Will Kasab Be Hanged?

Kasab enjoys high luxury in Indian jail

Kasab enjoys high luxury in Indian  jail
Kasab enjoys high luxury in Indian jail | Source

Kasab is a god for Indian politicians

Kasab Killed Many Innocent People In The Name Of Holy Koran

Kasab, the dreaded terrorist belonging to Lashkar-e-Taiba of Pakistan has been sentenced to death by the Supreme Court. The highest court in India has upheld the Mumbai High Court decision to hang Kasab for his heinous crimes. Kasab along with his accomplices killed more than hundred innocent people in Chatrapati Shivaji Railway station in Mumbai and also in Taj Hotel in the name of following the Holy Koran. Some foreigners also died. While other terrorists were killed on the spot, Kasab was caught by the Indian security and jailed. A case was filed against him in 2008 and it has taken four years for the judgement to come from Supreme Court.

If Kasab Is Hanged, Congress Will Lose The Muslim Votes

The question before every Indian citizen is whether Kasab will be hanged. The chances are that Kasab will never be hanged and will safely return to Pakistan, his motherland where he will be accorded a hero’s welcome. What is the reason for him not hanged? The ruling Congress Party at the centre is afraid of hanging Kasab because if Kasab is hanged, the Congress will lose all the Muslim votes overnight. Not a single Muslim will vote for the Congress thereafter. Congress does not like to take this risk.

For The Politicians, Kasab Is A God

Secondly, all the ‘secular’ parties (BJP and Shiv Sena are excluded from this list as they are termed as communal parties) who are mostly allies of Congress will like to see the death sentence on Kasab not executed as they also care for the sizeable Muslim vote bank. Kasab is spending his time joyfully inside the prison in Maharashtra. The Maharashtra government has spent over Rs.50 crore so far for providing him all comforts. His daily food includes chicken, mutton and other costly items. Even Indian prisoners do not get such a royal treatment in prison. Kasab is provided good clothes to wear. As Kasab brings huge Muslim vote bank, all the political parties and politicians with the exception of BJP and Shiv Sena treat him with respect and reverence. Kasab is almost a God to Indian politicians.

Kasab Is Likely To Be Freed

Under the circumstances, Kasab’s mercy petition to the President will be withheld. The President is unlikely to act on the petition and take a decision. If at all the President acts, it will be only to commute his death sentence to life imprisonment. In the meanwhile, the Talibans in Pakistan and Afghanistan are planning to hijack an Indian passenger plane to Peshawar and Kabul to demand release of Kasab. As hundreds of passengers’ lives will be at stake, the Indian government is likely to release Kasab to the Talibans in exchange for the safe return of the passengers. That will free Kasab once for all. On stepping into Pakistan soil, Kasab will be accorded a hero’s welcome by the Pakistan people. Kasab can then plan the next strike against India and kill hundreds of innocent civilians.

Kasab can waste many years in appealing

Kasab can waste many years in appealing
Kasab can waste many years in appealing

Kasab Can Go On Appealing

Escape Routes Are Open For Kasab

There is one more route also for Kasab to escape from the death sentence. This route has been successfully followed by the assassins of Rajiv Gandhi. Sessions Court sentenced them to death. Madras High Court confirmed the sentence. Supreme Court upheld it. President of India delayed acting on the mercy petition for more than twenty years and finally confirmed the death sentence. When every avenue was exhausted, the assassins once again went to the Madras High Court which admitted the case. For ordinary people, once the Supreme Court has confirmed the punishment, they will not be permitted to go to the High Court again as it is against the law.

Kasab Can Go On Appealing

But Rajiv Gandhi assassins are not ordinary people. They are VIP criminals. Therefore ordinary law is not applicable to them. Therefore the Madras High Court admitted their plea. Kasab may follow a similar step as he is not an ordinary criminal. If Kasab’s mercy plea is rejected by the President, he can once again knock at the doors of Mumbai High Court. The High Court will take a long time to once again award a death sentence to him. Then Kasab can appeal to the Supreme Court. If the Supreme Court also confirms the death sentence, Kasab can again file a mercy petition to the President. If the President rejects it, Kasab has the option to once again knock at the doors of Mumbai High Court.

Vajpayee Considered Islam To Be The Most Superior Religion

his process will continue forever and Kasab will never be hanged. But if the BJP comes to power, what will happen? Nothing will change then also. In fact the BJP is more vociferous in appeasing the minorities than the Congress. When Atal Behari Vajpayee came to power, the first thing he did was to increase the subsidy to Muslims undertaking Haj pilgrimage to Mecca. Vajpayee was asked why he was favouring the Muslims. His reply was ‘all religions are equal but Islam is the most superior of all. Therefore I am hiking the subsidy on Haj pilgrimage’. In fact the BJP may spend more on food and other luxuries on Kasab inside the prison to woo the Muslim votes. Already there is a demand that Kasab’s prison room should be air-conditioned and he should be provided with a 3D TV facility with DVD to relax in his room.

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mizjo profile image

mizjo 4 years ago from New York City, NY

What more can I add? This article itself condemns the cowardice and hypocrisy of government. That mass murderers of innocents could be kept in comfort, luxury and expensive food in prison speaks volumes. All their despicable acts to appease the Islamics desecrate the humanity of man. Shame, shame, shame.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Reply to misjo

Your points are correct. But the politicians need Muslim votes. If Kasab is hanged, they will not get Muslim votes as Muslims consider Kasab with highest respect. Had Kasab been a Hindu, he would have been hanged long back. Now the government should keep Kasab comfortable as he is a Muslim. Maharashtra government is also willingly keeping Kasab happy with luxurious items. When Kasab is released and deported to his native country Pakistan after some time, he will be accorded a hero's welcome. Kasab may plan more attacks against the Hindus and execute them.

mizjo profile image

mizjo 4 years ago from New York City, NY

God help the Hindus and all other non-muslims. Why does Allah allow such satanic acts from his followers?

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Allah and Prophet Mohammed want non-Muslims either to be converted to Islam by force or killed. For defending themselves, people of other religions should follow counter violence to safeguard themselves. This is the only way out.

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