "We are here". Wasn't good enough. Who sez? So many people say we need countries. Water is water, geographical divides, our pretty landscapes. Put down that mascara and pretty yourselves up ladies, you got some work to do with what's always been. You know the great apes don't say to the Gibbon, "Hey you're just an ape". Nor should we...

Accee 4 years ago

Have you noticed pretty ain't always so pretty? Rich don't feel so rich. Educated? With what? SO CRY! Don't you "cry" in the woodlands when the pollens high, don't you "cry?" That tiny rhinovirus that goes up your nose, don't you "cry?" And it does look like a micro-rhino, oh yes it does...cry for this too. The living world's the same, watch the little faces and the big ones. If they could cry. Be brave and cry! Don't get angry, cry! Whether it be the pollen or the rhino, negative thinking is fine on the outside, very natural, what would we do without the opposite of positive. The universe would shut down (something like that?) But inside of us, gotta go baby, gotta go. So for what it's worth you beautiful young minds out there. Nothing and no one will serve you better than these cardinal rules...I know I sound arrogant but these are hard-fought rules although there is no winning until the fighting ceases:

Accee 4 years ago

1. Give everybody back their names, take away their roles. Life can be enjoyed without the encumberment of others. Nobody will disappoint you more than another person including yourself.

2. With many exceptions, but not enough: YOUR PARENTS DID NOT LIKE PARENTING. But YOU, yes YOU have left an indelible place in their heart. Some hearts are chisselled and others flow gently. If you have not experienced this heart, remember the chissell makes beauty too.

3. Have you ever felt "slighted?" Well you absolutely have, don't ever make it something deniable. But who's really doing the "slighting?" If it's them, they have done it to atleast three other people in the very same day. You'll never know, are you telling all those people your story? Choose your battles? No...no battles, like no trees for the paved road, ya know? the vehicle for the road or the one for life...

Accee 4 years ago

4. Remember the thinker has not only a financial bank account but also an emotional. Too much credit for the financial and the same for the emotional: Addiction, self-loathing. So....be up on that. You cannot expect $4 from another's emotional account, but that's not much you may say and you would be right. But what if they only have $5, they need that just to get out of bed. If you have a $20 in yours, give a $2. Then another. Here's where it gets good. You need no banker and no inflation, worth is in the act.

5. There is no bigger an epidemic than Loneliness. None. It eats us raw and spits us out. We are social animals, we had to have been to survive, but leaving our primal selves behind, yet always embracing it is our biggest challenge. Those who can't stand the four walls of loneliness head for the trees. Don't ever pass by the tree lovers without telling them how much you love what they MUST love. Oh that saying, "You can be in a room with a thousand people and still feel lonely"...but what if there is just you and only you?

Accee 4 years ago

To the dear boys out there (all of you): By virtue of being just a little different than me, you make me glow, come alive. You're my kinda guys, my species and I love you, I need no more. Really. Because I love you I have some tips for you both gay and straight, coupledom works the same.

Short? - Have you ever seen a short man with a tall laugh, and a cool disposition. Do whatever you love, be good at it, we lovers love that, we dig it. Money doesn't become a big deal when you make other things enchanting for us. Enchant us with your pleasure and of course no pleasure comes from the perverse.

Penis? We understand that if you were well-endowed, nothing would get done. Nobodies counting on it. No really. It's like an unspoilt person who gets the car for graduation. Freak! Relax, but don't with this. You let yourself go, don't expect any differently from us lovers. Why should we? You have. Stay perked, nothing on you has to... just your spirit. We'll always spend afternoons smiling with you when you smile at yourself. We know if you don't. We always do. You want to add 1/2 inch, listen and reiterate, we love being understood. Another half, if you live with us do the dishes, if you don't unless we SUGGEST it.

Accee 4 years ago

Get Us: Here's the kicker, here's what seals the deal: GET US. You don't have to understand us or change us, just GET US. We'll try so hard to GET YOU BACK. This brings us undeniable joy when we can be ourselves and flow with a beautiful coupling. I think the thinker must be satisifed with understanding. So get us and understanding will not be hindered. The process takes full tilt. Be smart though, there is harmony and there is bending to chaos, hampering the order. Not everyone is for us TO GET.

MONEY - Head for $50,000, heres your goal, now you know. So you dont make that much. Would you prefer a dart board without a bulls eye. Get up your darts, ready...aim... fire. Dont forget the above, any dart that hits the metal can be made up for. Dont forget lovers love the dart-players, we live in a material world. Slow it down with passion for life, dance to the awes, the only time to show ARROGANCE is to the owwws. God loves this world, that extra special something that we will never really know, wants us to snuff anything that isnt awesome. I can feel it, from the thinker who has this awewome ability to reflect, to look on. To be able to walk in the sand and then, it only gets better as the thinker, we get to look back at our tracks.

AESTHETICS you are not good looking enough. Join the billionaire club. Do you want to. Decide. Now. If you do not want to than fill your own shoes. People walk in their own, you fill your own. Thats how its always been. The Jonas s just bought a couch. Your shoes too big, buy a smaller pair, cramp your feet and suck it up for a while....those bruised toes make up to alot of loving. Self-edification brings lots until it becomes a license. You sign this license, you will find no other name, not in good conscious.

Accee 4 years ago

So to you young lads, the middle-aged and to the rest who have the fuel for the fire. Doesnt there have to be fire for the mobile spark. Some sorta of something that moves us along this gravity pool. Yes, we shouldnt be moving along with our lame trousers and our cheap, imperfect something. Those bonds, the covalent ones, no seamstress (er) can compare. I love ya. Sorry, we didnt ask you to dance... in years to come, you love yourself, we ll be wishing we had, you can count on it. But loving yourself means you wont count on the counting. Math, leave to the mathematicans. We re also sorry about alimony, child payments and expensive dates. I have read your stories and I feel your pain...there is so much keeping up in this world. Your lives shouldnt be compromised because of some weak-minded men...Im sorry! I wish your lives werent spent being the great equalizers in this world...

Accee 4 years ago

In the meantime, dear EQUALIZERS:

You are dear to your other half: We just dont know it. We are confused. We are the thinkers who nutures, we cling to the earth, you travel it. We are in a fast world and so are we. We ll soon come to know you. Hold on to your somber places, we are learning. You see your small belongings, and children torn, we catch on quick. Dear sweet men, we love you, we re afraid like you, we mean you know harm.

Accee 4 years ago

Now... to turn dust into colour, the irridescent of life and eyelids. Ladies please... no eyelids, no irridescent but for the rest of US. Peri-winkle blue and clean teeth. Keep your hair short and sassy boys and girls unless otherwise, you unload some sorta vanity, what a break. Keep beauty to the task of the strong, they know what they re doing and if they dont. So you boys out there, heres to ya. So many of us lovers dream about you. Some distant thought, at some distance place...so near to you....the trafficking noise to the birds that chirp sweetly, we do. We love you, do you love us....

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GardenerofHeaven 4 years ago

Why is the world so unfair ? Genetics, yes some people are naturally more athethic or intelligent . But the fundamental flaw of planet earth is the leadership of politicians for the planet and others. What is fair share of wealth ... exactly quite easy to balance that fairness. We don,t however and seek self centred, greedy and unhonorable ways to achieve high wealth. Rich and poor thats fine turn a blind eye and it is wrong . Who gives a damn its dog eat dog attitude of self preservation for a civilisated generation . This is the government that preaches to us its worthless garbage of lies, debts , bailouts and corrupt propaganda for a generation to come of toil.

Futamarka 3 years ago

В детстве, когда автор лежал больной, при смерти, его спас чужак, владеющий языческими чарами. После этого в жизни Алексеева стали происходить странные события. Ему стало необходимо: попасть на гору Mанарага, что на севере Урала; найти подземную цивилизацию гоев-гиперборейцев; поймать золотую рыбку валек; встретиться с Валькирией.

The Kid that never had all she dreamt of.. 3 years ago

Life is so unfair.. Other kids that didn't had a good record at our school got whatever they've wanted while me, who did my best and thank God passed my subjects didn't have and i guess will never have everything that I dream of.. I just wanna know how it feels like to wear those stuffs like other kids.. They said, I'm materialistic.. They can't blame me, all my life, I'm just daydreaming of having those stuffs because I know, they can't buy me that because it's too expensive for us.. Today, my mom bought me a bag.. but it's not what I wanted all along.. but it's ok.. I know we're poor but you can't take away that feeling of sadness.. If only.........i....am... that..lucky like other kids................... :c

Saaad 3 years ago

Life is so unfair... Because my parents got separated when i was very young.. My mom doesn't have a job so she relays on er sister for our daily survival.. she's weak because of her sickness.. Alright, my one aunt is paying all the bills, food etc in the house and my another aunt supports our education.. I can't commit a mistake because in just one wrong move, this support will collapse.. I'm like a living robot.. I need to obey them, I can't move on my own.. Sometimes i just wish to die, because in front of my mom, when i accidentally commit a mistake, my aunt throws me a insulting words, and my mom doesn't do anything.. she would just stare... life is so unfair..

Kaylee Torchio 3 years ago

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