Will Mid Term Election Come?

Sonia May Be Contemplating To Settling Down In Italy with Looted Wealth

Sonia May Be Contemplating To Settling Down In Italy with Looted Wealth
Sonia May Be Contemplating To Settling Down In Italy with Looted Wealth

Prospect of Defeat for Congress Worries Communists

Scam after Scam

The ruling Congress party seems to have been resigned to the fact of utter defeat in the next parliamentary elections. Scam after scam is erupting with the amount involved in each scam rising higher and higher. Adarsh Housing scam, Commonwealth Games scam, 2G spectrum scam and now coal allotment scam have broken out. 2G spectrum scam involved a whopping amount of Rs.176000 crore. The latest coal allotment scam has overtaken this amount. CAG has fixed the amount involved in the coal scam as Rs.186000 crore. Besides this, a scam involving more than Rs.200000 crore in ISRO was stopped at the last minute by media exposure.

Prime Minister Himself Is Involved In Coal Scam

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh himself is involved in the coal allotment scam. India’s national assets have been sold at a cheap rate to many relatives of ministers and ruling Congress Party members. Those allotted with coal mines would have paid sizeable amount as bribery to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh or Congress President Sonia Gandhi (the latter is likely).

Sonia Gandhi Is the Final Beneficiary in All These Scams

After the coal allotment scam has emerged, the government has opened up retail trade and aviation to FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). This scam may involve much more amount. Now whatever the UPA government does is viewed with suspicion. Even if the Prime Minister introduces a good scheme to the nation, eyebrows are raised as to how much the Prime Minister or Sonia Gandhi will gain out of this scheme. The intentions of the government are flawed. The ruling Congress Party is intent to amass as much money as possible through various scams. Where will this take the country?

Sonia May Be Contemplating To Settling Down In Italy with Looted Wealth

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi may be having a plan of looting as much as possible and settling down in Italy for a comfortable life for the rest of their lives. Even if a new government comes to power, it may not be able to book the people responsible for these scams as by that time the records and files will be destroyed. In fact the government boldly admitted before the Supreme Court that it had destroyed the Nira Radia tapes. Supreme Court could do nothing about it. In the same way the ruling party will destroy all evidences relating to all scams like 2G, coal and other scams that are waiting to happen.

Two Long Years Will Bring Many More Scams

The ruling Congress Party can rule India for two more years upto 2014. Two long years are sufficient to loot more than hundred lakh crore rupees. This amount plus the already looted amount will make life very comfortable for Sonia Gandhi and her family.

Prospect of Defeat for Congress Worries Communists

The Congress Party is not worried about losing the election in 2014. In fact the Communists are more worried. If the Congress loses, the beneficiary will be the principal opposition party BJP. Communists do not want BJP to come to power as they feel Congress is a secular party and Muslims’ welfare will be safe in the hands of Rahul Gandhi. Therefore at any cost the communists want to bring back the Congress rule in 2014. Congress and the communists do not want a mid term election now for different reasons. Congress wants to loot some more amounts while Communists want to keep BJP at bay for as long as possible. Therefore a mid term election appears unlikely at the moment. But things can change based on new developments.


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